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  1. newbie trying to set clock r link

    Just bought ....frustrated. Read manual - think I’m following instructions. I am trying to set the r link clock As I only have morse code on the screen! Pressing all the buttons correctly,I think, but when I get to set the time it is “greyed” out and will not function. Can anyone assist please.
  2. Newbie just joined

    Campervan Chat
    Hi everyone, hope you are all well. A few months ago I bought a 1999 lwb high top master, former patient ambulance and have converted it into a camper. I have encountered a few problems along the way but nothing I couldn't sort myself as regards to the build. Now I find myself struggling with...
  3. Newbie with 2

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi folks new around here, the wife has a Mk3 Estate and Ive not long purchased the coupe.
  4. Newbs1 the Newbie!

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Afternoon Everyone, Just found this lovely resource, I have a 1997 Clio, full NATO spec white with black bumpers and only 28k on the odometer! She really is a survivor, she is my daily and was bought for that purpose, we also have within the household an EP3 typeR and R53 CooperS but after...
  5. Newbie from South Africa

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi from a beautiful South Africa. I am not sure if I 'qualify' on the forum, as we refer to my car as a Renault Sandero, whereas it is known as a Dacia Sandero in the UK. It would be interesting to hear why. It is a 2010 1.6 United, with the United model named after South Africa hosting the FIFA...
  6. Newbie needs help!

    Hello, Im trying to sort out a clio 2003 (MK2). THe radio is dead as well as the interior lights and radio display. I have checked all the fuses at the passenger dash panel and they are all good and there is 12v at the radio fuse location. I have checked all fuses in engine bay but I keep...
  7. Renault Newbie

    General Chat
    Just in process of buying a 2013 Scenic XMod 1.5dci. Going to finalise deal later today so just wanted to know what issues are worth checking. It's in very good condition, few paint chips, tyres are bit low on tread but it appears to have full Renault service history. It's done 61,000 miles so...
  8. Newbie

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi new to the forum have a Mégane cc 1.6 16v which has developed a small water leak it appears to come from the thermostat joint any help or advice would be greatly appreciated
  9. Newbie issue with Trafic reverse sensors **Fixed**

    Hi Folks, I have a 2015 1.6 traffic and the factory fitted reverse sensors are quite often in fault. Typically as soon as you start the engine you get a constant beep and a message to check parking sensors. The issue appeared about a year ago while it was under warranty and was fixed under...
  10. Newbie - Getting on with It!

    My mottah!
    Having had my '02 Trafic dci 100 for about a month, I can say it's been satisfying voyage of discovery changing if from a decent but slightly tired old van into something a bit more cared for. It drives impeccably, so most of the things I've done are somewhat minor - a bit of TLC...
  11. Newbie with Trafic - Fuel Filter Question **Solved**

    Hi I had a look through a number of search results, but haven't yet seen one with a straight-forward and complete answer. For context, I have recently purchased a 2002 Trafic SL27 DCI 100 SWB van with 180K miles on the clock and not a lot of service history. Whilst it seems to drive very...
  12. Hi! Newbie with a heater resistor issue?

    Heating & cooling
    So I have a Renault scenic 2004 1.4 The heaters barely work on 1 and in these cold weather conditions it needs to be sorted ASAP. Ordered resistor pack with new loom. Just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction of some instructions for how to fit them? Seems to be no clear...
  13. Newbie Question Re Turbo and Trafic

    Hi I've just bought myself a 2002 Trafic SL27 100 dCi - overall, even with 180K miles on it, I'm pretty happy with it, as it appears to have only a couple of minor faults for me to deal with (cigar lighter not working, aerial broken, some cosmetic issues). Having no experience with Renault...
  14. Newbie

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all, bought a renault master (2016) a few months back. said i'd join up to learn as much as i can about them.
  15. Wheel Never Buy A Renault again

    Newbie to Renault and not impressed Hello Hubby bought 67 plate Clio in March 2018. Month 9 now and broken down 4 times. Complained to Renault with no results apart from checking website. Not result I was after and so not impressed. Selling in 2019. Any advice?
  16. Newbie from the SouthWest

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Picked up a 2004 Trafic this evening, been looking for a van for some time and decided to take the plunge. Its a low mileage example with just 83,000 miles which was pleasing to see. Looking through the paperwork it appears to have had a Stage1 remap as well with the last owner. Now 133bhp...
  17. Newbie Clio owner

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all, thanks for letting me join the forum. I***8217;ve just bought my son a 53plate 1.2 16v Clio as a project car. We plan to make a few cosmetic changes, wheels, bumpers, interior etc. Can anyone tell me whether it***8217;s possible to change the bumpers of my sons car for the bumpers from...
  18. Newbie with Scenic door problem

    Hi, I've had a 2014 Scenic for about 6 months and have run into a problem or two. First and foremost, the drivers door won't open. There is keyless entry but even using the key fob controls, I cannot get into or out of the driver's side door. I have to climb into the driver's seat via the...
  19. Newbie Renault Trafic 2005 owner

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself! I just purchased this Trafic and will hopfully be on here asking for and passing on advice while I tinker with it.
  20. Newbie

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi, Before i have Clio Mk2, now buy Clio mk4. Im from Croatia, living in Germany. :grin2: