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    Hello everyone. I'm Mike, have a 2002 Renault Master camper converted from an ambulance and with my six rescue greyhounds we travel as much as we can.
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    Had a gorgeous Laguna as a company car in 2000/1. Loved it. Medically retired and bought a second-hand one (lower spec) and loved that too. All manner of things in between then and now, never satisfied until now, with a 2001 Laguna Mk 2 1.8 litre Expression. SO very glad to be back into Lagunas...
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    Hi all, My name is Lee, I am a newby to the forum I have had about 5 Renault cars over the years and am hoping I can get some good advice for a few issues I have with my current Grand Scenic. Thanks Lee
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    Hi, I’m really pleased with my 2017 Megane but I have a strange issue with using my iPhone from it. Sometimes it works fine but other times it will not show my phone book contents (other than my own phone) and I can’t use the phone to call out. Funnily enough it will use the music from it when...
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    I am new at this so don't know what is expected I have Renault Traffic converted in to a Camper-van
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    Afternoon. Just posting an initial greeting message. We have a Grand Scenic 2005 model. We've been driving it for about 9 months and so far are very happy! Best wishes!
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    Hi all I'm Gary and I live in romford. I have a Renault master.
  8. General Chat
    hi,just saying hi and looking forward to discussions with u all :d
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    hiya, my name is Adrian and I am new (well slightly used to be honest). Ok that's the intro bit, sounds more like AA to me, however am not there yet. I have joined this forum because my dear darling wife has got a 2007 megane karmann which she loves but any issues always get referred to me. As I...
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    Hi Guys n Gal's I'm a newby and proud owner of a 2003 Laguna II estate.
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    Hi everyone, My pride and joy is a 2014 clio medianav, 1.5 diesel,beautiful red! Its a gorgeous colour, more like burnt orange, Its the best car I've ever had, I love it.....except I'm devastated that it doesn't have a cd player:( so i'm trying to find out whether there's an external cd player...
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    Hello all I hope this is good an experience as the rf forum. hope to type with you soon Ian
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    Hi User Cappo. Car: Renault Grand Espace Initial.2ltr Petrol Turbo, Year 2004 (54). Owned this car from November 2004. Been good car, only big job in 10yrs new wheel disks, Cam Belt, Rear Springs. Only niggles?. Dashboard warning lights, keep telling me to stop! Brake failure. Nothing wrong with...
  14. Engines
    Hi all just bought a T1100 D 1991 Decided to swap cam belt a kit [right 1 I hope] got cam cover off but gone nofurther yet..The new kit has the idler bearing with a short shaft sticking out of the back I presume this is located in the casting that carries the inj. pump ..Can anyone tell...
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    hya there im a newby here! hoping to find answers for my new pap pap! that's misbehaving badly loL! have posted about it ... ty di
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    Hi everyone i am new to the forum and i would like your help with a problem. I have a mk1 megane convertible with a central locking problem I have had a auto electrian do the checks and he asures me that the key is coded to the car but it will will not work the remote, i have changed the battery...
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    Hey all I'm Colin I am new to the group, but thought it would be a good idea to join as my son Has a Renault Clio, and is always asking me to work on it (Yes he keeps me busy lol) Anyway I hope to chat to you all some time, and just want to say that it is great to be a member of this great...
  18. Bodywork
    hi there i am fresh meat to the site, recently bought a grand scenic and already have a slight issue, if anyone can help give me advice then please do, it is in regard to the drivers window wiper, it seems its stopped working and on looking there is something missing, i have been told its the...
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    recently took delivery of a 2013 RS265 Megane here in Oz. Have been busy trying to find out as much as I can about this remarkable car. Trying to understand all technical detail about the car and any other information I can. Have been reading all the forums and any other information I can find...
  20. Cars & motoring
    Hi guys. I was looking at buying a new flat bed to replace my rotten transit and ive been offered a 1999 2.5td master chassis cab that looks like it fits the bill. how are these things for rust and what are known problems that I should be looking for to help me avoid buying a lemon?. am I...