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  1. Sad News. Not OZ

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    Love em or hate them. We've all used them. It is with great sadness that we announce the death of John H Haynes OBE, the creator of the famous Haynes Manual, founder of the Haynes Publishing Group PLC and the Haynes International Motor Museum. John passed away peacefully surrounded by his...
  2. Great news..

    Motoring news
    Well I thinks so..:grin2: the man is back new series is on the cards..really looking forward to watching now he hasn't got Brewer in tow..:smile2:
  3. More bad news for diesel drivers..

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  4. On the news this morning

    Motoring news
    New diesel and petrol vehicles to be banned from 2040 in UK - BBC News Nothing said about the cars already on the road fuelled by petrol and diesel and nothing said if gas will be allowed..manufacturers will have to significantly improve battery life for commuters who travel long distances..:nerd:
  5. Do you want the good news or the bad news?

    Hi, I thought you'd be interested in this even if your car insurance isn't due just yet but especially if it is! There's some bad news but there's also some relief at the end... The bad news According to an industry report last week, Comprehensive car insurance premiums are now at their highest...
  6. Car Insurance in the news again

    Chris Knott Insurance
    There have been a couple of items in the news in recent days about the cost of car insurance... One claiming that comprehensive car insurance premiums rose on average by 14% (£95) during 2016 and the other that men still pay more than women even though gender equality rules state insurers can't...
  7. News and traffic radio setting

    Hey lads me again I wanted to ask about the news and traffic setting on the radio I have tryed it and it does not seem to be working wondering what could be wrong
  8. Sad news

    Cars & motoring
    Last Monday while my car was parked up on the road this stupid women de sides to crash into my Megan smashing in the driver's door and doing slight damaged to the rim under the door and also knocking the rear tyer off of the alloy on the back passenger side now I am worried the insurance will...
  9. Sad news.....

    General Chat
    Lemmy of MotorHead & Hawkwind has shuffled off at only 70.
  10. Gutierrez: Mexico's F1 return is 'greatest news of my career'

    Formula 1 news's Esteban Gutierrez has described the return of Mexico to the Formula One calendar for the first time in more than two decades as "some of the greatest news in my career so far". Organisers recently revealed that Mexico City's...
  11. The Newshound Echo The News Hound

    Ladies & Gentlemen after a number of failed attempts by various Heather has managed to seduce :d The Newshound into a state of unconsciousness = a coma !!! Enjoy The F1
  12. Latest News - 20 new MOT checks

    General Chat
    As reported in the Daily Mail :eek:
  13. Bad News

    General Chat
    Hi all, I got my Clio 3 weeks ago, all seemed ok except that darn "SERV" light stayed on, I asked my mechanic why it was on, he said it was the seat triggering the cable, insisted I shouldn't worry and sent me on my way. Last night my car swerved to the right on a roundabout, I tried to pull it...
  14. More good news (!)

    My car is turning into a track car by itself, firstly theres no heating and i really dont have the money to fix, so was brilliant fun driving to work at -2 with both windows open and now the headunit and clock have packed up, any ideas to fix would be mega grateful. Jake
  15. Breaking news for Greenside!

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    'Greensides string method' hits top of page on google search.:rofl:
  16. D4D to D4F

    News from Brazil! Hi guys! I live in south of Brazil. Who knows Floripa ( ? Well, I do not own a Renault car. But I own a Renault engine. Let me explain. Here in Brazil some PUG 206 have the 1.0 16 (D4D) engine from Renault. What I am doing here, some of...
  17. Official French Car Show 2011 News Thread

    National activity
    Adrian Flux French Car Show 2011 in association with Performance French Cars Magazine Sunday 5th June Rockingham Northants New for 2011 Tuner Master Classes Legends of Group B & Clash of the Titans (race cars head to head) Citroen DS3 Racing Renaultsport...
  18. I read the news today...oh boy!

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    flicking through the news channels when I found this Someones in big trouble methinks :d
  19. Good news about front Megane II Indicator

    I read in here recently that the front indicator on a Megane II are well known for losing connectivity so will act as if they are blown when they are not. I also read about how to rectify this. Apparently, reach through the inspection hole till you find a lip which i believe holds the bulb and...
  20. Sad news

    General Chat
    Had to have my beautiful Irish Setter Caffrey put to sleep this afternoon. He was such a lovely boy I miss him dreadfully already. No more pain Caffrey, be good in doggy heaven along with Copper and Amber and Fluke. Love you xxxxxxxxx