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  1. Electronics
    Hi all, bought a pair of Osram night breakers as my driver's side light had gone .It lasted 2 months and is gone again followed this time by the passager side too (that was an old one).Do you think is an electrical issue or bad bulbs .Also as they cost about£20 is there any warranty on them...
  2. General Chat
    Batty & Nora Happy Burns night ! and save some haggis & Irn-Bru for us lot ! Al
  3. General Chat
    ...anyone up for an 80's disco? >:) Ok I think the last one may have been late 70's.. Please feel free to bring your own records and put em on the record-player! :laugh:
  4. General Chat
    Want to join DD for a pint :eek:
  5. General Chat
    Middle son Rhys was caught up in the trouble at Tower Bridge last night, to our shame we didn’t realise he had gone into London, we thought his mates birthday celebration was in Barnet. We had gone out, the first I knew about it was when he came down for breakfast. They had been standing...
  6. Electronics
    Hi, We have had a Renault Grand Scenic DCI 1.6 Deisel 2012 Plate for 2.5 years. The past 3 nights the alarm has been going off randomly throughout the night but not throughout the day when it is left untouched. It has got to the point were we have had to leave it unlocked so as not to keep...
  7. Exterior styling
    Dear Community, Is it possible to put a RS bumper on a CLIO mk4? Will it fit? Thnx!
  8. General Chat
    The debate on whether to bomb syria or concluded with one of the best speeches I have heard in a long time..its only 14 minutes long so I am sure you can spend 14 minutes of your valuable time to listen to it and then give us your thoughts on it.. :) Many thanks...
  9. Electronics
    Hi all...ive noticed wenever we have a cold night the little screen between the speedo and rev counter resets itself back to zero..the mileage and numbers till next service are ok it just everything the trip mileage,miles left till fill up,avg mph,miles per gallon..but the car starts...
  10. Engines
    hi anyone give me any help re 04 plate 1.9 cdi laguna it turns over and sounds as if it wants to go having to get someone to tow me to start usually after a frosty night,when i do get it running it runs perfectly all day so far replaced glowplugs changed fuel,air&oil&filter i now have glowplug...
  11. Electronics
    1 of the switchs left of the dimming one..... bulb symbol don't light up at night, there rotary switches 1 for dim dash 1 for headlight aim. the switches are right of the steering
  12. Heating & cooling
    Hi everyone, Yesterday I was using the climate control on my Clio to clear the window screen and everything was fine. I came to it this morning and I have to clear the screen again and it just wouldn't work. I tried low temp low fan speed, low temp high fan, and the same with high temp but...
  13. Formula 1 news will celebrate the tenth anniversary of its first Grand Prix this year by becoming the latest Formula One night race. The 2014 Bahrain race, which takes place on April 6, will start at 1800 hours local time (1500 hours GMT) and...
  14. Engines
    Hi there, I bought a renualt megane dynamique 1.6 2 weeks ago, it drives ok apart from squeaky brakes, but they seems to be a problem starting the car after its been left over night or for a good few hours, I put the card in press the button it turns over but then just stops and doesnt start it...
  15. Electronics
    Ok I was driving home at 60mph in the rain last night and the ABS ESP and Serv Lights all came on. Just to give a clearer idea, the car has been in for a service and they have replaced rear Disks and Pads, I don't know if this is a contributing factor or not but and info would be gratefully...
  16. Engines
    Cam belt replacement ? can anyone tell me what Renault charge for a cam belt refitting on a 1.4 scenic ? or should i take on couple of local lads, one BMW trained, the other Volvo trained to do the job at hopefully a far cheaper cost than renault. i contacted renault, but had no...
  17. Electronics
    Hi, I have a problem with my 2001 Clio Expression 1.2l 16v. When all other lights are off, the brake lights work fine. When the other lights are switched on, only the passenger side brake light works - the driver's side does not come on at all and only about three of the small bulbs work at the...
  18. General Chat
    Is there anyone else having to work Saturday night Or is it just me ? :(:(:(:(:(
  19. Electronics
    My 52 megane seemd to be unlocking its self over night or after a few hours why .
  20. Electronics
    please can you tell me how to lock my renault megan (54) at night without activating the alarm. every night at 1am, 1..30 and 2 am the alarm is going off and its driving me mad. never doing it in the day time ? anyway if i could lock it at night without the alarm id be happy thank you