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  1. Gearbox bit snappy

    Hey, If i change gear in my modus from 1st to 2nd it kinda snaps and makes a crunchy noise (sounds like when you drive and you wanna go in to reverse, that sort of sound) any idea? Cheers Dom
  2. Sharp whistle like noise after turning off Renault Kadjar Automatic car

    After I turn the car engine off, the vehicle continues to emit sharp whistle like noise for about 25 seconds and then a click sound before it fully turns off. Is this normal? I have never had an automatic car before and have never driven a car with Start/Stop button, its a car just got 2 days...
  3. Clio mk2 makes rattling noise when accelerating

    Hi I replaced my timing belt, tensioners and water pump and serpentine belt a couple of days ago and today I noticed that when parked on idle and I slightly touch the accelerator i get a rattle noise, when driving i can hear this but mainly on lower gears and when reversing, turning etc. Could...
  4. Loud buzzing noise from stero

    Hi I have a 65 plate Megane RS, yes lucky me... However sometimes the stereo goes nuts making I high pitch buzzing sound which continues even after engine is turned off and car is locked. Have seen a post from someone with same problem but no solution. Car still under warranty for 3 weeks so any...
  5. Clio 4 TCe 0.9 - Weird tapping noise

    Good morning everyone, I have this weird noise (tapping) inside in the passenger compartment near the glove box, it started at about 8.000 km now it's more apparent at 10.000 km. I can hear it every morning after starting the engine and even if I let it idle for 15 minutes the noise doesn't...
  6. annoying noise

    Steering and Suspension
    I have changed my espace (04) for a grand espace (11) and on the way home over approx 70 miles I notice what sounded like what I believed was the odd suspension noise from the front struts . This was noticed over the odd bumps in the road . The car other than this had handled well over this...
  7. Grinding noise when braking.

    I have a Renault Scenic (reg 11). The driving is fine, but when I brake at a low speed, there is a grinding noise from the rear passenger side. Whilst applying the brake at high speed, no such noise is heard. I’ll be taking the car to my local mechanic on Tuesday, but have to go to Heathrow on...
  8. Megane RS 250 Dash noise not working

    Can anyone help? I have purchased a Megane RS 250 2010. All the lights work indicators, Door open, seat belt warning lights etc but no noise which is weird. Any clues?
  9. Megane II 2.0L 16v unusual noise under load

    Hello everyone! This is my first post on this wonderfully useful site, been perusing its pages for a while now. I'm hoping someone might be able to offer some help with a seemingly unusual problem. My 2005 2.0L 16v Megane II (F4R engine) is making an odd hissing/blowing noise similar to a very...
  10. Tinkling Noise Mégane 1.5 DCI.

    General Chat
    I bought a 5 year old Mégane Grand Tourer 1.5 DCI for my job as service engineer as I get an allowance and mileage paid. I like the car and purchased it with full dealer service history. But there is a tinkling on acceleration which disappears after circa 2500 - 3000 revs. I have located the...
  11. Noise in Speakers connected to Lighter (USB) **Sort of Sorted**

    Hello It seems that have an elektrical problem. Maybe someone can help or give hints: I own a Renault Megane I 1.16 16V Break (Year 2000). I have a Tablet-PC (Android) which I use for navigation. As internal speakers of the tablet are bad, I connected some external speakers to the tablet (via...
  12. shuddering noise when idle

    Ask the Experts
    Hello, my 2009 Megane has started making a shuddering noise when idle, it goes away when I move the car but always comes back when idle. It's not loud but it's definitely something that's not happened before. Has anyone any idea what this could be? Many thanks
  13. Megane 3 dci wind noise on motorway

    Ask the Experts
    The problem is that when i'm driving above 60 mph i hear a wind noise coming from co-passenger side. What it could be? Could anyone help? Thank you
  14. Strange noise after engine off or when ignition turned on Master DCI100 / G9U

    Hi all, I have the exact same fault as in this video on YouTube on my 2007 Master DCI100. It happens when the ignition is turned on to a lesser extent also. Without knowing what the hell is causing it my googling has only turned up this video and no answers!!!
  15. Noise after cambelt change ??

    Hi I have this strange noise that started about 500 miles after I changed my cambelt. The car had a full kit plus water pump and dephaser pulley and the noise only comes on now when the car is reaching temperature. Since fitting the cambelt I have changed the alternator (had a no charge...
  16. Whistle noise Renault Modus 1.2 2007

    Hello guys, My 2007 Renault Modus is making a whistle noise coming from the front, if I remember correctly it started when my mechanic changed the timing belt, my modus has 145'000 km and even that it was working perfectly the mechanic said that you should change the timing belt. After that a...
  17. Megane thumping noise ... ABS pump pulsing ??

    Hi, Well here I am again with a strange problem, the sort that only seem to happen to me :confused: The other halfs megane tourer (2008 1.5 dci ) has a problem with a thumping noise that appears to be coming from the front RHS (Drivers side) that only appears when you pull away and reach...
  18. Sucking noise from cab traffic 2008

    I have recently bought a Renault traffic 2008. There is a sucking noise within the interior cab when accelerating over 3000rpm. Can anyone advise? Thanks
  19. Laguna 2.2 dci rattling noise - engine bay

    Hi guys. Today on my way to work (half way there ~10km) the engine started to make very loud rattling noise. It was worse the more I revved the engine, so I drove it back home with as lower RPM's as possible. I can't determine where the sound is coming from, but it seems to be on the top of the...
  20. Clio IV brake noise when not braking

    Hi guys! Two months ago my mechanic changed the break pads of my CLIO IV 2016 for newer ones from Textar (I had the original ones from Renault before). After 2 months of use, the brake system developed a strange noise when I'm not braking. Initially it started to make the noise only on the...