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  1. Noisey lag 1.9 dci

    I started a thread the other day on this but maybe the title was not appropriate - I agree. My 2002 lag 2 with 215,000 km. has developed some strange symptoms. At idle everything is fine. While sitting still - rev the engine to 2,500 and let off suddenly and as the engine is almost back to idle...
  2. engine noisey after cam belt change

    hi hope someone may shed a little light on my problem Last week i had a new cambelt / water pump pulleys and new aux belt etc fitted too my renault megane 2006 1.6 16v scenic since then I've noticed the engine has aquired a rattle tapping noise from the cam belt side of the engine which over...
  3. noisey gravelly in higher gears

    When i'm in 4th or 5th gear I get a gravelly noise when accellerating, most often when going up hill. It isnt the exhaust I don't think as i had that checked a month ago and iv had this problem a few months and it seems to be getting worse. Any ideas?
  4. Noisey Wipers

    General Chat
    I don't know if this will help any of you but I have read a few times about peoples Wipers making a noise. Mine have been doing the same so started reading up about it.. It seems the main problems are crud build up and even more so which I didn't know about is the Wiper Arms themselves bending...
  5. auto gearbox noisey

    just acquired a 2001 scenic .auto gearbox is noisy in forward gears , reverse is ok. engine is sound. and it does drive ok. seems to change gears alright. this is my first post so pls forgive any errors
  6. noisey engine when hot

    :devil: hi i have a 05 plate megane cc 2.0 vvt dynamique .engine sounds fine when cold but when gets up to tenp it sounds rattely at top end a bit like a diesel on tickover but put somerevs on and its not so bad did not notice this before i changed the engine oil.. have changed oil and filter...
  7. laguna sport tour noisey wheel bearing

    hi ive got a really noisey wheel bearing hum after 40mph, ive tried to establish which wheel it is coming from and I cant even tell if its front or back, ive had all wheels up in the air and spun them still cant hear anything and no play in any of them, I have noticed when im turning right the...
  8. noisey start up, power loss

    every morning i start my megane i get a loud grinding noise then the car cuts when i re-start it it isnt as loud and the engine stays on my revs are below 1 (used to be above) it also struggles up hills and has lost alot of power any suggestions what it could be? looking around the forum im...
  9. noisey windscreen motor

    hi i have a mangane classic alize 1600 on a 98 plate when the wipers are operating the motor seems a little noisey, is this common in this model or do i have problems? its only an operating sound not a squeal or scrape so i think its working ok as it does the job correctly when used in all...
  10. Noisey Alternator?

    Hi guys i wonder if anyone can help? it's my first post. I got a 2001 megane 1.9dci, i think the alternator is on its way out. It make a grinding noise and a little squeal as if the belt is slipping but it is not. Then it seems to give a kick / jolt then runs smooth for a short time. Sometimes...
  11. Laguna 1.8 16v Dephaser (Pully noisey) Video link, Help ! - 53 Plate !

    Hi Guys Did all my searching on here and as usual great advice to be found :) I think my Dephaser (Pully) is on the way out ! Been noisey for a few months now, car is perfect still apart from the noisey idling etc (93000 miles, had it for 2 years) Was talking to a Renault mechanic today, our...
  12. noisey top end on laguna 2 dci

    hi all we have had a laguna 2 dci for near on six years and no major probs at all untill recently when the head gasket blew between the middle potts. had the work carried out at a garage it runs fine but sounds very tappety and noisey from the top end it was very quiet running engine before. its...
  13. Noisey clutch Megane 111 sport tourer 1.5

    When the engine is running and you press the clutch pedal down a rumbling noise is heard and continues until you fully release the oedal. The car is a 2010 1.5 dci 106 with 15k on the clock and have had since 6mnths old. Didnt realy notice the noise at first but now is much louder. The car has...
  14. noisey pulley

    Hello, I,ve changed the aux. belt on my 1.9d. 2003 Scenic, it was ropey and flapping about on the bottom noisely. what is happening now is I'm getting noise and flapping about still between the crank and the air con. pulley at tick over, this goes on higher revs. the centre of the A/C. pulley is...
  15. Scenic engine noisey

    Engine, now 90k miles old, has got whiney recently. It’s a fairly tuneful whine/whirring noise peaking at 2000rpm. I discount:- • Turbo, gearbox or road wheels: as exactly engine speed dependent and goes when engine declutched. • Exhaust or cylinder head leak: as not a harsh noise and not power...
  16. dci scenic y reg noisey on tickover

    i have tried few things like renewing the roller wheel and the fanbelt tensioner and the belt but still its noisey all is well when you rev it a little ,any ideas anyone
  17. noisey top end after rebuild

    Hi can any one throw any light on this, my w reg laguna 1.8 16 v snapped its timming belt, ive rebuilt with new valves and belts etc, engine starts runs spot on, my only concern is when on tick over the tappets seem to sound a lot noiseyer than they did before, the engine has done 78000 and the...
  18. noisey grand scenic when cold

    Hi i have a 2010 1.5 dci grand scenic and when i start it up it makes a droning noise when cold. i thought it may be intercooler but seems to disapear after about 15-20 minutes has anyone come across this before? i would appreciate if i could get some feedback on this problem
  19. noisey dci scenic

    Hi all, I have a very noisey dci scenic,which could soon be in a scrap yard near you. A '52' 1.9 dci with 85000 miles on the clock.It has had running problems for a couple of months,in and out of the diesel centre for decoding.No joy,then taken to a local garage, who figurered out that the cat...
  20. noisey engine

    hi all, i,ve got an " i music" 10 reg clio 1.2. everytime i eccelarate the engine starts roaring very loudly ( cant hear people speaking) I took it into the dealer and they checked it over and said there was nothing wrong with it and i,ve got a noisey car!!! not impressed!!! has anyone else...