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  1. Heating & cooling
    Hi. The heater blower on my mk3 Grande Scenic is working fine, but it is quite noisy and squeaky. I've tried everything to get at it, including removing glove box, steering column and housing, but cant get any further. Does anyone have any ideas how to get to it please?
  2. Electronics
    Kangoo van 1.5dci..... My new van has a noisy fuel tank pump/sender, never noticed any noise on any previous dci Renault I've had, is it fubar'd or could it be something else, it's on all the time with ign on, I know it's a pig of a job to get the sealing ring back on I've done one before before.
  3. Heating & cooling
    I am experiencing an irritating noise (clicking) from the heater / AC fan sounds like something caught in the fins. How big of a job is it to have it checked out ? Coincidentally the noise started when in noticed the front footwell storage compartments being flooded with water (blocked...
  4. Steering and Suspension
    wife's car - Clio Mk2 2003 (drum at rear, not disc) has been making hollow noise lately from the back travelling up to front of car when she were driving so this weekend I jacked up the rear wheels , undone hand brake , spun wheels around. Passenger side run nice and smoothly , Drivers side was...
  5. Electronics
    After the winter weather, I've noticed that my wiper blades have become squeaky as they reach the upright position. The blades where under a month old (Bosch AeroTwin). Never the less I got replacements just to rule out the blades. Do I need to slightly bend the wiper arms with pliers to change...
  6. Heating & cooling
    Hi Guys , Just looking for advice or some input abou the following.... 2005 Grand Scenic 2. When the air con is on there is quite a loud whirring noise, when the air con is off it goes but the air con is pumped up ok and the pump is new. It’s been noisy for a few years now and we thought...
  7. Steering and Suspension
    Hi guys I have had a quick look for a similar problem without success. Long story short I changed 2 front tyres today and while up on jacks the fitter noticed that the steering lock is in-operative. He proceeded to push/pull the wheels back and forth to the tune of a horrendous ratchety sound...
  8. Engines
    hi guys just looking for advice on what you think the odd chug chug type noise is coming from my MK 1 PHASE 2 SCENIC 1.6 16 VALVE , just to add this noise has only been apparent since servicing the car , thanks in advance
  9. Engines
    My son has a 61 reg Clio 1.2. It's all of a sudden started making a noise which after some investigation turns out to be the alternator pulley. After searching online I can find pulleys for most models apart from his. I've spoke to our local dealer who said it needs a full new alternator. The...
  10. Engines
    Hi all, I'm hoping someone might know possibly why my engine seems to have got very noisy of late. I made a recording here: Vocaroo | Voice message The worst part is the extremely loud squeal when it starts up first thing in the morning and after being left for a while for about 5-10 seconds...
  11. Engines
    i have a renault scenic 1 2.o that sounds like a diesel please help
  12. Engines
    Hi guys Even though the car is a Nissan, the engine is a Renault F9Q, so I'd like to ask in the renault forum about my concern after replacing the turbo. The car seems to run fine after the replacement, but there is some smoke coming from the turbo and there is a lot of sound. I'm not sure if...
  13. Heating & cooling
    Hello, For the second time in 5 years, the ventilator bearing has failed! It is making a rattly noise, louder at low speeds and less at full spin. The control and fan works perfectly but the rattle noise is infuriating, especially with summer on the way. The last time I had the ventilator...
  14. Transmissions
    Good evening my fellow renault owners. I have a 2005 Renault Laguna estate, 6 speed manual with 105000 on the clock. I have developed a whine from the nearside. I've replaced the front and rear brakes, the rear bearings and today the off side drive shaft. When I disconnected the brakes on the...
  15. Heating & cooling
    Hi, I have a 2010 Renault Master, it only has 37k on the clock and has given me very few problems. One niggling problem that has cropped up is that the interior fan has been making a 'whirring' noise as though something has got trapped and is making contact with the blades. I have removed the...
  16. Heating & cooling
    how do I access the blower fan which is working but is very noisy as if something is loose or broken?
  17. Heating & cooling
    Whenever I switch on my aircon in my 2003 Megane Mk2, I get a subtle whirring noise which appears to rise and fall with the revs of the engine. I'm guessing this is likely to be bearings failing in the compressor. Can anyone concur or suggest an alternative problem? Thanks Bob
  18. Engines
    hi there, my fan belt snapped on the motorway yesterday and since I have had a new one fitted my engine is really noisy when I rev.
  19. Wheels & tyres
    I recently bought a 2002 Clio Authentique at the beginning of July. It had just passed it's MOT and had only 49k on the clock. I've noticed that it's incredibly noisy at high speed on the motorway. The noise kicks in at about 40mph and gets worse the faster I go. It's also causing the steering...
  20. Bodywork
    I have a disabled converted master and the n/s loading door makes an aggravating creaking/ cracking noise whilst driving. I have greased the runners but with little effect and all fixings are tight. Not a major fault but so annoying on a long journey...Any ideas please.