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  1. Nokia N95 Bluetooth Problems

    Good evening all I am the happy owner of a new Megane, and an old Nokia N95 8GB. The phone & car pair up happily, but I am unable to download my phone contacts or browse the audio on the phone. However, if I start the phone call on the phone, or playback music on the phone, then it comes through...
  2. Nokia 6310i Holder (From CARK-91) Wanted

    General Chat
    Hi All I use an old Nokia 6310i for work (just a great phone!), and wanted to get a holder (and dash mount) so it can sit in the car. I know I could get the CARK-91 kit, but to be honest both cars have got bluetooth and All I want to do is have the holder, which clips the phone into place...
  3. Nokia N8 wont connect HELP please

    Hi, I bought a 2009 Megane Coupe yesterday, I cannot connect my phone to it and it is driving me crazy. I have a Nokia N8, when I ask the car to find it the message comes up 'launch your device then put in BT code **** (the code is different each time), my phone does not find the car and visa...
  4. Nokia hands free Grand Scenic

    Hi, recently purchased a Grand Scenic diesel, i have a fitted Nokia bluetooth hands free kit already installed, and it works fine, tried it today, what i would like to know is on the rear side window there is an antenna, looks like you can screw a mast onto it, what is it for i have no clue, thanks.
  5. Nokia recalls 14 Million chargers

    Non-motoring news
    Nokia recalls 14m phone chargers The Nokia recall mainly affects Europe and North America Nokia is recalling 14 million phone chargers because of fears that they could cause electric shocks More here
  6. N95, Nokia PC Suite and Vista Problems

    Computer Club
    Right, where do I start? When I am away, I connect to the internet by plugging my Nokia N95 into my laptop then using that as my modem. Now it is all happily installed on my old laptop which I am on now, however, when I went to install it on the new Vista one, it won't run the installer. It...
  7. Nokia N95 any good?

    General Chat
    Just about to upgrade my trusty Nokia N73 and thinking about a N95, any users on here? thoughts?
  8. Nokia, Samsung and others agree on universal phone cable

    Computer Club
    About time :) Nokia, Samsung and others agree on universal phone cable - infoSync World " All mobile phones from the top five manufacturers will use the micro-USB standard, replacing your need for cables with need for a new cable. The Open Mobile Terminal Platform (OMTP) has announced they...
  9. Nokia CK-7W Installation in 2001 Espace

    I have a Nokia CK-7W full hands free kit that I wish to install in my 2001 Grand Espace...Does anyone have knowledge of fitting one or similar in an Espace. The great layout of the vehicle isn't so good for deciding where to locate the cradle either....? Any help would be much appreciated....Chris
  10. Laguna Nokia Hands Free

    Can anyone help. I want to fit a Nokia CK10 into my 2002 Laguna Dynamique I am not very keen on scotch locks and would like to use the interface plug by the gear lever. I assume this has the required wires, I only need Ign Batt+ and Earth- plus Mute. Does any one know where I can get the...
  11. Nokia Carkit removal

    Hi, I cannot stand the old style nokia car kit that i have installed in my laguna2. I never use it as i have a bluetooth doodah etc. The cradle gets in the way of my cup holder and everyone that sits in the passenger seat bangs their knees on it. How can I at least undo the cradle so i can tuck...
  12. nokia n 70

    General Chat
    any one out there got one of these , just orderd one looks good on paper and reviews sound good , but just wonderd if anyone had one , hands on so to speek cheers gary
  13. Welcoming New Members Part 1

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi razza, and welcome to RenaultForums We only launched the site today, so you are one of our very first members! Hope you enjoy your visit :)