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  1. Is this normal?

    Hi guys, I have a 2004 Grand Scenic and noticed earlier that if I tap the brake pedal 3-4 times in quick succession the car stalls. Luckily I had stopped at my house when I did it(discovered because I thought I heard a noise when stopping and wanted to see if I could replicate it.) It does it...
  2. Switching normal wheels to alloys

    Wheels & tyres
    I have a well looked after (aka spent a LOT of money on) 2006 megane coupe/cabrio ... a couple of months ago, a thief broke both window regulators forcing his/her way into my car through the windows to steal a backpack ***61516; Turns out Insurers just wanted to write off my car, unseen...
  3. Oil change - what's normal? *Gearbox*

    Hey, Looking for some insight. Today I drained my gearbox oil, first time I have done it personally but it was changed around 3 years ago though not many miles in that time, certainly under 5000. Renault Master 2.8 2000 This is what I found. The oil was very dark. There was lots of very...
  4. mk2 clio campus parts on a normal mk2

    Hi. Had a sheep run out in front of me in my girlfriend's clio and dented the bonnet and cracked the bumper. I've seen some parts nearby off a clio campus which is a 07 plate. The rear are quite different but the fronts look the same other than the bumper being slightly different. Not sure if...
  5. Do My Spark Plugs Look Normal? (Megane MKII)

    See attached image. All Plugs (Bosch) have done approx 3,000 miles. All 4 plugs are in the exact same condition. Megane 2007, 1.4 16v Hatchback Petrol K4J30 Engine. Thank you.
  6. Clio 4 Normal RPM

    Hi... Few days ago I got Clio 4 with 30 000 km and I have a question... When in neutral my idle RPM is 740! When I pres clutch or turn on air condition RPM goes @900 Is 740/750 rpm normal? I saw some videos on youtube with 750 rpm on idle... Engine: 1.2 / 16V / 75 HP
  7. 4x4 Clunk over bumps, how much wheel play is normal?

    Hi, First post here. I recently purchased a Renault Koleos. Very nice except the clunks over pot holes, bumps etc are very annoying. I took a look under the car while it was on the ramp getting tires changed and I found:- a. the front drop down links need replacing - these are being replaced b...
  8. Only 21mpg. Is that normal?

    Hi. I don't know if anyone can help me out please. I've had a Grand Scenic II 2.0 automatic 54 plate that's got 90000 miles on the clock for about 2 months now and it's only averaging 21mpg with a mixture of town and motorway driving. I previously had a 2.2 diesel vectra and I knew that this car...
  9. Laguna coupe - thoughts after test drive, is this normal?

    General Chat
    hi all, i'm about to take the plunge and buy said car. My 2002 Mazda 6 has corroded to the point where i doubt it'd pass the next MOT without serious welding jobs, and I don't want a bit of suspension to shear doing 60mph round a corner. It's time to buy a replacement car. I spent AGES...
  10. Scenic 3 weird noise from buzzer/beeping!? **Normal**

    I would upload a video I have just done but I only know how to upload a photo! 2011 Grand Scenic, when you open the drivers door with the electric handbrake off you hear a loud beeping noise and a message saying 'Apply Handbrake' to obviously tell you too apply it. However the beeping noise is...
  11. Megane mk2 - Heater motor problem, not the normal

    Heating & cooling
    Hi folks I have a megane mk2 with the common heater motor problem, I have checked the fuse, replaced the resistor, I have replaced the actual motor, the relays and still nothing? Anyone have any idea's please All the best andy
  12. Normal boost pressure on F4Rt (120kw)

    Hello, I can't seem to locate what is the normal boost pressure for my Laguna II with F4Rt (120kw). I connected a cheap ebay OBD2 bluetooth connector to the OBD2 port and used Torque app to read the boost pressure. At max. I managed something around -0.4 bar. I'm not sure such a poor man's...
  13. A/C normal pressure engine off - drops when engine on

    Heating & cooling
    [RENAULT GRAND SCENIC DYNAMIQUE DCI 1870cc DIESEL 59] So A/C has started to run cooler and purchased the recharge kit from Halfords Attached the gauge which reads a healthy 35 Thought ok, well a couple of squirts wont hurt as its the lower end of the normal range Turning the engine on...
  14. is it waterless oil coolant or just normal antifreeze?

    Heating & cooling
    Hi All daughter's car needed to topup coolant, But how to know is it waterless oil coolant or just normal antifreeze? when I looked a coolant on eurocarpart using her car's reg number it shows only oil coolant which is very expensive!!! cheers
  15. what are normal speeds to engage 5th gear

    I have a 2001 Scenic RX4 Diesel 1.9 DCI I always try to use 5th gear when cruising slowly, but sometimes I have to keep going down a gear so the engine runs smoother. Does the 1.9dci require a faster speed to engage 5th gear?
  16. Normal water temp for Koleos?

    Heating & cooling
    Have had my Koleos 2.0 for 8 months and my water temperature gauge has never gone above just over the first quarter of the indicator. Although we dont want an engine to overheat, this does seem unusually cool compared to previous cars Ive had. Consequently, when we do have cold days, the heater...
  17. Is this normal and pcv valve location

    What area of the engine is the pcv valve or is it within a pipe like some are? Could a faulty pcv valve cause smoke as in video Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
  18. Clio 'Toxic Fume Light' - Is this normal?

    Went to look at a Clio Mk3 (59 Plate) 1.5dci GT 106bhp for the sister tonight and was very impressed but there was one slight thing I'm unsure on Turned the ignition on (but not started the car) and all lights went out besides the 'Toxic Fume Warning Light', which would stay on continuously...
  19. New to Renault, so is this normal?

    I have a Megane 3 with cruise control and speed limiter. I'm still learning about those features as its all brand new to me. As I was driving today I pressed down all the way to the floor on the accelerator, and the whole pedal travel felt smooth apart from the last little push, which felt...
  20. Can someone tell me please if this is normal?

    Ok was looking around the car (only had it a few weeks) And then noticed the above image The car Starts ok with Brake on and then Pressing Start/Stop But the plug in picture is on the clutch pedal :confused: Should the 2 of these wires be connected :confused: Its a 2003 Renault Megane...