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  1. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi folks! Thought i'd introduce myself as the proud new owner of a Clio IV! I had a Vectra previously and was registered with the Vectra-C forum, so figured I'd do the same with the wee Renault! I previously had a Laguna about 6 years ago, so this is now my second Renault (first new one) and...
  2. Insurance
    The subject line says it all really so please pick up the phone and ask us to quote if you live in the province - we now have an insurer who will offer you competitive cover. Couple this with the recent age relaxations and you should see that we're doing all we can to help as many of this...
  3. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Just thought I would say hello I'm John and using a MK2 Clio D7F 8 Valve. Looking for a crankshaft sprocket and woodruff key as key has broken and sprocket is now spinning.
  4. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Good afternoon folks. Owned 2004 1.9 Laguna Sports Tourer for 7 years. 122k on the clock and starting to give me too many problems. Looking at 2009 2.0 Auto Laguna 150.....mmmmm
  5. For sale
    Hi folks. Im having a bit of a clear out. I have a 1992 clio Baccara that is going to scrap before the end of the summer. I fitted a second hand 1.4 engine in 2005 - the car has been sitting about since. It had a genuine mileage of less than 20k. if anyone is looking for an engine then give...
  6. Tools & equipment
    any one on here from northern ireland that has a can clip? renault dealers are not very helpfull
  7. Electronics
    Hi all, I wanted to see if anyone had their Megane/Scenic electric window/regulators fixed in Northern Ireland under the goodwill scheme either for free or under the 7yrs/100km deal? Would love to hear from you if you could message me, want to see if it is a straightforward thing. :) Thanks Sh.
  8. Photography Club
    Anyone with a good view North? my view North is :censored: [email protected] It “”may”” pay to have the camera & tripod at the ready tonight, providing the weather clears up. :rolleyes: Northern Lights seen as far south as Michigan after Sun's 'solar tsunami'. Now it's the UK's chance tonight On...
  9. Cars & motoring
    Can't quite believe I'm doing this but I have been a member of the "Delica" (Mitzubishi) forum for quite some time and unfortunately have just written my vehicle off! I had a black out on the road and ended up in Hospital for about 2 days. At the time of looking for Vans the first one I wanted...
  10. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all, Mark here from Northern Ireland. Just got a Megane 1.5dci Extreme.
  11. My mottah!
    Great day for a meet over here in sunny ireland (not too often you hear that) met up at 10.30/11.00. half decent turnout...... including the odd confused car lol......... quick obligatory pic of my motor our area rep trev (tigger) then proceeded to drive past where we'd...
  12. Photography Club
    Well Folks it was an eventful trip across the water. Flybe flight from Inverness ( Dalcross ) 1p but by the time duty service charges were added it was £75 single return. Secure car storage was £24 for 5 days:crazy: Flight air time was approximately 40 minute to George best airport...
  13. General Chat
    Hi Folks, I am thinking of visiting Strangford Northern Ireland for a few days. Anyone visited there before or live near by, I have visited Ireland before but not that location . Any info on places of interest to visit etc greatly received. Many thanks in advance :)
  14. Regional activity
    I was looking to Tint my cars windows but wasnt sure how much tint I was allowed, so I sent an E-mail to the PSNI because I wasnt sure the laws would be the same as Englands. This is the responce I got; The legal limits in relation to the visual light transmission (VLT) applicable to glass and...
  15. General Chat
    Are people from Northern Ireland Irish? I'm Welsh (as I come from Wales). Now logic to me says that someone who's Irish comes from Irland, which is not even British and not the same as Northern Ireland. However someone from Northern Ireland is British. Maybe it's a case of: Irish - for people...
  16. Welcome to RenaultForums
    I hope to be on most of the time, son has a 97 1.4 RT megane with problems. :d
  17. Regional activity
    Ok Yorkshire and Northern Ireland are the only regions left without any representation I'm open to suggestions and would even condone bullying from the co-ordinator community ;) SuperCC was the first person me and OG thought of for Northern Ireland, but unfortunately he's not been on the...
  18. Regional activity
    Looks like I am the first to grace the new Northern Ireland Regional Forums :p Looking forward to some healthy discussion on here :d Cheers, Gavin