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  1. Clio dynamique TomTom won***8217;t get off the Legal notice

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    I don***8217;t have a remote for the TomTom and no idea what button I press in the car to get off the legal notice it just stays there nothing will get it off
  2. Brands of fuel,do you notice a difference?Premium diesel worth the extra ?

    My engine a lot quieter and responsive,when using the premium Shell diesel.
  3. Penalty Charge Notice

    General Chat
    Read this on BBC news :surprise::surprise::surprise: Court orders woman to pay £24,500 to private parking company Court orders woman to pay £24,500 to private parking company - BBC News
  4. Working my notice and BORED!

    General Chat
    Afternoon all Working my notice period, had all my normal jobs taken away and was given a pile of shredding to do and a database update - however it's all finished and I am going insane with boredom. Hoping that someone will suggest something interesting to do in my last 3 days - oh, and...
  5. Short Notice Trailer Hire

    General Chat
    Does anyone know where I could get a trailer to carry a car from at short notice, and on a bank holiday, lol. Or does anyone on here near to Manchester have one and willing to do a favour for me? This is to pick up that other cabby from Congleton so I can get it to me. Thanks, Mike
  6. MOT Advisory Notice

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi, Just seen three items on advisory notice;- 001 - Offside rear Rear wheel bearing has slight play 2.6.2 002 - Parking brake lever has little reverse travel 3.1.6b 003 - Both iner rack steering joints have movement <><> can anyone give me an idea of parts costing for the above...
  7. scenic ll electric hand brake recall

    hi everyone i read on the forums about a possible recall for a software upgrade for the scenic ll, well i emailed customer services last week and they phoned me yesterday saying they are in the process of contacting owners through the dvla to recall the scenic for the upgrade,i dont know what...
  8. check injection warning notice 1.4 16v megane

    Every so often i will get the message on my dashboard saying "check Injection". When this comes on the car seems to get a sudden burst of speed and the acceleration is much faster. This problem is corrected if you stop the engine wait about 30sec and then restart. It only happens if the car...
  9. recall notice

    Cars & motoring
    Important Quality Enhancement Actions Vehicle Espace Replacement of the turbo intercooler outlet pipe and reprogramming. Replacement of the turbo intercooler outlet pipe and reprogramming. - Ref: 0AV5 anyone heard about this one just got it off renault
  10. Mot Advisory Notice !

    Cars & motoring
    Took me car in for Mot and got Advisory note I will list them and hopefully someone can tell me on how to fix and likely cost if it all possible. Offside front lower suspension arm rubber bush deteriorated but not resulting in excessive movement. Nearside front track rod end ball joint has...
  11. Help - How do you get rig of the "Change Oil Soon" notice

    Cars & motoring
    I've just had my car serviced, the minor oil service at 54000 miles, car is out of warranty and this is first time [email protected] not gone to a renault dealer. He has used proper filters and the correct oil but the change oil soon indicator is still on, I've reset the service milage indicator to 18000...
  12. notice

    My mottah!
    please post pics of your motah if possible.