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  1. Brakes/Hubs
    Hi all, I seem to have lost a (aluminum) wheel nut and am looking online to find a replacement (I live in the middle of nowhere in France :)). Can anyone point me to the spec for the nut so I don't have to remove another and measure it! I presume one of these will be the right size...
  2. Wheels & tyres
    I'm trying to get the security nuts off my car. I managed to get the front 2 off, but can't get the rears off. My key is damaged. It's a type A, if anyone has one I could borrow for a few minutes, please let me know!
  3. Wheels & tyres
    So, like everyone who gets a "new" second hand car, I want to sort out as much as possible, asap. I've been wanting to remove the security locknut bolts that are holding on my wheels. I've managed to get the 2 fronts off, but for the life of me, I cannot get the rear bolts off. The security key...
  4. Brakes/Hubs
    hi can anyone tell me what the rear hub nut torque is on a laguna 2. 2 litre dci 150bhp hatchback is please . have asked around other places and have been told anywhere 100lbs ft to 280lbs ft .
  5. Steering and Suspension Son had MOT on his 60 plate Kia rio 2 petrol yesterday and had advisory on N/S ball joint..part is as link..been searching for 2x nuts and bolts for securing on the lower arm and finding nothing can anyone help with a possible supplier for...
  6. Wheels & tyres
    I do not have original books so no numbers to go by, so is there any other way to know what nut i need to get my spare wheel basket down?
  7. Wheels & tyres
    Hello Experts, I can't find the locking wheel nut remover for my Kangoo 1.6 Expression (2004). I'm off on my big trip soon and daren't leave home without it, Attached is a picture of it :
  8. Transmissions
    Hi guys, does anyone know what the torque setting should be for the scenic 2 litre vvt front hum nuts? Just done a CV joint replacement and can not find the info. Thankyou!
  9. Brakes/Hubs
    Hi all! Scenic 30MM Nut Drive NM? I have try to find torq. of Scenic front left drive axel 30MM Nut Drive NM? I hope for help, i have try to search….
  10. Electronics
    Hi all, hope you can advise please. continuing to get my vehicle Renault Grand Espace mk4 2007 model mot'd asap. Fixed one problem on here with much help and appreciated. next task is sorting the lost wheelnut locking socket. Have searched everywhere for this with no success. I did locate the...
  11. Transmissions
    Just had to register to ask for a bit of help. Replaced a knocking driveshaft today on a 53 plate Clio phase 2. Caught all the gearbox oil but I was going to change it anyway. Come to fill it up and the previous owner (or the previous before him but I doubt it as it was a woman) has managed to...
  12. Brakes/Hubs
    Hi I'm new to the website and hopefully have some help. My rear brakes on the offside of my Twingo have jammed on whilst reversing and I'm guessing the rear shoes have binded inside the drum. I need to know the hub size but and what I need to do to unjam the brakes as I think it's going to be...
  13. Wheels & tyres
    Getting a tyre swapped, so I am putting the spare on. But the steel spare has a sticker which seems to say do not use the wheel nut tappered washers. Is this just because its a steel spare and my wheels are alloy? Quite lucky, that sticker will have been on for over 10 years. Just got a...
  14. Bodywork
    I realise the questions I am about to ask here are basically vehicle cosmetic related but after searching the web for a couple of days and trying to locate any information on this excellent site with no luck, here goes, my car is a Laguna Coupe tom tom dci 2010, the Diamond badge front and rear...
  15. Interiors
    The drivers side inner door handle broken and the screw and the captive nut (?) that the screw goes into must have fallen down into the door when the handle broke. Does anyone know what the name of the captive nut thing is that the screw goes into? A new handle/screw seem to be pretty easy to...
  16. Electronics
    I have a scenic 2 and the wipers stopped working. After getting to the wiper motor I found the nut directly on top of the motor holding a small arm in place had come off and so had the arm so I simply put the arm back on and tightened the nut but it keeps coming off. Should this be a locking nut...
  17. Wheels & tyres
    Hi All try to take 57 reg Clio 3 wheel today, but wheel nut is bigger than standard. all 4 wheels. very unusual, what size it would be? why those are different size?
  18. Wheels & tyres
    how do i take off covers on whe0:)els to get to wheel nuts
  19. Bodywork
    one of the nuts on my passenger door is missing. Its a 2004 Clio. Does anyone know what is the nut size. Is it a simple M5, i.e. 5mm nut.
  20. Brakes/Hubs
    I have an unhealthy scrapeing noise on application of the brakes on Renault Kangoo 2009 (1.2 petrol). Am ready to take the drums off to have a look at the problem but can't find details on the torque setting for when I tighten up the main nut which secures the brake drum.