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  1. Mégane MK1 O/S/R Seatbelt replacement

    Hi I have a 2001 Mégane MK1 hatchback (1.4 16v) which has unfortunately failed it's MOT due to a slightly torn rear seatbelt (due to the previous owner's excitable dog). I have managed to source a replacement seatbelt (from a 2000/2001 hatchback) but the garage I've taken it to say they can't...
  2. megane 2 cabriolet o/s/r window module

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi everyone, we have a megane 2 cabriolet with a off side rear electric window problem. The window will only work with the switches bt the handbrake and not with the switch on drivers door or the switch in the rear trim. I have traced the fault to the electronic module (Temic)that sits on the...
  3. Scenic O/S/R Door locking out of sync with others

    Hi all. I've got a 1999 Megane Scenic (phase 2) and when I bought it the tailgate and OSR door were dented. Ive been looking in my local scrappy for relacements in the right colour. One recently arrived and I bought the two for £30 - although I need to swap the tailgate glass over. I've changed...
  4. 2005 Grand Scenic O/S/R interior door trim removal - help please!

    Hi there, I have a job scheduled for the end of this coming week whereby I need to remove the interior door trim from the Offside Rear door from a Grand Scenic to panel beat a dent out in the lower half of the door. Has anyone already removed one it these trims/cards? If so, is it quite...