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  1. G-Scenic 2008 1.9 Dci F9Q Engine with DPF - observation

    This is more an observation rather than a question, other day missus said as returning trolley to supermarket bay , the engine seemed louder than normal, so as the 6 months since oil change - but mileage only like +5,000 - I decided to change oil, so went home did a scan for error codes old and...
  2. Astute observation!

    Jokes & funny stuff
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  3. Grand scenic child observation mirror

    Do all the grand scenic come with the child observation mirror if it has a panoramic sunroof? I'm looking at a 2010 privilege model. Thanks
  4. 1.9 dci observation about occasaional flat spot

    Ayop. i tried to put a descriptive title. the laguna is sometimes a bit lumpy, but only if its like that from start up, meaning -some days its completely jerk free, other days it always does it.This must be something to do with the startup cycle,maybe something doesnt register correctly with...
  5. Just an observation...

    Jokes & funny stuff
    An item on the BBC news website headlined “Men with sexist views earn more” revealed this week that men who displayed reductive and dismissive views of women “consistently out-earn more ‘modern-thinking' men”. And it's just as well, as it can be f***ing expensive to get into a bird's pants.
  6. Pointless Threads: an observation

    Just an observation: but compared to other Technical/generally serious forums we seem to have a great many pointless threads. While I enjoy a laugh & we all do, I wonder, do we need a last person to post, a three word story, a change one letter, song title game, and now countdown from 1000000...