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  1. Wheels & tyres
    Help can any one tell me if they changed the offset of the road wheel fitted to a phase1 scenic or if they are just different between Manuel and auto as put wheel from automatic on my car a its hitting bracket which holds the flexible brake hose
  2. Wheels & tyres
    First of all what is the standard offset on the ph2 clio 172? Am i right in thinking 48? I can't find it on the back of the wheel? And secondly what is the lowest offset that can be achieved without rubbing? I am planning on sticking to 16" 7j rims. Anyone else think the standard wheels remain...
  3. Wheels & tyres
    I've got in January 2008 a Laguna III 1.5dCI sedan, now I'm going to mount on the original rims the snow tires and I'm considering to have a second set of rims for summer tires intead of mounting and removing them at each season change. Unfortunatly I was not able to find the specific...
  4. Wheels & tyres
    can anyone tell me what the offset is for my scenic 1, its a1998 2 litre, wheel size 6J14, stud pattern 4x100, ive been looking 4 a cheap set of alloys. thanks
  5. Wheels & tyres
    hey could anyone tell me the correct off set for my renault clio 1.2 paris p reg many thanks
  6. Wheels & tyres
    I drive a Laguna 5 stud which as an offset tollerance of 35mm-45mm I believe? Anyway if I tried to fit alloys with an offset of 50mm I am guessing rubbing of the wheel on the inside against the arch lining would happen? Anyway my query is. If I were to fit the wheels with a 5mm spacer would...
  7. Wheels & tyres
    my laguna 1 front brakes have started to vibrate and get very hot(on 1 side) i have stripped them down and the caliper and guides pins are free , but i have noticed the inner pad is contacting the inner and outter of the dicc that is where the heat is comming from everything is tight but i have...
  8. Wheels & tyres
    I have just tried to have new wheels fitted to my 2001 RX4 as the original steel wheels were rusting (and I hit a big lump of concrete in the middle of the road on christmas day). Anyway - - the new wheels didn't fit, although they should have. They are 16" x 7" , 5 stud 108 pcd and 43 offset...