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  1. Engines
    Does anyone know what this part is called. It’s just above the oil filter. Oil is pouring out of it when the car is on. (It’s a renault clio m3 1.2 tce 2008)
  2. Engines
    Hi all. I recently had to top up oil in my Clio and noticed under the filler cap there is some milky coloured oil. Now I know this can be a sign of a head gasket problem but I am not experiencing any other symptoms of such. For example, no overheating, no white smoke from the exhaust and the...
  3. Engines
    Hi, when i accelerate round a corner a little, sometimes all these warning signs come up, (what i think is the oil pressure one as its only up for a few seconds), but then disappears after 3/4 seconds or so. it has been happening a bit more recently but still quite uncommon and only when...
  4. Engines
    Hi, more of a curiousity rather than an immediate issue but my Mk4 clio 1.2 appears to be destroying oil. I find myself having to add a litre or two every few months to get the level back on the dipsick. Im pretty sure its a D4F engine? am sure someone can tell me otherwise if not. Is this just...
  5. Ask the Experts
    My 2007 Opel Movano (same engine as Renault master) has the oil light and stop light on. I have been to a garage who have changed the oil and filter, checked the oil pressure. They didnt have time to troubleshoot further but suggested the oil pressure sensor was duff. I changed this sensor...
  6. Transmissions
    This is the gearbox oil I bought and what it says in the manual just wanted to check I can use this type of oil
  7. Engines
    Hello guys, I have a scenic 3, 2010 with a 1.9 dci engine it's leaking, I couldn't find from where, I changed the oil cooler O-Ring and it still leaking, the engine is blowing oil as in the video I uploaded here: , also when I'm on the road accelerating few seconds on the pedal and the car...
  8. Engines
    Hi all! New here. I have just bought an 05 DCI 65hp version and have changed the oil. It looks like just over 4 litres came out more or less I didn't let it drop for too long. I put around 4.2 litres back in and checked the dipstick. It seems that no matter what I do the dipstick is coated in...
  9. Engines
    Hi All, I have a 2015 Kangoo Maxi. At 66000ks the turbo failed. I dropped the sump also to check the suction for the pump and it was clean. I removed the pump and found the pressure relief valve was stuck open. I know this was the reason for the turbo failing but I never had a engine oil light...
  10. Engines
    Renault Master 2.5dci 2003. Sudden excess use of engine oil above 2,000 revs and smoking, under 2,000 revs, no oil used. Egr valve & turbo already replaced.
  11. Exhausts
    Hello, what could be problem that inside cabin smells like exhaust gases or oil? My first car, no knowledge at all. What to look at?
  12. Engines
    Hi all. This is my first post so I apologize if I've made a mistake or posted in the wrong section. So my 2011 Grand Scenic 1.6 dCi starts up from cold then, after a few seconds gives the red oil pressure light along with the STOP and engine failure hazard warning however, after warming up for a...
  13. Engines
    Hi, My 1.5 dci seems to be consuming more oil than it should be, about 3l per 1000 miles. It’s got 101,000 on the clock and had its turbo changed at around 92,000. All injectors run good. there’s some whitish grey smoke on startup and when pulling off, once up to speed only has a little bit of...
  14. Engines
    Firstly guys this forum is amazing and altough I'm new I've been finding articles from years ago useful and for that I thank you. This issue I've put on here is because I have a feeling this won't be bespoke to me. Hopefully if I can get it fixed it will help others as I'm a family man and need...
  15. Engines
    hi im new to this forum so i hope im not gonna ask a dumb question lol i have a 2011 renault megane 1.5dci and wanna do an oil change,when i put my reg in one of the online car parts websites it says there are multiple fitment details for my car,without going under car to measure size of filter...
  16. Engines
    Has anyone carried out an oil change on a Twingo III? If so, are there any special instructions?
  17. Ask the Experts
    I recently got a traffic van 05 plate 2.5 I think dci it had a bad oil leak from the timing chain we have sorted that then oil was blowing up through the injectors so we replaced copper washers and plastic sleeve and o rings started the van and it was ok then as it got hot it is blowing oil out...
  18. Engines
    The book says 5 Lt. Online suggests 4.8 Lt. Does anyone know? MEGANE III Hatch 5 Door 2009 - Petrol 1.6 16v.
  19. Engines
    Hi, just bought a new Clio and dealer says first service is 30,000 km or 12 months. Should not the first oil change be earlier than that like 3000km or something. What is the general consensus on this point.
1-19 of 500 Results