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  1. Engines
    Hi all. This is my first post so I apologize if I've made a mistake or posted in the wrong section. So my 2011 Grand Scenic 1.6 dCi starts up from cold then, after a few seconds gives the red oil pressure light along with the STOP and engine failure hazard warning however, after warming up for a...
  2. Engines
    Hi, My 1.5 dci seems to be consuming more oil than it should be, about 3l per 1000 miles. It’s got 101,000 on the clock and had its turbo changed at around 92,000. All injectors run good. there’s some whitish grey smoke on startup and when pulling off, once up to speed only has a little bit of...
  3. Engines
    Firstly guys this forum is amazing and altough I'm new I've been finding articles from years ago useful and for that I thank you. This issue I've put on here is because I have a feeling this won't be bespoke to me. Hopefully if I can get it fixed it will help others as I'm a family man and need...
  4. Engines
    hi im new to this forum so i hope im not gonna ask a dumb question lol i have a 2011 renault megane 1.5dci and wanna do an oil change,when i put my reg in one of the online car parts websites it says there are multiple fitment details for my car,without going under car to measure size of filter...
  5. Engines
    Has anyone carried out an oil change on a Twingo III? If so, are there any special instructions?
  6. General Chat
    I recently buy megane 2013 1.5 dci 110 dynamique with dpf 106000miles and I have no service history for Timing belt: 1*how can I find if was change 2*when ideally to be change for it 3*which oil type is best for dpf. Many thanks
  7. Ask the Experts
    I recently got a traffic van 05 plate 2.5 I think dci it had a bad oil leak from the timing chain we have sorted that then oil was blowing up through the injectors so we replaced copper washers and plastic sleeve and o rings started the van and it was ok then as it got hot it is blowing oil out...
  8. Engines
    The book says 5 Lt. Online suggests 4.8 Lt. Does anyone know? MEGANE III Hatch 5 Door 2009 - Petrol 1.6 16v.
  9. Engines
    Hi, just bought a new Clio and dealer says first service is 30,000 km or 12 months. Should not the first oil change be earlier than that like 3000km or something. What is the general consensus on this point.
  10. Engines
    Hi all, I checked the oil to see if it needs changin and i have a heavy smell of diesel coming from the dipstick, should I be worried ?
  11. Engines
    Hi, I have a mark3 grand scenic 2010 1.5dci 110. I have had a problem for a while that anything over 50ish it loses power and comes up check injection. I add some clean injector fluid to the fuel and it made no difference. I removed and cleaned each injector and used brake cleaner to check the...
  12. Engines
    What is the suggested viscosity and ASEA grade for the 2.0L diesel without DPF? Cheers!!! Sent fra min Moto G (5) Plus via Tapatalk
  13. Engines
    Hello, nowhere can I read the size of the Hex key for removing (replacing) the oil cooler that is in the housing behind the oil filter. I do not want it disassembled and found that I have such a key ... thank you all
  14. Electronics
    Hi all, I have recently bought a 1999 renault master lwb high top ex patient ambulance and have spent several weeks converting it into a campervan. The build is pretty much done but now I turn my attention to the mechanical/electrical side of things which I must add I'm not so good at but I am...
  15. Transmissions
    Hi, I've been reading conflicting advice so I'd like to ask the experts please... The internet is great, but not when you get conflicting information from apparently reputable sources! I have a 2013 Trafic LL29 DCi 115, 6 speed manual. It's on 70k miles and I imagine a gearboil oil change is...
  16. Engines
    Oil leak from the large hose in the photo - to the bottom of the hose. This is located below the alternator. Any ideas please? Intercooler? Indicative of turbo issue or an easy fix???
  17. Ask the Experts
    Hi all, first post here. Hope it's in the right place. I've just bought a 2013 Trafic LL29 DCi 115. I want to replace the oil and filter, but am struggling to determine the correct part number for the filter. Also, whether or not it has a DPF fitted as this will influence the oil type. On...
  18. Engines
    hi folks, been a while since i last posted, cars only broken in simple ways :grin2: anyway, been suffering with oil leakage from boost pipework for a while and i hadnt noticed but car had probably lost about 20 hp over some time, maybe more. bought a £16 catch can to fit on the breather line to...
  19. Engines
    Hello All, Back from the tranquility of a tropicl beach for the winter into the Renault world of obtuse. I rebuilt an F9Q motor and the gasket set included two silicone strips to insert in the groves on the rear main bearing cap. In my day a piece of cord impregnated with graphite or something...
  20. Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi All, My 1989 Renault 19 TSE 1390cc has just failed it’s MOT, primarily due to an oil leak from the head gasket and another from the gear box. The head gasket leak has been there for some time but apparently this year a new item has been added to the test for environmental /pollution reasons...