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  1. Espace mk4 Climate Auto operation in-op

    Heating & cooling
    Hi all you clever people! I've got a 3.0dci privilege. In the winter, the heat has to be turned up full to the max setting to produce hot air, otherwise the drivers climate module doesn't even bother turning the fan on. (All the fan speeds seem to work manually) In summer, the a/c works...
  2. Intermittent Window Operation

    I have a 2004 Renault Scenic II. A couple of days ago the passenger side front window wouldn't go back up. After trying the switches on both doors several times it finally went up. The next day the passenger side rear window wouldn't go up so I used the 40amp fuse trick to get it raised again...
  3. 2009 Mk11 Megane Convertible N/S Door window operation

    Hi I have a Megane convertible reg. 2009 MK11 The N/S front window has stopped working and I have changed the regulator and have tried plugging in a replacement motor which has not worked. does anyone know if this could now be the plug/coupling between the door and the main car body? If so...
  4. Scenic dynamique 1.5 tom tom - operation

    Hi I have just purchased a renault scenic dynamique 1.5 tom tom but cant find any buttons to operate the tom tom on the dashboard. The tom tom works with the SD card in but does anybody know if this model has a remote control to operate it or some buttons on the dashboard itself? Many thanks...
  5. Clio II intermittent wiper operation

    I have a 54 plate Clio Dynamique 1.2 16v and the intermittent wipe position (1st click on stalk) doesn't operate the wiper blades nor does turning the central ring on the stalk.Slow and fast wiping are fine as is wash/wipe. This is very annoying especially now the weather is turning. I wondered...
  6. Laguna II Initiale Satnav operation

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if someone could tell me how to use this unit? I guess it should be straight forward but I dont seem to be able to enter postcode or the road i wanna get to, it just seems to send me to a destination or via point its already visited :confused: Thx
  7. Honda to base F1® operation in Milton Keynes

    Formula 1 news have announced that they will base their European racing operation in Milton Keynes, UK as they continue preparations for their return to Formula One racing. The Japanese manufacturer is returning to the sport in 2015 in a joint...
  8. Grand Scenic II Intermittent Electronic Handbrake Operation

    Cars & motoring
    Today when attempting to pull off from a cold start the electronic handbrake would not disengage. I tried it several times, tried engine off, then on, trying it manually, then by trying to pull off etc. Nothing would work. I left it an hour then pumped the brakes before I switched the engine on...
  9. radio operation manuals for grand espace 2006

    I need a radio operation manuals for grand espace 2006
  10. Grand Scenic AC Trinary Presure Switch - Correct Operation?

    Heating & cooling
    I have a 2006 Grand Scenic 1.9 DCi. My aircon began to sound strange in the spring, it was gurgling for a while which I am told was indicative of low pressure and eventually stopped completely. I had it re gassed it worked for a few more weeks then failed again. A leaking condenser was...
  11. Clio 1 electric sunroof correct operation ?

    This has been puzzling me for a while, the correct operation of the electric tilt and slide sunroof on a clio 1. It has been puzzling me in the fact that to open or close to it's limits one has to depress the switch until one hears the noise of jumping gearing, which as a mechanically trained...
  12. Multiple operation losses

    Not sure if in the right section but it can be moved by a mod. Recently got my 2002/52 MK2 PH2 1.2 16v clio MOT'd, it failed on anti roll bar linkages (now fixed) license plate light (now fixed) and the rear lights were being operated by the hazards (was fixed at the time of the retest) and a...
  13. Rough Running and operation of get you home mode

    Since buying from new 18months ago., the engine runs rough, clicks into get you home mode and then clears. This often happens from cold but has happened several times when warm and driving along. Dealer has had it in several times and then claimed that this was a "Characteristic" as nothing...
  14. 53 Clio Wipers and indicators intermittent operation

    The wipers and indicators on my daughter 53 plate clio go off intermittently. Seems to be a loose or poor earth???????? Anyone agree and if you do which is the most likely earth?? Or does anyone have any other ideas?? Any advice would be much appreciated....:d
  15. Diesel tuning boxes my concepts of operation

    General tuning
    These graphs are not actual measurements,just my idea of what is going on. The fuel pressure sensor voltage output is the only input data the "box" has to go on . Any other variations come from the "box" internal maps. The red line is the maximum fuel pressure the sensor can read reliably. The...
  16. 2004 Renault Scenic rear window reversed operation

    Just bought a 2004 Renault Scenic 1.4 When I double click the Lock button on the key card to lock the car and close all windows one of the rear windows actually opens. Also, the open/close action on the driver door is reversed for this particular window. Something tells me that side of the car...
  17. Glock set to miss final test after appendix operation

    Formula 1 news's Timo Glock is expected to miss next week's final pre-season test at Barcelona's Circuit de Catalunya after undergoing surgery to remove his appendix on Monday. Glock is currently recovering in a hospital in Switzerland following...
  18. Formula 1 driver Robert Kubica injured in rally crash

    Formula 1 news
    Kubica Seriously hurt in crash Kubic has had a bad accident in a rally, Hope he will be ok
  19. Simple clio mk1 washer/wiper operation question.

    Hi I have a '95 Clio bee-bop and have a question regarding the operation of the front screen washer/wiper. When activating the washer by pulling the stalk forward should the wiper also come like it does on the rear on or do you have to turn on the wipers seperately? Thanks Tony
  20. Unusual clutch operation

    Having a bit of a nightmare with the clutch set up on my Espace 2 ltr 16v. The operation is part hydraulic, part cable. Fitted new clutch internals but when the hydraulic system was refitted the pedal travels almost to the floor before it operates the clutch. I am sure the hydraulics need to be...