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  1. Heated rear screen,Air recycling operation warning,Air conditioning operation lights

    hi there i have a 2002 1.4 16V clio. when i ignition on Heated rear screen,Air recycling operation warning,Air conditioning operation lights will appear on the Control panel. but i try to switch off the those light but it doesen't response light will continually on ,will be extremely greatful if...
  2. Rear Wiper slight operation problem!

    Hi all I wonder if anyone can help...? Recently i've had a pain in the ass leak in my car (which has recently been solved) and turned out to be the a side issue i had/have problem with my rear wiper operating my front one's when i twist the lever to operate it. At first i thought...
  3. how to check operation of EGR valve

    I wonder if any one can offer any information on how to check the operation of a EGR valve from a 1.9 dci engine, i have a 03 RX4 which has started to blow white smoke on the high revs when moving, also it does not seem as responsive as it used to be. Have removed EGR and cleaned it as it was...
  4. Is this Ok operation?

    Hey guys, I've been driving around in my Clio a fair bit recently and have found when I accelerate hard or kick down, the box seems to linger in third (I believe it's third anyway) at about 3k-4k until a second or so after my foot has been lifted - when it then knocks back to 4th. This doesn't...
  5. Intermittent cruise operation

    Laguna II Privilege June 2005 1.9TDCI. Problem is cruise fails to pick up current vehicle speed when attempting to engage it. Display just sits there with two dashes. Sometimes it works OK. Only had it a week and no handbook so possibly I'm at fault. Any ideas? Also anyone know if there is a...
  6. Electric Folding Mirrors correct operation?

    Hi all, we've just bought a nice 2004 2.0VVT Privilege model with sunroofs & full leather and this is our first post!! Maybe more to come...!! As this model has the electrically folding mirrors I just wanted to ask their correct operation. Do owner cars have both mirrors electrically...
  7. Central locking operation questions???

    Cars & motoring
    I have recently bought my first scenic on an 02 plate. I do not have an owners manual yet for it, and have some questions regarding the central locking. 1. What is the small black central locking symbol on the upper panel by the front interior lights??? 2. I also have a switch which has a 'X'...
  8. Headlamp Washer Operation

    I am slowly but surely going through each of the troubles with my new (second hand) Laguna trying to get her back into the best possible condition. The latest irksome problem I have found is the headlamp washers. Can anyone tell me how the headlamp washers on a '99 Laguna operate. I have tried...
  9. Renault - Interiors - Handsfree Operation

    Hi! I've just bought a Laguna Initiale (via the internet). It's great, but I have a small problem with the hands free operation of the doors. When I use it, only the drivers door unlocks. I've been in contact with Renault Servuce and they say that this is how the cars are supplied. They also...