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  1. Espace & Vel Satis 3.0 dci Head Gasket issue - (P9X) opinions on solutions

    I'm looking for peoples views on the ongoing success rate of changing the gasket alone or whether other problems were found & resolved at the same time - perhaps head warping? If other problems were found, what problems were found? I too have finally fallen victim what I believe is the head...
  2. Can I have opinions on tyre please?

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi, I just wanted to ask opinions on this tyre please. It's worn around the edge. Would you say this tyre is already illegal or just borderline?
  3. Air con opinions

    Campervan Chat
    Opinions please people. I have a 2007 ex patient transfer ambulance master, and it comes with a secondary air conditioning unit above the cab. The van has air con already for the front. I'm in 2 minds, 1, if it is a completely independent system can I rewire it to work of the leisure...
  4. Opinions Laguna 3

    Cars & motoring
    I know this has been covered before,but all the threads seem to be a couple of years old. I have been offered a '08 Laguna 3 2.0 150 BHP with 155K on the clock at a fairly reasonable price,remember this is Ireland. So as of November '17 what are the known problems and the good bits.What to...
  5. Opinions please

    General Chat
    So today I test drove a 1.6 petrol Qashqai. 70k but price not bad and very clean. Quite perky and handling seemed good for a high body. But.... always a but :d While I couldn't feel any play, slightest movement of wheel gave steering response, the moment the wheel came back to centre, I seemed...
  6. 2015 model Trafic opinions

    Cars & motoring
    Hi, I'm new to this forum so apologies if I've posted in the wrong area. I'm in Australia and keen to buy a 2015 dci140 short or long wheelbase for work/personal use. I've never owned a Renault before so I'd like a general opinion of the new model, reliability and what Renault is like to deal...
  7. Your opinion(s) on this clutch plate?

    Hi Everyone, could someone in the know tell me if this clutch is worth putting back in, Never done a clutch before so not sure what I am looking for, it has only done 65000 miles, 2008 Kangoo, any advice is very much appreciated. Darren [/url] [/IMG]
  8. Diesel fuel line replace (opinions welcome)

    I think all diesel owners will suffer from the air in pipes etc etc, so I thought I would have a go at replacing my own. After a bit of research I found suitable plastic fuel line for diesel fuel lines, Nylon 12. Din 73378 Din 74324. A helpful guide is here, (Land Rover - plastic fuel lines...
  9. Hey guys new to Forum need help or opinions

    Cars & motoring
    Hey guys new to the forum I am on the market for a new megane mk3 and i want the world series 1.5dci call it a pre mid life crisis I'm turning 30 next month lol II'm currently looking at a white 106 megane mk3 world series and I do a lot of mileage to work every night sadly With that being...
  10. Scenic II aircon problem - would value your opinions!

    Heating & cooling
    Hi All, When I picked up my 2005 Scenic I knew the aircon wasn't working, and the car was priced accordingly. Just taken it to my regular garage, who I've used for years, and he's diagnosed the following: Excessive corrosion of the condenser, particularly where it joins the high pressure pipe...
  11. clutch fail, 2nd opinions needed

    Took Maggie (our Megane II) to the garage for clutch repair and they said to sell her on eBay for spares or scrap her as the repair would cost more than she's worth. I can't believe this. She's in great condition for a 2003 Megane. 78,000 miles. She has the usual problems. One of the rear...
  12. Espace IV V6 petrol opinions

    Cars & motoring
    Hey guys Anyone got any real mpg figures for the petrol v6? I'm getting 31 average out of the 2.2 dci so could the cost difference between petrol and diesel result in similar fuel bills with the big petrol engine? (obviously real world mpg figures for the V6 req'd) I think they're brilliant...
  13. Blanking PCV valve, opinions wanted

    Hi guys, I had the turbo, egr, and several hundred poundsworth of work done to my megane about 6 months ago and ever since it seemed down on power, After checking the pipes and cleaning basically everything, ive found the PCV to be at fault. For those who aren't familiar its the round thing...
  14. Forum Newcomer :) Looking at buying a 06 Clio, Looking for Opinions?

    General Chat
    Hi Guys, Let me first introduce myself. My name is Dan, from Leeds of West Yorkshire :d and a new member on this forum. My first Thread! I am getting shut of my Mazda 3 since I hardly drive it, I only tend to use the car for holidays and long distance travel to see relatives etc. Its starting...
  15. Car Wrap - Colour Change Opinions

    Considering a full car wrap colour change. There is a lot of mixed reviews out there regarding it. Just wanted some opinions and feedback about it really. Alot of people say that you dont need to inform DVLA about the colour change as it's temporary. But surely, if you're making a complete...
  16. Hello all your opinions please

    Hi guys New to this forum and thanks for all the great info contained herein. I took my renault scenic II 2005 DCI in for a repair to the rear main oil seal. When the garage put the clutch back they managed to break the pin between the pedal and the clutch master cylinder. They told me this...
  17. Opinions Please?

    General Chat
    Can anyone give me a rough estimate of how many hours on the bay my Laguna II Tourer should have taken to fit new front springs and shocks, track control arms, inner and outer tie rods, and the drop links? The dealer I work for had my car in on a Thursday morning but being staff on a discounted...
  18. Opinions on buying a 1.5 dci Scenic with high miles.

    Cars & motoring
    I have seen a lovely looking 2008 scenic 1.5 dci dynamic at a nearby garage, it has fully itemised service history including 6 renault stamps in the book I am told. I have not seen it or driven it yet, I got the info from their website. Now it's only 4 years old or there abouts but it has done...
  19. Quickshift gearbox opinions wanted

    I am looking to buy a 2006 56 Renault Master SL28 2.5 dci 100 Quickshift, what are the quickshift gearboxes like?
  20. Opinions on a clio?

    Exterior styling
    hey guys i think this is my second thread but i seriously want your opinions :D this is how low i think my car should be as its on 17's as in the pic (that is my car btw just lowered on photoshop) im not sure whether its too low or just right though? anyway im rambling... lemme know what you...