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  1. Looking at buying a Renault - opinions ?

    Cars & motoring
    Hello Im currently looking for a megane and came acroos this // Im just wondering if anyone knows anything about this car or even what the possible problems could be. any feedback is...
  2. Opinions on Grand Esapce 2.2dci

    Cars & motoring
    I have the opportunity to buy a 54 plate Grand Espace for a good price (from FIL) and need to know what to expect, everyone i talk to sucks in their teeth and slates Renaults and espaces reliability - I have never had a problem in the past (mark I Clio for 40k miles and I have a 51 plate Clio...
  3. Opinions on painting plastic body mouldings plz

    Ill just preface this by saying the 2012 "normal"Meganes are now coming with side mouldings painted body colour. I wish to get mine painted, Ive checked/tried other possibilities and they arent satisfactory. What I do want is to remove the black plastic effect, altho I think there has to be a...
  4. need expert opinions

    Hi, i am hoping to get my self a 2003 laguna 1.9 dci 105. really after advice what to look out for common faults etc all help very much appriciated. the one i have my eye on is a 52 reg with 72k on the clock in black its the expression spec not sure what gadgets it have. thanks in advance shane
  5. opinions needed !!!!!!!

    hi there just had my roof fixed on my megane cc the wiring under the passenger seat had coroaded also the guy told me my whole passenger side was very wet ive looked in to it and relised that the water is coming in under the car as my mats are not wet on the top its under them on the carpet of...
  6. laguna 2 just brought, opinions or advice please....

    Cars & motoring
    im not into sporty modified cars, bit old now lol. i have purchased a 52 plate laguna 1.6. it has done 60,000 miles and was a dealer px i paid £500 for it. It is amazing to drive, drives like a new car bit underpowered but i suprisingly really like it. as i never had one of these b4 just...
  7. VW Golf - R32 DSG Opinions

    Other makes
    At the mo we have four cars on our drive, mine (Laguna v6) the wife's Mini cooper s, daughters clio, son's Proton. The Laguna gets used about once a week maybe less, the mini about 4-5 days usually short trips, the wife said a while back lets get rid of the laguna as we don't use it much and...
  8. Megane MK2 Botched service opinions?

    Hi, I'll just give you the car details first. 2007 57 megane mk 2 extreme sport 1.4 3dr 9000 miles - last 2000 motorway miles done recently. Before that it was used for a 10 mile commute every day and a bit of mixed highway/town/country driving. That was from 2000(when I bought it at 18mths...
  9. Most Dependable Renault Engine Built - Opinions?

    Cars & motoring
    Having spent some time on the forums what would we all say was the most dependable Renault Powertrain ever built? I know my 2000 1.6 16v Scenic with 120k still runs like a champ and always has done. Other peoples opinions? Cheers Adam
  10. your opinions please

    General Chat
    now this could get complicated, i know what i think but would like some outsiders opinions, so here goe's. my 13 yo daughter has been told by one of here school friends that she (not my grandaughter) is the illigitimate daughter of one of my sons, she's also 13 and from the pictures we've seen...
  11. Kumho tyres, opinions please?

    Wheels & tyres
    Does anybody have Kumho tyres fitted?, im thinking of having a couple of K17"s put on the front and was seeking some opinions on them?.
  12. Renault Scenic 1 - Opinions

    Cars & motoring
    Hi guys. Just had to buy myself a 2nd hand car as my old Laguna had died, and would cost way to much to bother fixing. Anyways, Just got a Megane RT 1.6E Scenic, 1598cc (R plate) 128,000 on the clock. Has tax till march, MOT till Jan, got it for £640. Has a few surface scratches, no rust around...
  13. Renault Megane 1.5dci (80) Opinions?

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and have put my deposit down on the above car, the sport tourer style as I need lots of space to replace my Rover lol... The engine choice was down to running costs and insurance really, and I am aware of the difference between this and the 106bhp version. I just...
  14. Clio 182 Cup - Your Opinions please people :)

    Cars & motoring
    Hi all, I currently own a '04 1.2 Dynamique, but unfortunately it has been far from happy motoring :( within one month of owning the car it needed a new ecu wiring loom - both parts - costing £1100, has had the sticky bonnet catch syndrome, and now taps like a 100,000 mile motor even though its...
  15. Ford Fiesta - New Model Opinions

    Other makes
    Right, I have been looking at new cars for a bit now. I have been looking at the Focus and the Fiesta and price I think the Fiesta has won a long shot. The Fiesta is slightly smaller than the Megane and the Focus is slightly bigger. Anyway, after much thought, and being told the RS is out of...
  16. Warranty - Opinions on Extended Warrantys

    Cars & motoring
    Hi guys, just had a letter from Renault re extending my warranty for either a year at £290 or two years at £490, would appreciate your views
  17. Views and Opinions Please

    Cars & motoring
    Am currently thinking of down-sizing from my 2.0 16v Laggy Tourer to a new Clio (dCi 106 Initiale). Was wondering if any owners have any views and opinions on the motor, both good and bad. The main reason for change is financial. Is costing a small fortune each month in fuel (only getting 30...
  18. opinions on my newest mod

    Cars & motoring
    hey just thought id show you all the latest mod to my clio i bought the clear side repeaters what do ya think
  19. meganne owner opinions

    i got a p reg coupe meganne at the mo and need a response from other meganne owners, do they all sound like rough and rattaly heaps or is it just my one?
  20. would like opinions

    Cars & motoring
    hey i finally got round to painting my calipers just wanted to know what you lot thought i still need to get clear side repeaters