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  1. DAB option

    Hi to all, just joined the forum and am looking for some help as regards DAB on clio. Clio had DAB radio when I bought it for my wife but since yesterday for some reason it no longer does.I have looked at options top left and there are only AM and FM...:frown2: How do I get DAB radio option...
  2. Is a replacement engine a viable option?

    Hi folks, Here's the nutshell: bought a 2006 Grand Scenic 1.9dCI 4 months ago, it's now a month out of warranty. Major fault revealed itself this weekend when high oil pressure caused the engine to dump all its oil twice in one day. My garage tell me it's going to be a new engine to fix it...
  3. Clio media nav full postcode option

    Can anyone help me... Iv recently purchased (May 2015) a brand new Clio dynamique S... I have found that I couldn't put in a full postcode for the sat nav , I rang the dealer who said pop in and we'll update, I went down 3 hours later he said it was fixed... Went out to my car - same thing...
  4. Kevin Magnussen Q&A: Option tyre pace key to McLaren hopes

    Formula 1 news's recent renaissance continued in Austin on Friday, with both drivers inside the top ten in both practice sessions. According to Kevin Magnussen, maintaining that momentum will be down to finding more speed from the softer Pirelli...
  5. Best Option for my Bumper?

    Hi all, So I bought a Clio Dynamique and I want to get it looking nice. First thing I want to do is sort the paint out on my front bumper pictured below: As you can see theres a massive area missing and also 100's of little white spots. Not sure how this happened as it was like this when I...
  6. Selecting correct option for quotes

    Am I being stoopid, or for my new Scenic TomTom 1.5 dCi do I select "SCENIC(14ON)XM110" as the model? The reason I ask is that there are wildly varying quotes coming in. Ta muchly!
  7. Clio Campus update list radio with no aux option

    Hi all, I recently got a clio campus (57 plate), with this radio. I wanted to play my music from my iPhone through it however it does not have an aux option. I have bought this cable to...
  8. update list radio but no aux option ?!?

    Just bought a '58 plate Twingo and wanted to use an aux option on stereo. Having read a lot of threads I have confirmed that I have an UPDATE LIST HU and bought the aux cable from ebay. The only problem i now have is that i cannot find the aux option in the expert menu to turn it on. Surely it...
  9. 2001 Laguna II V6 auto: Lost manual option ?.

    Hi all, 2001 Laguna II, V6 auto. Last night I was driving in Manual mode like I do sometimes, and suddenly it changed up gear on its own at quite low rpm. I then noticed the Gear lever was having no effect on + or -. So I moved it back over onto D. I also noticed the LCD display on the dash...
  10. Anyone know of any cheap insurers? blackbox not an option..

    hi guys, i own a 97 megane coupe 2.0 16v, im 21 and when i got the car i was laughing as i held a job at the time, my quote is £328 a month with Ecar (cheapest for me) donno what the total price is because its an adapted quote from a rover.. ok yeah expensive, but i lost my job, and now...
  11. When we're built in satnavs an option for Renault?

    General Chat
    Was it as early as 2003? I didn't think they were available then :confused: I'm talking about in a tourer. There is a reason for my inane question :d
  12. No AUX IN option on Tuner List?

    I have a Clio (53 reg, don't know which Mk that makes it) with the standard Tuner List CD player-stereo fitted. I'm trying to connect up my iPod directly, as all the FM transmitters I've used are pants. I have a decoder from Connects2 which fits into the CD changer mini-ISO slot in the back of...
  13. Can't find Aux on/off option on 56 plate Clio Campus Radio?

    In-car entertainment
    Hi all, this is my first post so bare with me please! :) I own a 56 plate Clio Campus, 1.2 Problem is, I don't want to buy a new radio, but would like an auxiliary input to play my iPod Classic 160GB. With this in mind, I purchased this from eBay...
  14. Roof mounted option for Grand Espace 2006

    Cycling Club
    Hi, I have a towbar and a towbar carrier for normal use. However due to an increasing family and the arguments caused by erecting a tent...we've got a caravan....quite useful to get near some of the well known trail centres...but can't tow and carry the bikes at the same time! Problem...
  15. can air con be an option turned off in CLIP

    Scenic 2 - 2004 Had it on clip recently to clear a parking brake error caused by low voltage. Since then I don't think I have used air con. Gone to use it and the button doesn't respond, no light comes on even? Is it possible to enter wrong setting which would disable the system. usually the...
  16. Was ESP an option on 1.9dci laguna II Phz 2

    hi guys, as the title asks, my car does not have an esp button and wheels spin with no esp light or warning ect ect when the clutch is let out quickly. any ideas, is it a simple mod to do or am i talking lots of parts, the wiring seems to be there for the button
  17. 2005 Clio radio menu "speed" option????

    What does this do, my manual dosnt say anything about it? Its in the menu and it ranges from 0-5? Please help :)
  18. New Key and Fob! Cheap Option???

    Cars & motoring
    Hi there, just wondering, if i bought the keybald blank (Co cut, pre cut blade) took that to be cut, Then bought a Key fob, reprogram it to my car, would this be a cheap way to get a new key and keyfob? PRICES: Key blade Clio £3.00 Ebay Key Fob £4.00 Ebay...
  19. Re-enable Option To Exclude Certain Forums From New Posts?

    Can I make a request for this feature to be re-enabled? I think it must've gotten switched off in the recent forum upgrade. I'm currently getting a huge number of new posts and finding areas of interest/places that I may be of some use, is nearly impossible.
  20. My Mood Option Gone

    I have no longer got the option to change my mood did a search tried the suggestions still not there Not really a big issue but I have been starving for months:d Wouldnt mind changing it I'm running IE7 no adware or spyware blockers running only ESET Personal Security Please help I'm...