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    Today when doing my fuel filter, I turned round and forgot about the front wheel at my feet.... It was like a slow motion Tree being felled, as I only had a piece of grass about 4 ft wide to fall on surrounded by raised kerb stones, I put arm up and around head to protect and twisted myself mid...
  2. General Chat
    Hello John got a new motor ....rephrase that ...hello John had a new motor Ferrari driver writes off new car on M1 in Barnsley Ferrari driver writes off new car on M1 in Barnsley - BBC News
  3. Wheels & tyres
    Well I'm needing an alloy now :l Thought it was a nice day to take the daughter out for a lesson on her provisional with some "Marmalade insurance" all was going good just coming back from the shops on a sharp bend and she got far too close to the kerb, boof the passenger side alloy scraped...
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  5. Cycling Club
    Went for a wee pedal this morning - the first decent muddy run in ages :o - and came off second best to a hidden log :loser: It was hidden by fallen leaves etc and was running off at 45Deg to the trail. I was slowing to turn left at a point where the trail is blocked by fallen trees, but ended...
  6. Bodywork
    :steam: Last night my son had his first bump, just as he was getting ready to sell his Megane ... It's always the way isn't it.
  7. Cars & motoring
    :mad: Pulled up outside the school gates to drop the kids off and somebody decided to knock my mirror off as well!! Any one know a good source other than official dealers at £108 a time, as the chances are. this will happen more than once in the cars life. Maybe Renault should think about...
  8. Cars & motoring
    travelling in our loan car... 40mph. box mount decided to drop out.... popped circlip off box roll pins from driveshaft bearing pop off, fall into box... OUCH!!!! now i need another box.... anyone got one?
  9. Cars & motoring
    I dropped my 172 in at Renault this morning for its 24,000m service.... just recieved a phone call to say it needs new rear brakes,new pollen filter, new number plate and new wiper blades.... £400!!!
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  11. Bodywork
    Rushing to drop my partner at the station this morning, I successfully gouged the rear door on my Scenic (2002 Alize), and also left a sevre dent in the rear wing. Anybody able to give me an idea of the kind of costs I might look at incurring to fix it? I appreciate that you can't see the...