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  1. 2001 Clio overfuelling.

    Hi all, would welcome your advice. My car is 2000 Clio 1.4 8 valve which appears to be overfueling badly, it was an intermittent fault but is now permanent. It starts instantly from hot or cold but "chuggs" badly as it warms up. It has no power and guzzles fuel at a remarkable rate. It does not...
  2. what causes overfuelling

    I drive a renaualt megane rt s reg any ideas why it is overfuelling,thanks
  3. Overfuelling, missing and soot - MAP Sensor?

    Hi everyone. My sister has an old shape Twingo which has a "Cleon" engine which from what I can see, was only put in Twingos and Renault Extra vans of the same period (C063). For the last 6 months it has been leaving a soot patch on the drive when starting and has got increasingly hard to...
  4. '95 Safrane 2.2vi Overfuelling On Start

    In cold and damp weather the Safrane usually seriously overfuels, rough running at 600 - 1000rpm with vibration (the back box rubbers broke yesterday) and strong half burned fuel smell from exhaust. The plugs are all sooty black. When hot or cold and dry and covered in frost (-1 degree) it...
  5. Intermittant misfire/ overfuelling fault 2.0 16v scenic RX4

    Hi there, first vist for me, looking for some help as my local mechanic is struggling to find the fault. Bought a 2nd hand Scenic RX4 2.0 16v (2000) in November, which seems to have an overfuelling fault which coincides with a misfire, leading to 2 breakdowns so far!!! Runs fine normally...