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  1. Engines
    My 05 plate 1.6 petrol grand scenic overheated the weekend and now wont spark. The belts turn and engine tries to turn over but nothing. I've removed spark plugs and cleaned, no 3 plug had oil on it but others were fine, oil smells burnt but no water present in it. I suspect a water leak as I...
  2. Engines
    Hi guys, My Clio over heated on the motorway so pulled over, the car wont start back after a couple of days. I have the car towed home and notice that water was pouring from where the belts are, so think that this may be the water pump. However I tried to jump start the car to get this to...
  3. Engines
    hi i have a 1997 petrol 1.6 megane scenic.recently (2 months ago) the heating was cold so i re-filled the coolant and bled it through.all was well until tuesday when the car started overheating (light came on).as my wife was driving she carried on going until my work (about a mile further).i let...
  4. Engines
    Hi People, Ive got a 1.4litre mk1 1995 renault clio and my engine overheated whilst waiting in the tyne tunnel rush hour traffic the other day with most of the coolant ending up everywhere. I think the main problam may be that the fan may not be working and am going to test that tommorow...
1-4 of 4 Results