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  1. Engines
    Hi, ive just bought a kangoo 1.9 its a 2008 plate. Seems to be a nice van but as ive got 3 months warranty i want to make sure the 2 issues ive found are normal. 1. The clutch seems a lot harder to push down than my old ford transit. 2. Upon starting the engine it sounds more like a big van...
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    Hi, ive just bought a kangoo 1.9 its a 2008 plate. Seems to be a nice van and i've got 3 months warranty..:smile2:
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    2018 koleos with no maps on sat nav :crying2:
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    Hi Everyone, I have just bought a 2014 Renault Clio Dynamique. I'm from South Africa & I'm new to Renault - just saying hello :)
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    Hi, just purchased a Laguna III sports tourer and looking to improve it :)
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    Hi Team, Just bought a Kadjar 2017 1.2TCE petrol auto last week, getting to know it, fun trying to figure out where all the features of R-Link 2 are hidden. Typical French convoluted logic. :wink2: Will be posting in the main forum regarding auto gearbox shortly. Regards, Rob
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    Hi All, Been a Renault Scenic owner for a while now but have just acquired a Renault Scenic xmod. Which is having a few teething issues, which is the first issue I have had with a Renault. Hoping this is the right place to try & find out some useful information & hopefully be able help others too.
  8. Electronics
    Purchased a Scenic Expression 1.5 dci on a 60 plate with low mileage from a reputable dealer. Collecting on Sunday, but only has 1 key card. If the card develops a fault (highly likely, apparently) how can I quickly find out if the CARD or CARD READER is at fault. Feel like I need a back-up...
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    If I'm honest I was a little dubious about getting a Renault but I'm pleasantly surprised!
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    Hello.. I'm just converting a 1986 Renault Master horsebox as a live-in. Engine needs some work as she was sat for several years. Chassis and body are sound though. Any advice for parts gratefully received. Not even identified the engine yet..ta
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    Hi all new here! I'm hoping you can all help, I have purchased a Trafic which required a new injector fitting and as you all know they aren't very fun! I have fitted a new injector and the van is firing on all 4 cylinders perfectly. I bought the van in bits as the person who was repairing...
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    Hi all, just collected a new to me Laguna Initiale 2005. Its a great car, few small niggles but nothing I'm not willing to work through! Any advice is always greatly appreciated... James
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    Hi all, thanks for letting me join the forum. I***8217;ve just bought my son a 53plate 1.2 16v Clio as a project car. We plan to make a few cosmetic changes, wheels, bumpers, interior etc. Can anyone tell me whether it***8217;s possible to change the bumpers of my sons car for the bumpers from...
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    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself! I just purchased this Trafic and will hopfully be on here asking for and passing on advice while I tinker with it.
  15. Campervan Chat
    Hi guys, I have just bought a 2012 trafic from work which has full service history and was well looked after. My intention is to kit it out as a camper and I have already got a complete set of windows ready to go in the panels. I want to carpet the back of the van but there are intricate...
  16. Vans
    Hi All, Is there any website were i can put the detail of the van and find diagrams with drawing, part names and part number? I use to have a site like this for my mercedes but now need one for the movano. Also what is it possible to find/get/buy as worshop manual for both the van and its...
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    Hi there :grin2: So there I was, slightly inebriated at a family wedding last weekend, and I happened to mention to my sister that my Fiesta was being scrapped and I was looking for a replacement vehicle, and I wouldn't mind a van... Fast forward 3 days and we're off to Bassingbourne, she and...
  18. Transmissions
    Re: Proud new Megane IV Owner gearbox fault Good evening folks, Haven’t posted for a year (!) but just an update on my “new” Sports Tourer. Three months ago it developed a judder when starting off and accelerating in lower gears. A noise also accompanied the problem but not all the time. I...
  19. General Chat
    Hi, Would like some informantion about the part number of headlight wiring loom, that has headlight washer connection. Trying to retro fit headlight washers. Thanks.
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    Hi all, Just bought a new Renault Koleos 2.0 Signature 4WD (Manual) Really impressed by the looks, finishes and standard kit plus I like to have a more unique car having only seen one other on road so far! Came with the spare wheel and Thermal pack and was a ex-demonstrator. Had a Mitsubishi ASX...