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    Hi there, does any happen to have an electronic copy of an owners manual for a 2012 renault sandero stepway 1.6?
  2. Engines
    Hey guys. Can anyone help me. I may need to change the a rear exhaust mount on my mother's car. 1) Can anyone show me how it's done? Pics / previous post / or youtube video. 2) Does anyone know the torque specs for the bolts (Nm). 3) Is there anything I should be aware or be free attempting...
  3. General Chat
    well some not so new :smile2: i had heard that this was around but as i am laid up and watching too much tv have a look at rip off Britain (today) for anyone with the fancy walk upto your car and it locks/ unlocks when you walk away they now have a key amplifier one guy stands next to the car...
  4. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi, Will gladly share stories on the maintenance of my ageing 2007 MK2 Scenic here!, have lurked for a while and have had invaluable tips, so will try to repay your kindness.
  5. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all, Just joined the group as 2 weeks ago I purchased a Renault Espace mk4 2.0T 2003 auto and since then I haven been a regular visitor of this site : ) My car drives well and i am happy with it but it has a few faults. I'm not asking for advice on solutions in this post just want to share...
  6. Electronics
    New espace owner here and love the cars amazing design totally so getting preventative maintenance established by having a working OBD unit for my local small garage. But also for myself to keep a tabs on and understand the renault control systems. Its been weeks but cannot establish any...
  7. Cars & motoring
    I can't seem to find an owners manual for my Kangoo van SL17 DCI 70 1.5 :frown2:
  8. General Chat
    ok so far in the last 4 years our gsd tala (*****) has had 2 opps for cancer after the first the vets gave her 1 year she went 2 before the 2nd opp but with in a week some lumps turned up again being as she was then 10 years old it would have been too much to ask her to go through it again so...
  9. Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi, Does anyone have a T1000 Owners Manual/Handbook please? Looking to get a description of the fuse panel if possible. Thanks
  10. Cars & motoring
    There do not seem to be many Twingo III owners out there. so maybe those of us about can post something here to make our presence known. even just III if you have nothing to say.
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    All you pet lovers out there be aware the uk seems to have a plague of ticks in 20 years or so I may have been lucky my dogs have never had them but in the last week I have removed 5 from one dog and he has only been in the back garden running around it may have been some thing to do with taking...
  12. Cars & motoring
    Asked this in a coupe owners thread but thought i'd throw it out to others also. The opportunity's arisen for me to get my hands on an 2010 1.6 110 i-music coupe petrol. Although i absolutely love the look of the car, I'm still in 2 minds and just not sure if it's a good move. So hoping with...
  13. General Chat
    24th to 26th July 15 sounds like fun. Is anyone going?
  14. Tools & equipment
    Looking for a handbook for your car ? Then look no further and visit the "My Renault" section of the Renault Website :- :)
  15. Wanted
    Hi All, Just got a pre abused 2003 Twingo 1.2 16v in Germany for a town car, BUT I can't read German AND Haynes don't seem to do a guide. I also could not find a Renault stealer that had an old owners handbook. Anyone got any ideas where to get an English owners handbook AND some type of...
  16. Engines
    Hello - delighted to be on the forum (at last) - almost defeated by attempts to log in. But already a help. I recently bought a 2009 Koleos but did not notice it was rough at idle. Now I understand this could be a dirty egr. Are there any manuals I can download showing me how to do this...
  17. Bodywork
    Hi to all you renault owners....Glad to have joined as i mainly work peugeots/citroens but now do some work on renaults latley..:-) Regards Ron.
  18. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi everyone, just introducing myself to the Renault forums! Hope to contribute to some posts every now and then and hopefully receive some useful info in return! Adios..
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  20. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi Does Anyone Know How I Can Obtain An Owners/Drivers Manual For My 2011 Renault Grand Espace? Many Thanks.