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  1. Engines
    Hi - my wife bought a Clio 1.5 dCi 88 Dynamique in December 2012. It was pre-registered to Lookers Renault and had 18 miles on the clock. When we bought it we were told that we had the 4+ package - 4 years warranty, cover & servicing. I took the car in today for a service. I was told that the...
  2. Wheels & tyres
    Hi to all again, after this recent blast of snow we have decided to purchase a new set of alloys and tyres to our 06 grand scenic. what we would like to know is will the new size of 225/50/17 fit staiaght onto / into our arches, the size we have at the moment is 205/60/16, we know there will be...
  3. In-car entertainment
    Hi, i have a clio 1.5ci 2004 and i really do like my music and i would like to upgrade the HU and speakers . I am not a young driver but near 50 so i am not to well up on the ICE , i would like to keep the controls on the steering wheel , not to bothered about a subwoofer. I have a budget of...
  4. Engines
    IF and thats a big IF i were going to fit a trurbo to my car how would i go about doing it? What parts would i need to buy for when it goes into the garage? Ive no idea what id need :)
  5. Handling & braking
    I recently parked my Lag next to another '03 model in my works car park and it looked to sit about 20mm lower than mine. When I asked the bloke who owned it about it he said it was part of the sports package he had added as an option when he got the car brand new. I am looking at possibly...
  6. General Chat
    I never realised how low the figure for permanently disabled personnel was, Quite shocking really when you consider what you can get in the private sector,000.html