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  1. Bodywork
    I need the paint code for my new yellow Scenic, I think the colour is called Honey Yellow
  2. Bodywork
    Hey all, I have a liquid yellow 4 year old Clio IV RS 200 I was in process in debadging my car today. I notice when I removed the C badge and cleaned and wax there is still noticeable difference in paint. I was wondering is there anyway at all to fix this or anyone had similar problem? How did...
  3. Bodywork
    Hi I'm trying for find a paint code for my clio 2008 the paint code TEHNK CAN anyone help me find out name of the paint I need
  4. Bodywork
    Have identified my paint code as NNM Dynamic Red Pearl on my 2013 Scenic XMod Auto. It has silver fake sump guards on and it has a chip I want to fix. Does anyone know the paint code for this?
  5. Bodywork
    Hi. Iv filled an area of rust. Then used a couple of coats of halfords grey primer, a mixed to order rattle can of spray paint (metallic) which has been a really good colour match, sanded and then applied halfords clear lacquer couple of coats. This has been done over several days and it's now...
  6. Bodywork
    I have a SILVER RENAULT MEGANE 2005, I would like to buy some touch up paint but the sticker on the door jam is missing and I don't see another one anywhere, any advice on how to find the paint code. thanks
  7. Bodywork
    Hi, I have just bought myself a used Megane Mk3 in Glacier White, lovely car although there is like a grey colour on some of the trim at the back and front, some of it is a bit worn but I cant seem to fimd any mention of a colour code for it online. I dont really want to just guess and probably...
  8. Bodywork
    Hi folks, Not long after getting my Megane IV GT Line, I noticed the tailgate had been scraping on the top of the rear bumper either side of the lock. This removed the paint from both. My dealer had a look, sent pictures to Renault and came back to me to say it as a known fault and the car went...
  9. Bodywork
    How thick would the paint be on my car (prior to compounding)? Details: Megane 2009 Hatch 5 DR 2009 Petrol 1.6 Extreme VVT Colour BLACK Vehicle Code BZ0H Engine K4M 848 Thank you.
  10. Bodywork
    I have Megane IV 2016, rear bumper start flaking after first winter probably bacause of gravel on road. I decided to wait if more flaking spots appear. Now I found new spot behind left rear door on metal bodywork, no accident so I want to repair it asap because of rust. Also paint can be easily...
  11. Bodywork
    I’ve just been rear ended today and the bumper has cracked below the boot. J wondered what’s best todo and is it worth getting s new bumper. And also what the paint code for my car is it’s Renault modus.
  12. Bodywork
    Another website upload I know :/ but it does go into great detail about how to remove/fill swirl marks and scratches, as a newbie to the detailing scene (haven?t tried yet as weathers been poo and no time with work) I?ve asked how to do it on here with great responses, but this website has it...
  13. Wheels & tyres
    Hi, Does anyone know where i can find the paint code or recoment a supplier for touch up paint? I have some alloys for a Megane 3 GT coupe that require attention , the wheel is called Celsium and its finnished in a dark metallic silver. Any help would be great, thanks.
  14. Bodywork
    The clio is just over 2 years old, and the black gloss part of the rear bumper is flaking. I have just spoken to the Renault dealer where we purchased from (nearly new) and they have told us we need to contact St Helens as they have a body shop. I have just spoken to them, and they said that...
  15. Engines
    My five door hatchback Laguna RTi facelift has many aluminium components in the sports engine compartment, etc. whose surface is suddenly being converted into white powder. I attribute this corrosion to the recent installation of many condensing boilers on my housing estate. Condensing...
  16. Bodywork
    hi im trying to paint part of a 2001 scenic rear door , got the paint code went to halfords they made the paint to the code ,the problems i have is the car paint is mv632 (platinum silver) which has a faint blue hint , firstly what is the correct primer and is their a specific laquer . i tried...
  17. Bodywork
    looking to get some proper paint stripper as im lazy and dont like using good old elbow grease and sand paper! any recommendations on strong&effective paint stripper? cheers in advance for any answer and suggestions! Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  18. Bodywork
    Hi All, Left van on site where I was working today, Finished work and noticed Van has taken a knock, Don't look too bad, Paint taken off on sliding door edge and two fairly deep scratches running to back bumper, thankfully not down to metal. Can anyone tell me paint code for AA Yellow? also a...
  19. Bodywork
    Hi , See the attached file. You see the paint is peeling off. Any ideas why I'm getting this problem?
  20. Bodywork
    hello folks, I don't know where else to post my question because it is not standard. Somebody painted the sign on my car with the graffiti paint. It is awful and I'm really upset. Do you know any quick methods to wash it? PS: I tried only the WD.