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  1. 08 clio panoramic double sunroof

    A few months ago i bought an 08 Clio 1.5 dci 86 dymanique with the double panoramic sunroof. Unfortunatly the sunroof has never worked. I have tried the master reset thing i read somewhere on this forum but still completely dead, there is not even any noise from the motor when u turn the...
  2. Clio 2008 dymanique Panoramic sunroof

    I recently purchased a 2008 Clio 1.5 dymanique, unfortunately the panoramic sunroof is totally dead, tried the long press reset but still nothing. Can anybody tell me where the sunroof fuse is located if there is one ? Is there any other checks I can do if it still not working , is it just the...
  3. 2008 clio panoramic sunroof

    Ive just bought a 2008 clio with a double sunroof, great to have if it works but its completely dead I havnt got a clue about cars but can anybody give me an idea of where to check or what fuse it should be, ive had a quick look but cant see any any blown. can anybody help ?
  4. 2007 Scenic Panoramic Sunroof

    Hi all just wanted to ask some advice on the Panoramic Sunroof fitted to the MK2 Scenics I need to replace the front half of the roof as it has been smashed :crying2: does anybody know if I could remove it myself or do I have to get it done by a specialist, I can't seem to find any info on the...
  5. Panoramic Sunroof

    Hi, Do all models of the Renault Espace IV (Mark 4) have a Panoramic Sunroof? Thanking you in advance James
  6. CLIO III Panoramic Sunroof drain holes

    Hi All, We have water in the cabin on our 2008 Clio. We recently had the front drain cleaned out (and car dried) but we are still getting water in the car? It has the panoramic sunroof, does anybody know if the drain holes are so I can check those as looks like you have to unscrew the sunroof...
  7. Renault Clio MK III Dynamique

    My mottah!
    Hey :D Just recently brought a Clio :d Renault Clio 1.2 TCe Dynamique Black Panoramic roof :cool: Alloy wheels Fog lights 5dr :( (wanted a 3dr) Just put some dark smoke tints on the other day Made this account on the forum just to ask what (cheap) little mods I could add on to the...
  8. Panoramic sunroof - how does the blind retract?

    Hi I have an 06 scenic 1.6 oasis It has the panoramic sunroof ( but doesn't open version, well no switches beside the main interior light at least) Is there a way to retract the sliding blind? I can handle the roof not opening but if the blind doesn't it's just a bit daft. Cheers Richie
  9. Panoramic sunroof stopped working.

    Hi, the panoramic sunroof stopped working on my grand scenic a few months back. I managed to get a new switch and swapped it but still no joy. Is there a common fault with these? Also where is the motor located so I can see if there is power going to it? Many thanks.
  10. "SOLVED" Panoramic Sunroof "Whistle" Issue for MK II Meganes, Scenics etc...

    "SOLVED" Panoramic Sunroof "Whistle" Issue for MK II Meganes, Scenics etc... After ages hunting down various ideas on what exactly causes this, it turns out its 1 thing that happens to involve to issues! Depending on the state of your runners and the black tabs that slide along the rail, it...
  11. No dial to open panoramic sunroof on Scenic II???

    Hi all, just bought an 06 scenic with panoramic sunroof. According to the manual there should be a dial to open the thing but there's no dial in the car!?! Honest, I'm not just being blind. Have Is there something they're not telling me? Thanks!
  12. Panoramic sunroof intermittent

    Evening everyone! I have noticed very recently that my electric panoramic sunroof is very intermittent, quite frustrating! When I open it, it is very slow to open, but when I go to close the sunroof, it staggers to the end and sometimes goes back to where it originally was! I have tried WD40...
  13. Modus 1.5Dci Panoramic roof problem

    :confused: Hi! can anyone help? I have a new car as above. Test drove it and the pano roof opened and closed lovely on both tilt and pano. Just what I need as I hate air con with vengence as it gives me asthma. My partner reckons that I should drive a open top car even in winter as the windows...
  14. Panoramic Sunroof Motor query

    Hi all, I'm just starting the long and arduous task of putting right my first Scenic - I bought it understanding that they can be a nightmare with little electrical niggles but was lured by the MPG so far:- new wing mirror DS / new gel sensor for the auto wipers / Parcel shelf / new dash...
  15. Missing Sunroof Control

    Hey There All I'm a Virgin Renault Owner Feel rather Daft after buying a Scenic with Double Panoramic Sunroof Only to find, or not to find any kind of control to open the roof anywhere! The manual shows control just in front of the cabin light switch but our Grand Scenic 2006 hath not this...
  16. Panoramic sunroof

    Cover in the panoramic sunroof cannot be opened fully
  17. Scenic 2 panoramic glass sunroof whistles at speed.

    I think this classes as an Interiors question, my apologies if not. Our scenic has the panoramic glass sunroof and at any sort of speed the wind whistles through it rather loudly. Is this something we have to accept or is there some kind of adjustment we can make to it? Extra info if it is...
  18. panoramic roof wont open

    Hi all Just recently got a 2004 megane dynamique with panoramic roof. However, trying to open the roof isn't happening. No matter how far I turn the switch to open it, it just seems to lift as tho it's going to open but then drops back down and shuts straight away. Any ideas on if it's a...
  19. Scenic 2 Panoramic Sunroof Removal HOW !

    Help! I breaking my Scenic 2 (2004) down for spares .. and I'm trying to remove the entire (fully working) panoramic sunroof and cannot get the thing out ! After removing the headling I have only found 4 bolts in total holding it in - 2 either side along the edges of the framework near the...
  20. Panoramic roofs

    does anyone know if the rear roof actually opens and if so how?? im almost posotive i saw it opened when we went to view it but have tried and tried and still cant open it