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  1. Cant find a wiper link for 2005 renault clio!

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hey all first post! The wiper link on my clio has fallen apart so I'm currently looking for the following part: Renault part number 7701205813 wiper link assembly. I'm really struggling finding it online or with any local dealers, would really appreciate any help/advice!!
  2. Can anyone name these parts I need in pics please

    I have had a Jack slip ( I'm usually very carefull ) but if ending up bending a part in first pic arrow pointing to part. In second pic a part has split a bit and come away. Looks like its a replaceable part but need names. These are all behind front drivers wheel on laguna 2.2 diesel 2005
  3. Clio mk2 54 dynamique what engine parts should be changed?

    My clio is now on 126k, I replaced the cam belt at 70k but have not replaced the drive belt, would it be advisable to replace the drive beltbtensioner when changing drive belt?
  4. Renault grand scenic 08 plate 1.9dci cannot understand fault codes or locate parts

    2008 grand scenic 1.9dci codes p242a and p242f. Forums said 242a is exhaust gas temp. but nowhere has this part for my car, also cannot get a manual for this car so cannot locate any faulty parts. Forums also said 242f is dpf have found it on car but told to do 242a 1st since it was logged on...
  5. sourcing parts for a renault trafic 1987 T1000

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    cant find anywhere that sells drop links for my mates vehicle reg: D***** other parts would be a bonus but lets start with the anti roll drop links if anyone knows where i can get a pair? thanks in advance! Andy
  6. 1971 Trailblazer parts

    Aquiring missing parts for my Trailblazer, some prices are just eye watering. $181 and says it is new! Can't even make an offer as doesn't ship to UK. Going to get the old one welded and made good.
  7. Looking for parts for Renault Master T 35 Campervan 1988

    Campervan Chat
    Hello there, does anyone have parts for a renault master t35 campervan from 1988. I need a heater blower fan propellar blade or the whole motor unit will do. Thanks.
  8. Laguna v6 manual gearbox parts

    Good day i am strugeling to find a gearbox that is compatible to my pk1 gearbox as i only want the insides to build over can anyone tel me what other gearbox can i buy that the inside linkages are the same as my 5speed
  9. Need help with parts please - Trafic 1996

    Hi all, I have a Trafic 1996 leisuredrive campervan, 2.2 petrol and have had it in the garage getting looked at. The petrol gauge is always lit, indicating no fuel. Also, the radiator fan has seized solid. I need a fuel sender unit and the fan. I think I have found the correct fan online...
  10. Parts request for MKII Laguna

    Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me where I can get some Gear cables for RENAULT LAGUNA INITIALE IDE 16V HATCHBACK 1998CC (BLUE) (2003) PETROL MANUAL REGNO.: BF53*** GEARBOX CABLES (part number 8200777668). I have had no joy even from my Renault dealer who says they don't have them anymore. I also...
  11. Laguna II parts for donation

    Hi Lads Here we have a Renault Laguna Parts bundle which was taken from my 2002 Laguna 1.9 dci Dynamique whose engine sadly gave way four years ago. I was storing them in my garage "Just in case" lol, and now I need the space. Bundle consists of: 1 x set front headlights [bulbs in situ but...
  12. 1960 Renault 4CV parts. H20 pump, ect

    Members I keep hitting road blocks. I have looked through all of the boxes of parts that were jammed into my little car when I bought it and NOW when I start to put it together, I can’t find the water pump or the generator. I tried to order parts from the German supplier but as I understand...
  13. Any spare parts manufacturer recommended or to be avoided?

    I'm looking a for a new wing mirror for a Grand Scenic and I've seen quite a spread of prices listed depending on the manufacturers. So far I've seen it available for: Tyc, Diederichs, Abakus, Van Wezel, Alkar Besides wing mirrors,I've also seen parts by Prasco and Johns. Any particular ones...
  14. List of parts

    Campervan Chat
    Hi can anyone help me find some parts? Im after rear doors with lock for a hi top Drivers window rail And a airbox housing and pipe for a trafic T1100 1990 2.1d And drivers wing mirror
  15. Espace IV and Trafic common parts

    Steering and Suspension
    Looks to me like lots of Espace IV and Trafic parts may be compatible, although they are listed under different part numbers. Eg rear shocks look the same mounting points (obviously specs will be different for a van v people carrier). Does anyone know if they're transferable? Trafic rear shocks...
  16. 1989 T1000 - parts

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    I know it's a long shot, but I'm struggling to find any spare parts (windows and speedometer) for my van. Does anyone know if there are alternative makes of van (e.g. Vauxhall etc) that had the same build spec as mine that I could reuse parts from? Love my van, but he's impossible to replace...
  17. New Owner of a Movano 2.5 dci 2004 - how to find parts?

    Hi All, Is there any website were i can put the detail of the van and find diagrams with drawing, part names and part number? I use to have a site like this for my mercedes but now need one for the movano. Also what is it possible to find/get/buy as worshop manual for both the van and its...
  18. Parts and catalog numbers

    Ask the Experts
    Hi I own a scenic mk2 2006, since that i live in Israel, We have issues with Renault parts We can not get all the part so easily. I am looking for a place where i can browse the Renault catalog ( it was microfiche before computers arrived) Is there any website that i can search the part i am...
  19. Parts

    General Chat
    Hi. Just joined as I have just bought a 2010 clio dci 1.5 gt and it is missing a left front trim. Just wondering if anyone knows the best place to get one Cheers Ross
  20. Cummins generator spare parts

    Other makes
    hello, i am new here. Want to know where can I get Cummins engine spare parts? I bought Cummins generator 200KW model is NT855-GA from China one year ago. Now my fuel pump and injector are damaged. Where can I buy the parts? How much? It is urgent. Because generator cannot start now.