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  1. Passenger side wheel clunk

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi guys need some help !! I***8217;ve got a scenic 1 what has devoloped a problem with the front passenger wheel. When driving pulling off and braking you can feel a clunk inside the car. On closer inspection whilst outside the car when moving on the drive forward and back you can see the...
  2. Trafic Passenger (old shape)

    Ask the Experts
    I was wondering if it was possible to change the tailgate for twin doors, and how hard/complex it would be? Given the obvious differences in mounting points etc.
  3. Trafic PAssenger

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    This is the 5th one of these vans I have had. I change them every 4 years to keep it in warranty but it appears the warranty is worthless this one came with a faulty sat nav and no-one will accept its faulty therefore I have to live with it Renault customer care is non existent the garage that...
  4. 2001 Megane Wet Front and Rear Passenger Footwells

    Hello. I have a problem with my 2001 Megane, in that the front and rear passenger footwells are soaking wet. There is also sloshing noises back and forth when breaking/accelerating. I have checked the drainage holes under the bonnet, which seems to be the de-facto cause, and they are clear. I...
  5. Trafic single passenger seat

    Campervan Chat
    Hi, I have just bought a 57 plate trafic camper van. Does anyone know which seats are compatible to make the passenger seat a single instead of a double?. Thanks
  6. Water in the passenger side 5cm deep

    It appears when it rains... and the car is mostly parked in the side of a road, any ideas where the water may coming? there are no signs in the interior, no moisture in the ceiling, no water marks anywhere just water in the carpet of the passenger...
  7. Scenic 2, 1.9dci passenger side drive shaft

    Hi i am trying to change out a drive shaft that got snapped when the transmission became unbolted and slipped off its mounts. tranny back in place. wishbone disassembled and the lower support arm is (finally) off - that took ages and ages. The replacement drive shaft has no cir-clip type...
  8. 2 clicks to open passenger doors

    Hi Is it possible to take off the remote key to click it twice to unlock the passengers doors? I only want to click it once and all doors get unlocked. Thanks Colin
  9. UK passenger side front electric window, MK2 CC

    The front window has stopped working using the passenger side switch. It works using the drivers side switch and the all up/down switch on the centre console by the handbrake on my mark 2 CC. I had to replace the motor after it was damaged in an accident. I have bought a replacement switch but...
  10. water flowing into passenger footwell scenic.

    Afternoon. I am aware there are a few threads covering this topic, but having read them, I still have a query. Some months ago, I noticed water coming into the footwell of the car. Unfortunately, I did not investigate this and 2 weeks ago, following a few days of rain, it was like someone had...
  11. Water leak in passenger side footwell

    Hi! Hoping someone can offer me some advice. For the past 2 months during heavy rain I have had a puddle of water appear in the passenger side footwell in my 2004 clio. I have removed the carpet and the foam underneath. And watched where the water was coming from during recent heavy rain. It...
  12. 2012 Megane passenger side water leak

    I have a 2012 Renault megane and keep getting a wet passenger side floor I can physically see it running down footwell. Any ides? I have seen posts about older models and the aircon and wondered if it be the same problem with this model. Thanks
  13. Passenger door lock

    3door Clio mk 3 08 plate petrol 1.2 Remote fobs opens boot and drivers door but not passenger door. Seems to be electrical fault in lock??
  14. 2010 Grand Scenic front passenger window regulator ...

    £450 to supply and fit at B*****s in Ipswich! Absolutely crazy or what?!?!?!?! £282 just for the regulator itself excluding fitting and the (in my mind pointless) Diag check. Having 11 month old baby triplets and working all week, I do not have the time to investigate myself and as the window...
  15. Problem opening passenger door with key card **Fixed**

    Ask the Experts
    I have recently purchased a 2011 Renault Laguna Coupe Monaco GP. all is well but the electronic card that should open the doors doesn't always open the passenger door. I need to reach across the car and pull the internal door handle. Does the door need a new lock / solenoid or are the key card...
  16. Corroded multiplug under passenger seat

    Hi. I bought a 57 plate Renault Grand Scenic (Has Megane showing on both rear passenger doors). It is a 1.9 diesel automatic, 7 seater quite high mileage Neither rear electric window works. I have had it since April and in the last month or so the electronic handbrake Switch has stopped...
  17. Laguna 2 AC not blowing cold on passenger side

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, I have a Laguna 2 1.9dci from 2006. When I turn the AC, driver side blows cold air but passenger side doesnt. The AC is refilled so that is not the case. I have checked two mixer motors that are shown in the manual but they are ok. One is for recurcilation and other is for cold/hot air. I...
  18. passenger seat

    Hi i need a tilt cable for my passenger seat where is the best place to get one please Thanks
  19. Passenger Seats for Master MK2 2007

    Hi. Looking to replace the twin passenger seat with a single. We have a LHD so first thought was a UK drivers seat but the seatbelt receiver would be on the wrong side. Cant swop to the other side as there is an adjuster handle in the way. Is there another model of Renault van who's seats would...
  20. Renault captur passenger headlight pure led help!!!!

    General Chat
    Hi everyone, in hoping somebody can help me source or have one for sale. Im looking for a Renault captur passenger side headlight pure led, I think it's only on the 67/18 plate cars. Thanks in advance