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  1. 2005 Master 3.0 Dci won't rev past 2200 ** Fixed **

    We have been having problems on and off with a Master van with the Nissan 3.0 ZD3 engine. If not used for a week or so it doesn't like to rev up but running it for a bit always cured it, until now. I read it with a Autel 808 Pro and it flagged a clutch switch issue. I stripped and cleaned the...
  2. Fluence 2014 Tdi - engine Failure HAZARD every Drive randomally for the past 3 years

    so i got the fluence from my uncle cus he got new car the Engline FAILURE HAZARD comes so much times like every drive out side the city on my way to work - and sometimes i already know when it gonna appear-example when i on 100kmh and leave the gas after 15 seconds it appeard and its feels...
  3. Hard start, Injection light on, does not go past 4000RPM/on limp mode, Cruise control

    Renault Megane lll RS 2.0T 2015 I have ordered a crank sensor from Renault, I believe all other faults are caused by faulty crank sensor. I've tried cleaning the sensor, securing the connector and checked sensor wiring - the fault stays! [emoji35] Any suggestion? Am I on the right track?
  4. Cabin blower won't work past first speed.

    Heating & cooling
    Recently went to get A/C regassed, turned out there was a hole in the high pressure hose BUT also the blower doesn't work past the first bar (same low blow for all levels) ......after some browsing i decided it must be the resistor pack...I bought a new Resistor pack and whilst the car was in...
  5. renault traffic will not go past 3000rpm

    hi , i have a renault traffic 1.9 diesil which i have a problem with the acceleration, every time i go to 3000rpm it goes into limp mode which this happens in every gear and the speedometer does not work, i have took it to a few garages and they have said several different things, i have got...
  6. Past

    Cars & motoring
    Well lads my car past with flying colors
  7. Clio 1.2 2002 won't rev past 4000 and go past 25mph!

    Last night a strange warning light appeared on my dash (a box with a zip zag through it and a coil underneath). I turned the engine off and on and the light went out. This morning when I got in my car and turned the engine on the light came on again and the car wouldn't rev past 4000. So I...
  8. Low Fly Past

  9. Coolant pushing past expansion cap not head gasket

    Hi All We are at end of our tether, and on the verge of scrapping our 3.0dci V6 Grand Espace. We have had it six months and it has been in and out of the garage, luckily for 3 moths of those it was under warranty. Started with check injection and going into limp mode. God knows what the garage...
  10. Espace 2.2 auto box won't change past 3rd when cold

    Hey guys, Need some help my 07 plate espace won't change gear in the auto mode when cold but if I put it into semi auto and drive it up to 5th and put it back into auto it's fine till you turn the engine off then you have to do the semi auto up the gears again then into auto after and it's fine...
  11. trafic 1.9 2005 wont rev past 2k when cold.

    ok, so the trafic ont rev past 2k until its warm, when it will behave almost normally. changed the maf (non genuine part but im not paying 130 for a genuine one) changed the coolant temp sensor cleaned the egr. had a good hunt round the engine loom for rubs or breaks. nothing found. no better...
  12. clio dci 65 2003 wont rev past 3000 rpm

    Ok, so I love my little Clio dci 80, so much so that I bought the lady in my life one recently, Clio dci 65 2003. It was reasonably priced and it came with a few problems which I thought I could fix. I'm 53 and ever since I owned a car I’ve been under the bonnet. Such is life. Previous owners...
  13. diesel not getting past the fuel pump to the injectors

    hi my name is eddie hodgson i have a renault kangoo 1.9d on a 2001 plate my son and i have changed the ecu, the whole fuel pump, crank sensor, cambelt, timing tryed to check all the fueses and what relays ???????? we can n it turns over but still no fuel from pump to the injectors so wont run...
  14. What is your job ? or any interesting past jobs?

    General Chat
    What do Renault owners do for a living? Lets find out! Me first then:- Unemployed at present, but previously NHS Recruitment (ironically) & Administration Officer, Parcel Courier, Estate Agent, & Insurance Underwriter.
  15. Clio 1.2 16v not revving past 2k

    Cars & motoring
    Hi there, this is my first post and after some searching around. Iv found loads of similiar problems but no certain fixes. I bought a clio 1.2 16v 51 plate a year and a half ago. Its been sitting due to financial issues and getting banned and now im wanting to get it on the road. With it...
  16. pushed piston into caliper slight bit of fluid came past seal

    hi as iv replied to my other threads the other two jobs are now sorted but i changed the discs and pads and when i pushed the piston back into the caliper (couldn't take the brake fluid bottle cap off due to bonnet not opening at time) a bit of fluid leaked past the seal. i know it would...
  17. Laguna 2 goes off when a bus goes past

    Hi, I have an 03 Laguna 2 Initiale 1.9dci Estate which I park on my drive at night. The alarm has always gone off every now and then since I bought it, but it seems to be getting worse recently. It always seems to be when a bus goes past. As Im set back from the road I barely hear the buses...
  18. Renault Traffic dci 100 not revving past 2200 please help?

    I have a Renault traffic dci 100 that has now been sitting on my drive for over a month. Prior to it been on my drive it worked fine. Now i have gone to drive it again it wont rev past 2200 its like it is bouncing off a limiter and if i keep trying to get it past sometimes the coil light briefly...
  19. 2001 Master van 2.2 DCI wont rev past 3,000

    Hi , Im new here and have some questions about my van performance. Its a 2001 patient transport ex Scottish Ambulance service, 124,000 miles 2.2DC1 which I have converted to use as a surf bus. Has a great Eberspacher heater and pneumatic rear suspension giving a cosy comfortable ride, the only...
  20. IHello and questions, Master van 2001 wont rev past 3,000

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    New member here in Argyll, hoping to pick some brains about my van. Slainte Gavin