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  1. God bless Paul Daniels

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    As 2016 progresses we have lost another entertainment great Paul Daniels ...God bless and Rest in Peace Paul:frown2:
  2. My name is Paul - and I'm an addict !

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    I can't help it - I'm addicted to machines. Doesn't matter how many wheels, or even if they don't have wheels, they interest me. Over the years I've owned probably 100 cars and a high number of motorbikes. In fact at present have 5 cars and 6 bikes (Smart Fortwo, Skoda Fabia, Mahindra MM540...
  3. Paul

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    Hi everybody
  4. Paul Grimwood

    Hello forum again. Clio Mk2 1.2 16v (53 plate) Issue/s Drove after 1hrs switched off and guess engine temp to be mid-temp certainly not cold. 2-300 yards engine went limp with both engine and ignition lights warning lights on. It didn't die but had limited throttle response (couldn't...
  5. paul jones

    hi, I have a big problem with my megane scenic 1.6 auto. The immobilser light is flashing quickly to indicate there's a problem and the engine won't start. I have spoke to several people about immobilser bypass and re coding of keys but most people have said to take the ecu out and send it off...
  6. Paul

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    Renault Master warning check injectors
  7. Paul

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    Hi all, new to this forum and in-fact posting on any forum. Clearly highlighted by my first post in the engines section having nothing to do with engine related problems. oops. :)
  8. paul

    hi everyone i have just brought a megane hardtop convertible the roof was working fine when i got it but now the roof goes back into boot but the plastic flap that comes up wont go back down it does when roof comes back out confused thanks :mad:
  9. How do you remove torsion bars from megane coupe?

    Steering and Suspension
    hi have renault megane coupe 2.0 and am trying to raise the back end up a little.Does anyone know how to remove torsion bars, ie do the just pull out on the splines or are they fixed.i seem to be able to move them a bit then they stop.
  10. mr paul reynolds

    my megane key card is not being excepted in the card reader renault have quoted me £250 is there a cheaper way to reslove the problem , thanks
  11. paul

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi I have a renault trafic lwb have just had a new power steering pump fitted by mechanic has bled the system but still not working would appreciate any help thanks guys
  12. paul

    got kangoo 19dci 70 van,the glow plug light is on permanentlyand now it wont start!!any ideas??
  13. Paul

    I have a 1.6 16v 2002 clio petrol, Recently have found when the car has been left overnight or all day, it turns over fine but wont fire at all....then i leave it for a while and it starts on the button like nothings wrong, no pattern to it just random, fitted new crank sensor but the
  14. paul

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi every one have just bought our first renault an 04 grand scenic trying to find as much info as poss as not 100 percent happy as engine very noisy and mileage apparently under 55000?:eek:
  15. Pirelli get wet at Paul Ricard

    Formula 1 news south of France is not normally known for torrential rain, but Italian tyre firm Pirelli have successfully completed two days of wet running at the Le Castellet circuit this week in preparation for its eagerly-anticipated return to...
  16. Question for Paul (VelSatisfied)

    Hi Paul, I have used the paperclip method to fill in a couple of scratches (not too big) but I seem to have overfilled them, what is the best way to even them out and how long to leave the paint before trying anything? Thanks in advance
  17. paul

    :confused: owner of 2003 1.6 16v scenci car is going very well but when stopping sometimes it will not start you turn the key and the display lights come on and thats its if you push it,it goes and will start no problem for about another few weeks and then it does it again had it with renault...
  18. Paul G

    Hi All, I am new to the Renault forum - just got a new Scenic 2.0 DTI 150 - most of it is good, but I don't get 'current MPG' on the fuel computer, only average. The dealer says we don't get this in England, but agrees they do in France on Scenics. My handbook shows it as well. Anyone got any...
  19. hi im paul!

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    hi there got a petrol 2000 scenic 16v had a timing belt only fitted at 66000 miles now on 74000 got a nasty noise coming from timing belt side! still running fine took it off road now though maybe tensioner or water pump any comments please its a intermittent fault tappety under revs!!!better...