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  1. Laguna 3 engine does not start without pressing clutch pedal **Solved**

    Hi. I am not able to start the engine without pressing the clutch even the gear is in Neutral position. Besides, electronic parking brake can only be released by pressing brake pedal + pressing epb button. (normally, it should be released by doing no extra moves: ......1st gear + press gas...
  2. Clio brake pedal travel

    Hi, I have a problem with the brakes on my Clio, it’s a 2004 182. When braking hard the pedal hits the floor before the wheel’s lockup. If you jab the brake pedal hard in the wet, the wheels lock & ABS does not kick in. The brake pedal goes hard when engine is off. The brakes work fairly well...
  3. Twingo pedal car

    General Chat
    Hey guys I'm really aftr a Twingo pedal car. Does anyone know of anyone for sale or can help me out. Thank you
  4. Squeaky clutch pedal

    Hi all I have just purchased a 2008 kangoo 1.2 engine. Any I've noticed that after about 10 minutes of driving the clutch pedal is squeaky when pressed. Any ideas what is causing this and how to fix it Cheers
  5. gas pedal gone, funny dash light

    hello, i have another wonderful problem from this FRENCH (boo/hiss) car. the little light has appeared, i believe it is the "electric fault" light. the gas pedal stopped responding and the car wont move. i switched the engine off, walked back home and got my obd2 reader, got back to my car to...
  6. Modus 1.5dci Manual, Clutch Pedal issues

    Hi guys, Wanted some advice ref the problem with my clutch pedal, over the last couple of weeks the pedal is not seeming to return to fully up position. In fact at one point it fell to the floor and I couldn’t put the car in gear, it feels like the problem may be hydraulic? Or is it a simple...
  7. draught at accelerator pedal

    Ask the Experts
    Bought 65 reg scenic xmod. Loving it apart from terrible draught at accelerator pedal especially when the outside temperature is very low. even when the car is stationary. Took it back to Arnold clark today but they assessed it in a warm work shop. the heater outlet at the clutch side is blowing...
  8. Modus with a spongy clutch pedal.

    Not really been an issue but now my daughter is learning to drive it really needs to be more positive. Doesent bother me and the wife but it has no 'feel' to help the daughter get a handle on things. if I hear "But in my instructors car!", one more time. I understand its a concentric slave cyl...
  9. Traffic brake pedal creep

    Hi everyone I have just bought a 2011 Renault traffic 115 that I am experiencing brake pedal creep with. I have changed the discs and pads on the front and back and all pistons, levers and cables were moving freely. I have done about 500 miles since changing all these, so they should be all...
  10. Excess brake pedal traver

    Excess pedal travel. Replaced rear pads fresh fluid and master cylinder and still pedal hits the floor manually bled several times and easy led on a few occasions also. Any advice pleas P. S servo is fine
  11. megane ii tourer 1.5 dci unusually stiff clutch pedal

    driving a megane 2 2009 1.5 dci tourer 76kw, since the day i bought it (7 months ago) i have been experiencing an unusually heavy clutch pedal. the clutch never slips, doesnt make any sounds, doesnt smell doesnt squick, its just toooo heavy. any ideas on what might be causing this and if yes any...
  12. Clutch pedal

    Hi just bought an 06 plate grand scenic 1.5dci clutch pedal is hard to push down can you help before I take the car back
  13. noise from gas pedal, whinning

    hello, recently i have been having an intermittent problem with my gas pedal. as i start to press it it makes a whinning noise, press some more and it goes away, start to release and it whines again. then when i take my foot off the pedal it whines a little. its as though there is a point that...
  14. Scenic won't start, brake pedal felt hard?

    Hi, I have just had to leave my car in a dark and lonely car park as it has broken down. Was on to the RAC for almost an hour then told 3 to 4 hour wait...don't think so at this time of night and alone so will return to my car tomorrow morning. Anyway, it was fine earlier, parked up at the car...
  15. Clio 1.2 16v throttle pedal problem

    Hi all I am wondering if anyone could help me with a friend's car at work. It is a 2002 Renault clio 1.2 16v. I'm a master tech for Landrover so like to think I'm not a total novice but this one is throwing me a bit. The vehicle goes into a limp mode with very limited throttle as soon as the...
  16. Brake pedal goes to floor when engine is running

    Hello, I have a renault espace 4 grand 2.2dci 2005. I have been having lots of problems since replacing the brake pads all round. All the wheel calipers work OK when the pedal is pressed. I have installed a brand new master cylinder and bled them well using a pressure filling device several...
  17. 2009 Megane III - Whooshing sound on brake pedal press

    Does anyone know what might be causing this symptom? It sounds like air escaping a bike pump when it's not attached to anything, and doesn't seem to be affecting the brake performance (at least for now). It seems to have appeared overnight after a weekend of fairly moderate driving (120mi round...
  18. Clutch pedal sticking

    The warning light for low brake fluid came on recently in my Megane 2008 1.5 DCI. I stopped and topped up the reservoir with only a small amount of fluid and the warning light went out. A few days later I noticed that the clutch pedal was not returning to the fully up position and I was having...
  19. Brake pedal travel after replacing the rear pads

    Since I changed the rear pads on my Espace Mk4 2008 diesel yesterday, I’ve found that the brake pedal creeps to the floor when depressing it with the engine running :( ... engine off and it’s solid .... is this as simple as the shoes need bedding in or a sticky calliper, or an easy fix of a...
  20. 1.4 Renault Scenic 2006 low accelerator pedal.

    Hi all. My scenic has recently decided it doesn't like the hills on my commute to work and back. I would normally fly up them in 5th at 60mph (country rd national speed limit). But now it really struggles and loses speec and I have to drop it a gear. I've noticed that my accelerator pedal is...