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  1. Revs drop when brake pedal is pushed

    Hi guys never noticed this before but this morning I was sitting in my trafic minibus 08 plate 2.0 litre dci 115 , and while I was stationary with my foot slightly on the accelerator to get heat I put my foot on the brake and the revs died right down to tick over ?? Is this normal ? I've only...
  2. 1.5 dci Clio clutch pedal sticking

    Hi, For the last few days the clutch pedal on my car has been sticking to the floor whenever it is held down for longer than a second, I have to pull the clutch back up from underneath the pedal with my foot. When the clutch is fully down and stuck I cannot change gear, unless i turn the...
  3. Trafic - Changing clutch pedal problem

    Hi, Because the clutch pedal is almost broken off and hanging on it's last bolt I really need to replace it before it totally snaps. But the loacation of these bolts is behind the lower part of the dashboard and I am having really a hard time finding out how to remove that part so I got a clear...
  4. Clutch pedal gone on 56 plate Megane II

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and am looking for some guidance. Yesterday I was driving my 56 plate megane and I slowed for traffic. I put the clutch down and it went from under my foot and stayed all the way to the floor. I had to stall the car and I could only raise the clutch pedal by hand...
  5. Car struggles to start in the cold without using gas pedal!

    Hi All, I have a Clio Mk2 2003 and it struggles to start in the cold weather without me pushing down a bit on the accelerator pedal. Once started it runs fine and idles like normal, and once warm and turned off will then restart fine. Battery is good and the crank sensor was not long replaced...
  6. Pedal Pontentiometer

    Hie All, My Renault Clio is behaving rather fun, it fails to rev and accelerate and when i turn the key on and off for three to four times pressing the pedal down on those occasion , it then gets a clear rev and accelerates smoothly. I had it checked and had these error codes picked 1.Pedal...
  7. Any chance to adjust the Brake pedal on MK3 CLIO 06 plate

    Hi Members, This is one thing I love about Renault you get the chance to ask questions and hear advice from experienced users. When I purchased my Renault Clio MK3 06 there was something myself and my dad wasn't happy about and that was the amount of pressure required to feel the brakes...
  8. break pedal knocking

    when i apply breaks there is a slight knocking any ideas
  9. i have fitted a new clutch but cant get a good clutch pedal

    hi all I am new to the forum , I have just fitted a new clutch to my 1.9 dci 2005 scenic. but I am having trouble getting a good clutch pedal I have looked at some threads about this but I am still having no joy, I have tried gravity bleed ,easy bleed, leaving the bleed nipple open over night(...
  10. Adjust Tension of Clutch Pedal

    Hi guys, Is possible to slacken off the tension of the clutch pedal on a 2011 MK 3 1500 Scenic Dynamique Deisel and if so could someone explain the procedure. Thanks Hamer.
  11. Brake pedal

    My brake pedal has excessive travel. I have been told this is a common fault can anybody confirm. I have changed the servo and master cylinder and bled the system. It keeps failing the mot on excessive travel
  12. 2011 Scenic Auto - Sticking Throttle Pedal **Fixed**

    Hi My wife was driving the car this morning and after she lifted her foot off the brake pedal to continue moving, the car accelerated very quickly (this was before putting her foot on the accelerator). Luckily she hit the brake pedal quickly and the issue stopped. She doesn't remember if it...
  13. Espace Mk4 2.0T clutch pedal gone to floor **Fixed**

    My 2005 2.0T Espace Mk IV clutch pedal has dropped to the floor. I can pull it up, but have no clutch action. It's hydraulic but it failed just like a snapped clutch cable. The car drove fine (with careful rev matched gear shifts) but eventually I had to stop so it was an RAC recovery job. I...
  14. Vibration through gas pedal on my Koleos

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi guys. I have a new problem on this car. It starts at around 115-118km/h. I get a vibration on the car, also felt directly on the gas pedal. I have googled the problem and it seems to be most likely the balance shaft belt. Can this be the cause? Can someone please give me a picture of where...
  15. Scenic RX4 2001 Sticking Accelerator Pedal

    Hi Today while I was driving I had to overtake and when I pressed on the accelerator it was sticking and the car kept revving. I pressed down hard on it and it came back to normal. Or I put my foot behind it and pull back. I tried again and it sticks sometimes. Driving without pressing the...
  16. Acceleration pedal blocks on Scenic RX4

    Hi! I tried to find a solution to my recently bought 1999 Scenic's RX4 2L 16V through the threads of this forum, but, until now I wasn't able to find a similar subject. If somebody could indicate me one we could spare timean energy for analyzing new situations. :laugh: So, my problem is this...
  17. Sinking Pedal - Brake Bleeding

    Hi, There are countless threads across the interweb regarding this issue but I am hoping the right person reads this and can give a definitive answer. My brakes were previosuly alot spongeier than any other vehicle ive owned and the pedal would sink to the floor over time. I recently...
  18. Clio Mk3 clutch pedal spring

    Hi all, The spring that goes with the clutch pedal in my car snapped in two and broke off - which was alarming as it happened whilst driving, but actually it doesn't seem to have had any impact on driving the car, although the clutch is quite heavy compared to other cars I've driven. I've...
  19. megane 2 soft brake pedal

    Have just recently bought a s/h megane 1.5 tdci Have changed the rear break pads, the pistons were not seized and wound in normally. When the car is started in the morning the brake pedal goes to the floor and once released is normal when next pressed. The car stops well, handbrake is working...
  20. Renault Traffic 1.9 dci Accelerator pedal unresponsive

    Hi Guy's I'm new to this forum and have decided to join as my partner is having problems with his Traffic, I'm the one who has to try find the problem, not good :( When he's the Mechanic lol, so my job is Google this google that.... But i'm having no joy at all.... The problem is the...