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  1. help need to identify uch ecu in clio II ph1

    hi my uch ecu part number 8200031556 . i hope one in here has come across this type of ecu . just need the name of the xml file . thanks
  2. Does Clip supports Clio2 ph1 x65

    Hi I have a clio 2 x65 model Jan?2001 x reg . i wonder if the clip software supports older car like mine and if so what is/are the parameters i should check to see if my car runs lean or rich? any help will be much appreciated ! thanks
  3. Clio IV ph1 - Heated mirrors and rear window demister not working / UCH BSI swap

    Hello, I bought a 2012 Clio IV and I have problems with heated mirrors and rear window defogger. I checked the fuses and voltage on both mirrors and rear window - 0.00V. I swapped the relays but it didn't help either so I decided to leave my car in Auto Electrician. He said that he...
  4. Relay/fuse for Fuel pump in Megane Scenic Ph1

    Hi guys, it***8217;s me again with another question. I believe my fuel filter has never been replaced in 20 years and 150k, and I think its time that it***8217;d be replaced. Now, watching tutorials (ChrisFix) they tell me to first remove the fuel pump relay and then crank the car to release...
  5. Laguna mk2 ph1 Complete Interior

    Greetings Free to anybody who can collect is a complete light gray, half leather interior. Including - door cards, rear parcel shelf with sun blind. All items unmarked and in excellent condition - front seats are "manual" As mentioned "FREE" to whoever wants, just taking up space so need them...
  6. Clio mk2 ph1 boot switch

    Hi there, I'm just about to pass my Clio onto my Girlfriend, so I thought I should get around to fixing some things that have been broken for far too long! The boot light doesn't come on when the boot is opened, I've tried a new bulb. I get the feeling that the switch/sensor that detects when...
  7. Mk2 Ph1 Clio Grande - Not Starting

    So i bought this car for £50 and they told me it has a snapped cam belt so i got it towed home to have a look at it, on my way home from the persons house i put it in gear and the car started up, but as soon as i took it out of gear it died but i had no Braking and power steering. But if the...
  8. Grand Scenic (2005 1.5dCi) no engine temperature readout **Fixed**

    Hello all, This one is a bit of an odd one that I've not been able to find on here. I recently got a new OBD reader to try with an app (trying to clear that EPB error that we all have!) but after failing to connect to any modules in my car it suddenly stopped wanting to start... I thought...
  9. Clio V6 Ph1 engine noise problem

    Hello, I have problem with my PH1 V6 L7X engine after cam belt change. The sound will appear under a warm operation And the sound will gone with little rpm up. Thank you
  10. Clio 2 ph1 central Locking

    Hi all does anyine know where I could get a Eye Sensor part no 7700844707 the capacitor on mine has blown I'm figuring since the sunroof was sealed when I bought the car that the central locking sensor must have shorted out sometime in the past thanks for any advice/leads
  11. Renault Clio Mk2 Ph1 1.2 8v Starts, but dies

    Hi, having issues with my 1.2 Clio. The fuel pump died, which I have replaced with a brand new pump. Now when starting the car, I can hear the fuel pump prime and the car will start, but then dies after 30 secs or so or if I touch the accelerator pedal and try to raise the revs. Thanks for...
  12. Clio Mk2 Ph1 cupholder addition

    (Not sure which section to put this in, so feel free to move it mods!) I've had my Clio for 2 1/2 years now and my main issue with the interior was the lack of cup holders! Since my girlfriend has been complaining about having to hold the drinks on long road trips I thought I best sort it out...
  13. Removing Dash On Clio Mk2 Ph1 2000 1.2 8v

    Hi, I have a 2000 1.2 8v mk2 ph1 clio 5dr, I am trying to remove the dash to replace a faulty light it the instrument cluster so i can get the car its MOT and start using it, I see loads of video guides and forum posts sayin to remove the strips above glove box and another on driver side but...
  14. Grand scenic 3 ph.1 carminat rear camera brightnes setting

    Can I change the brightness settings of the reverse camera?? I have grand scenic 3 phase 1 carminat navigation. In some manuals for the navigation there is "reverse camera settings" but in my model I don`t have it.(I guess its for newer models). :frown2:
  15. 2000 Clio 1.2 MK2 PH1 Gear Linkage Slack/Wobbly

    Hi all, I got a 2000 Clio 1.2 with a wobbly gear selector, sometimes its hard to get 1st and 2nd, When i push selector all the way to the left I need to move it back towards the center a bit before I can select 1st or 2nd gear, I bought this kit off ebay and am hoping it will sort the issue...
  16. Clio Mk2 Ph1 rear brake issue

    Hi all Just a question about the rear brake on clio, from what i researched they are the bendix type but is the adjusting screw surposed to fall out when you remove the shoes. Its like there is no thread for it to turn in to.:confused: Is the adjuster knackered or is that normal as car failed...
  17. Renault Clio - Fascia Finding - Mk2 Ph1

    Hello, all, I have looked online for a while and am having bad luck finding a fascia for an aftermarket head unit. I want it to fit my 2001 Renault Clio Mk2 Ph1. This will likely be an easy to answer question for you lot, but because this is my first stereo fitting I have no idea where to get...
  18. Renault Clio - Starting Problems - Mk2 Ph1

    Hello, everyone, This is my first thread, so I apologise for any inconsistencies. I have a problem with my Renault Clio 1.4 (8 Valve?) It's a Mk2 Ph1 model built in 2001. The engine is turning over, but it's not firing! It ran fine when I first bought the car, however the battery went flat...
  19. Clio Mk2 Ph1 front inner arches

    Hi all, I need a pair of front inner wheel arches/splash guards for my Clio 172 Mk2 Ph1 2000 reg. I know they get taken off for track day cars, so must be a pair out there some ware. Thanks, Rob.
  20. Clio Mk2 Ph1 crankshaft position sensor help

    Hi All Hope someone can help. My wifes Clio Mk2 Ph1 crankshaft position sensor needs replacing but there seems to be several different types - can anyone please point me in the direction of the correct part number? Clio mk2 Ph1 1999 1.6 auto thank you