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  1. Laguna 2 ph2 1.9dci rattle from engine

    Hi everyone. Im getting some weird noises from engine. I hope you can help me. Rattle occures at any given time so i cant rule out anything.. video with sound link:
  2. Mk1 ph2 scenic fuse box locations

    As per title if you can help please and also any wiring diagrams for the dash/ignition system Tia dave
  3. FULL Dashboard facia removal on Renault Megane Mk1 Ph2

    I'm looking to refurbish the facia (and other parts of the interior) as it is totally drab and its all scratched and so on from its former owner. My plan is to brighten it up with platinum silver paint (the same as the car), almost like on later gernerations of meganes. A sensible upgrade if you...
  4. Non working central locking Clio PH2 2001

    Hi guys... First of all... 2001 year... 1.4 16V Simptoms are... Learning the key to the car does not help... I do that 5s hold lock button inside (lock/unlock) and then 10s time window for learning... I press the key fob and the car instantly clicks back (lock/unlock) but then still does not...
  5. Laguna II Ph2 Driver door locking problem

    I've searched and searched for someone else who has reported this issue, but have come up with nothing.. A couple of weeks ago, my driver door randomly stopped unlocking from the key card. Weird thing is though, it locks fine. All the other doors function as normal, but i'm having to open the...
  6. starter motor removal laguna ph2 facelift (06 petrol 2ltr)

    hi guys, i hope you can help i am trying to remove the starter motor on my laguna can anyone provide step by step guide on how to remove it, i cant find anything online (or in the forum on removing this one) (also help on where the mounting bolts are would be a great help) thanks in advance
  7. Problem with renault scenic ph2

    hi i have the can clip and can confirm the code as df098 Fuel temperature sensor circuit my problem is were to start with this last week i called the rac when check injector and stop engine come on and they sent out independent garage who said it was a blocked egr after he said to keep it in...
  8. Laguna 2 Ph2 - Passenger wing mirror issues

    Working my way through my questions after spending time with the car yesterday! The passenger wing mirror is dead. It does not move with the previous owners memory settings, nor with the drivers door switch, nor does it fold. No idea if it is heated or not! Where would one begin to start to...
  9. Laguna 2 Ph2 - Any tips for changing the battery?

    I had my first FTP this morning in my 1 day old Laguna! I fixed a few bits yesterday, and tested and played with a fair few others, and it seems I killed the battery. It jump started after 10 minutes connected up with jump leads to my old car (A Xantia jump starting a Laguna2, a certain irony...
  10. Trafic PH2 Engine Fuse Box

    I've found a 12v power source for the engine bay, instead of trying to route a cable from the battery through the firewall, which is near on impossible, I've tried. The red cable in the engine fuse box is position F1F 60A maxi fuse and it controls the engine cooling fan - without air...
  11. Laguna II ph2 Keycard issues

    Hi. 4 years after getting rid of my Ph1 Laguna I've just bought a PH II. I bought it with faulty cards. They start the car fine in the reader but won't lock/unlock it and the keyless doesn't work. I sent the best working one off to but upon it's return its functioning exactly...
  12. Laguna II Ph2 Passenger Window Switch Removal

    Hi All, I've just bought an '06 Laguna II Ph2 :grin2: ; the window switch on the passenger front side has been pushed into the door pull by the previous owner.. how do you get to the switch? It looks like the door pull will prise apart but I can only get it to split slightly at the side nearest...
  13. ***NOW BREAKING*** Renault Scenic I PH2 (2001) 1.5 DCI K9K 750 in OV727 Capsicum Red

    For sale
    ***NOW BREAKING*** Currently being dismantled is a Renault Scenic I PH2 (2001) 1.5 DCI K9K 750 in OV727 Capsicum Red. Most parts are available from this vehicle, we also have thousands of parts on our shelves ready for immediate dispatch for all Renault models. For parts enquiries...
  14. Lag2 Ph2 GT175 engine type

    starting to hear one or two sounds that were the death rattle of my initiale a couple of years ago, and want to start stockpiling parts(!) ready for a quick return to the road. ive seen a few odds and ends at breakers but want to understand a bit more about the variables before commiting...
  15. Hello - Trackday Clio ph2 project in Brazil

    My mottah!
    Hi there, I´m Fernando, from Brazil, and I´m finishing my trackday project based on a 2004 Clio 1.6 16v car. I´ll be posting on the mechanical area since I´m having some issues with my current gearbox vs. current torque. List of mods: - K4M 1.6 16v with all forged internals - Mishimoto IC and...
  16. Clio mk2 ph2 alloy size quirey

    Exterior styling
    Just a quick question to you all I have a Clio 1.5dCi 3dr and want a set of 182 alloys will they straight fit or would I need spacers if so what size and which ones are best? Had a look at some but they look a bit cheap and nasty and I want them to actually last. Also I want to lower it how...
  17. 1990 Ph2 Raider

    My mottah!
    Hi Guys, Just joined and thought i'd share my 5 GT Turbo Raider. Currently undergoing work to hit the 230bhp target. Still on carb, running Piper 285 cam, springs, adjustable vernier, lightened and balanced fly wheel, FMIC, major head work, Side exit, Gt2560r with custom down pipe. Enjoy.
  18. Laguna II ph.2 power steering goes stiff

    Steering and Suspension
    Hello everyone, I have a strange power steering problem on my Laguna II ph.2 year 2007 petrol engine 1.6. When I start the car everything seems fine, but as soon as it gets hot the power steering goes stiff. Also the steering fluid is coming out at the steering fluid bottle cap. So the fluid...
  19. Locating of Ground points Megane 1 Ph2

    Where are the ground points in the drivers compartment located and how can I get access to them? I need a good ground connection for a new high current 12V outlet.
  20. 2003 Clio PH2 elect sunroof won't open / close

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this since there's no section for sunroofs or glass! I came to open my sunroof tonight, it opened a tiny bit and then started making a grinding noise and now it won't open or close. I've had a look between the head lining and the roof and the motor is...