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  1. Clio mk3 1.6gt phase 2

    Hi I was trying to find the trigger wire to fit a aftermarket shift light
  2. Clio mk3 1.6gt phase 2 2009

    Hi can anyone help me with my problem. On the coil pencil closest to the battery i accidently cut the purply coloured wire going in to it ( the other wire is light brown) so I have joined the 2 ends back together now but the car will run for about 5 seconds smell of petrol then cuts out. On the...
  3. Laguna Phase 2 Steering wheel control plug.

    Hi there. so for while now ive been trying to get my aftermarket unit working with the steering wheel controls, but am having major issues trying to locate where the end of the plug is for the wiring. ive tried to follow the wire behind the instrument panel, but to no avail i cant see where it...
  4. Laguna 2 Phase 2 Front Shocks Colour Coding

    Ask the Experts
    Hi All, I have recently ordered new Front Shock Absorbers for my Laguna from the local Renault dealer. In addition to all the information on the Oval Plate and the Vin Number they also asked me to check for a colored sticker on the back of the old shocks and let them know what the color is. I...
  5. Laguna 2 Ph 2 Speedo Wrong Reading **Fixed**

    Dear All, Over the past weekend my Laguna 2.0T's Battery packed up and I then replaced it with a new one. On the first drive after the replacement I noticed that the Speedo needle is not lying on "0" as is normally the case if the car is standing still and idling. The Speedo is lying far below...
  6. Clio mk3 phase 2 front bumper difference 185 or 195 ??? size difference ?

    hi guys a quick question i understand the wings are different as the sizes are listed on the wing 185 and 195 but i am sure the bumpers are all the same after working on so many clio's the only thing that makes the bumpers different physically (not visually due to trim levels) is that all the...
  7. phase 1 1.4 clio

    Renault clio 1.4 automatic 1996 phase 1 the gearbox warning light has come on for no reason the car drives just the same with the light on or off is there anyway to turn the light off to see if it comes back on again thanks lee
  8. Megane 2014 1.5 DCI - Facelift Phase 3

    Cars & motoring
    Ladies and gents, I am on the eve of trading my Octavia for a Megane, need to hear some opinions. My engine is infamous 1.2 TSI which is a very powerful and dynamic engine - however, there are reliability issues with those as you may have heard. I already experience cam chain issue and had a...
  9. laguna phase I 1.9dti helppp

    helou to you all!! I have a nightmare with my laguna! I bought this car for my wife for work...its in great condition interior and exterion... Problem is heawy start!! First I gona teel you what I change on the car in try to fix the issue of bad starting both coolant
  10. Renault laguna mk2 phase 2 1.9 cruise control install

    Hey Guys, New to this group, so i will keep it short. Brought a 2005 phase 2 laguna 1.9, noticed there are plugs behind the dash for cruise control,esp,parking sensors. so i brought the switches, then decided to order cruise control steering wheel. will i need renault clip to activate the...
  11. Fuel filter on a Laguna mk2 phase 2

    I know where it is. I think I know how to change the filter over. The issue I have is - how do I get it out? I thought I would just able to disconnect cables and hoses, pop it up and out, change the filter and do the reverse to fit back in. I can't see how to release it from its bracket. Can any...
  12. Laguna 2 phase 1 seat swap

    Can I swap my manual seats for electric/heated ones and would that involve fitting a new wiring harness (I noticed spare electrical connectors under my manual seats) Granvil
  13. Laguna 2 phase 1 - will not store radio code.

    Hi all. Just bought my first Renault, an 03 Laguna Privilege 2.0 ltr auto. Have owned it for just over a week and am slowly working my way through the various faults in an attempt to restore it to good condition. Ive currently got two problems that are driving me nuts - first is that Ive lost...
  14. Messing with the ghearbox megane phase 2

    So being my first megane don t know much about serial myself a 2004 megane phase 2 2.0 16v f4r engine 6 speed ghearbox.dont now if somebody tried this but I'm a bit disappointed of the speed in 6. 70 mph on 6 is like any other car in 5 .what is the ghear ratios for the 6 speed box in...
  15. I have to press the door button twice to unlock the car (new Clio IV Phase II)

    Hi. I have a new Clio IV Phase II Zen Energy TCe 87kW. When I have the hands-free card in my pocket and approach the car, I have to press the rubber button on the handle twice to unlock it and open the door. At the first touch the car does nothing, and the second is when the doors are unlocked...
  16. Trafic phase 2 cruise control retrofit

    Hi folks I have a 2006 (phase 2) Trafic 1.9dci 100 minibus and would like to fit cruise control. Assuming I have the required wiring loom what are the preferred options? I've seen this cruise control kit but wondered whether any OEM parts from other suitable Renaults can be used instead...
  17. Wire colors car radio Clio II Phase 1

    Hello there. I want to change the car radio of my girlfriend. She has this Clio II Phase 1 from 1998. Here's a picture of the wires coming from the car: So i'd like to know "what is what" for each wire or pair of wires, in order for me to put the good one in front of it. Because my new car...
  18. How to adjust dipped lights on Clio 2 phase 2

    I hope someone can help me with this. I have recently failed my MOT because the dipped headlights are too high. This may be due to the fact that I put new tyres on the front whilst the rear ones are near the limit? However I have searched everywhere to see how to adjust them without success...
  19. Laguna phase 2 facelift satnav radio code

    Hi after replacing faulty GPs dvd drive the system is now asking for 4 digit security code tried all of the usual,on line code sites they are telling me I need to take to dealers to recode is this the case? Gonna cost a fortune! Thanks
  20. Clio Mk3 Phase 1 & Phase 2 bonnets

    I'm just wondering if the bonnets of the Phase 1 and Phase 2 MK3 Clio's are interchangeable? There are dents in the bonnet of my Mk3 Phase 2 Clio and I'm considering a 2nd hand replacement bonnet. However the only exact colour match I can get is a Phase 1. Any help / pointers would be appreciated!