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  1. Lag II phII cabasse auditorium sound problems

    In Car Entertainment
    Hello guys. I've got a Laguna II ph II with the cabass auditorium tronic with frontal 6cd radio. I'm having problems with his sound. Randomly it stop playing any kind of sound: calls, radio, cd, navigation, voice settings. I ear a POP and it gets quiet. everything "visual" works, I can play...
  2. Renault Laguna 1 Ph.II F4P to F4R swap - options?

    Hello. I have a Renault Laguna 1 Ph.II, 1999. I want to swap my F4P engine to a F4R. Problem is, the F4R engines in Laguna 1's are pretty rare... I assume that, considering Renault's habit of making things incompatible, means that the F4R engine fitted to other models would not bolt up to the...
  3. Scenic I phII electric sun roof

    Hi Both the sunroofs have stopped working all together i have checked the fuses and they are all fine any help please would be great.
  4. Bizarre, Meganse PhII 1.6 auto 5dr

    Cars & motoring
    This one has me just a "tad" mystified actually it's a bloody large Tad! My "Mother in Law" (<- See now's ya gotta Help Me) has a 95 ish megane mk1 phII 1.6 auto trans I've already done the head gasket and waterpump and TB (inc idler's) about 3000 miles ago The problem seems to be a...
  5. spark plugs L7X LagunaI phII

    Hi. Here and there comes a time when things have to be done. Like for instance servicing a car without a clear history. That means spark plugs and the rest of the oily matters. I would like to know whether there are any other types of spark plugs interchangeable with the original FR7KDC, maybe...