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    Hi, There are a couple of similar threads but none of them have the answer. I've got the standard Phillips 6 CD changer in my Scenic and I am getting an Error message on the dash display when it tries to load CD6. It just goes back and loads CD5 again and won't play 6 at all. So far I have...
  2. Electronics
    Hi There, I've recently bought a Laguna 1 (1999), whilst It's a lovely car, the stereo does not work. The previous owner said that it's always been like that. It's a Renault Phillips CD Player, at night the unit lights up, however none of the buttons seem to do anything (Including the stalk)...
  3. Electronics
    windscreen water, not working, cant get the water to spray, wipers are working fine
  4. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hello, I am having trouble sorting my screen washerwiper on my 2003 Clio 1.2, so I thought it would be a good idea to join the forum. Hope you can help :confused:
  5. Electronics
    Just got a 1999 scenic rt alize with phillips cassette player, can anyone tell me if I can swop this for a radiosat 6000 cd player, will this work with dash and steering controls? we have a renault alpine cd changer been given us but it is for the tuner list stereo so no use to us. any advice...
  6. Electronics
    Hi, The radio on my Megane 1996 won't work, only the buttons light up, the display doesn't light either. I orginally thought it was the radio so swapped it for a CD version but this also does the same. A normal stereo (non oem) works fine. hope you can help. Many thanks
  7. Electronics
    I have 1994 reanult phillips radio battery went flat and the previous owner supplied the wrong code ! number i wrote down were : Phillips 22 Dc679/62B 7700818279--D 0194461214491 1214491 90222167962101 001944461214491 6/00623/13429/A RN679fr1214491 Thanks for any help
  8. Electronics
    Hi, recently bought a renault master van but there is no code for the radio. Its a Phillips i think, they make this so complicated!! Mod No: 22DC279/62 Prod No: FD0402380178652 SN: RN279F20178652 If anyone can help with a code, just want to listen to the feckin radio.:crazy: Thanks
  9. Electronics
    recently purchased a P reg megane coupe which came with a standard tape player. i purchased a renault phillips cd player off ebay which stated that it was suitable for renault cars pre 99. im not sure if it is clear on the picture but the plugs are different on the cdplayer and the tape player...