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    I agree with the motive for this action but does this move the use of mobiles in a dash-holder for hands-free voice calls into a greyer area??? Unless you also have voice activated calling, you need to press the buttons/screen to select the number and press ring/answer, all of which is legal to...
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    Just back from my holidays and could not help but notice that everywhere i went, Italy,Spain,France,Gibralter everyone is still using mobile phones whilst driving. No big deal. I know in America it is also still perfectly legal. I would love to know why this is such a big issue in the UK?
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    OMG ! Ive been trying to get phone to America for about 3 days now and just cannot get through. Ive got some really really good news for my besty friend and all I get is "There are no lines available please try again later" . I hate Cable an Wireless!! Has anyone else managed to get through...
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    Who said this would not happen in Britain
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    Take care now you never know:p Big Brother tapping our phones and emails 1,000 times a day | the Daily Mail
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    Jeez that's all we need some a*** sitting near you on a mobile the whole flight recounting their minute by minute woes :( Mobile phones soon to be allowed on aircraft | The Register " Mobile phones will soon be heard on commercial aircraft, subject to regulatory approval. UK communications...
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    Men who use mobile phones face increased risk of infertility Men who use mobile phones face increased risk of infertility | the Daily Mail
  8. Laguna
    Renault Laguna II - Phase 2 - Electronics - Pairing Bluetooth phones to incar handsfree kit I have just taken delivery of new Laguna with Carminat system. Very good, but I cannot get my phone (Nokia6630) to stay paired with the system. Anyone have any comments to assist? I have followed all...