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    Hiya guys. i would love to become a pro tog oneday. i use a Nikon D50 with a couple lenses and filters. I focus on Cars, Motorsport mainly but do try marco and landscpe shots. not sure how to upload on here but im gonna give it a try.
  2. Photography Club
    Hi all Just tried to join the club but the link gives a 404 not found. Im into nature photography and own a Fuji S9500. I bought it second hand and is a good camera as it has all the manual controls like an expensive camera ,but still useful for the novice in full auto mode. My main hobby is...
  3. RenaultForums offers
    Hi everyone, I'm an aspiring photographer looking to expand my portfolio with photos of sports cars. I'm particularly interested in newer, sportier models, such as the Renaultsport Clio and Megane. If you live in/near Hertfordshire and would like some photos taken of your car get in touch...
  4. Photography Club
    HDR or High Dynamic Range A technique used to enhance the range of tones recorded to either give a more natural feel or to bring out other hidden features of a photo. All you need is a DSLR, tripod, patience and a graphics package or 2 (I use photoshop CS4 and Photomatix)
  5. Photography Club
    Okay, I know this is nothing new. Stu (L2O) mentioned an app that would do this in the freeware thread ages ago, but I never really got it to give result that I liked. Then I found this: Which turned this Into this There's a few things to figure...
  6. Photography Club
    You can now join the photography club by visiting this page: This will show your interest in photography under your username and title and will help other members to find like minded members
  7. Photography Club
    What a great idea for a sub forum I love my cameras (i have many) but i can't seem to take a good photo indoors at parties. They come out grainy or just horrible. My outdoor pics are okay. If people are part their wisdom for us all to use, it would be great Check out some of my pics.
  8. Photography Club
    Welcome to our new photography forum As shown in our PhotoPlog, we have lots of members who are pretty handy with a camera: Share your photography tips and hints with other users here