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  1. Vans
    Returning from a 200 mile Caravan Drag. I noticed a whine in 5th & 6th with power on. Having consulted my Expert, I'm assured it'll last another 10 - 15K. But now I can hear it, it's doing my head in. :frown2: Suppose 161K with essentially a car box in a van ain't bad. So that's over £800 to...
  2. Transmissions
    hello everyone, i'll keep this brief. i'm trying to replace the centre bearings in a kangoo trekka. I found this tread How to renew centre bearings on a Trekka Prop Shaft but the pictures don't show they show this how can I get to see the pictures? thanks in advance for any help Stu
  3. Transmissions
    SWMBO's S2 is becoming more like an automatic. She hasn't noticed, but I have. Been looking at prices. ECP have HOLIDAY57, But even with that, all 3 parts (LUK) are £167 :surprise: ONline car parts are £126 for all 3 in Valeo, But it's mail order only. Which is OK, IF the parts are correct...
  4. General Chat
    I had the opportunity to witness the unveiling of the new megane GT automatic. My first impressions are very impressive. The quality is a big step from the previous generation and a million miles from mine. I was expecting the new megane to be just a big clio but its a lot different. The...
  5. Electronics
    Picked up a 2004 Scenic 1.6 16V Expression Automatic on Tuesday:forehead::forehead::forehead:. It was cheap, low mileage and fairly clean inside and out. Only issue with the car is the common 'Parking Brake Fault' displayed on the dash. I was searching Google and found that there was a DVSA...
  6. Engines
    Trying to remove a faulty glow plug but cannot find the location on a 2.0 engine on a Renault Trafic. Can anyone help find the location, where I might find all of them?
  7. Steering and Suspension
    As I'm typing now you'll realise it failed the MOT (on N/S ball joint & headlamp aim). Full write up to follow, including what to do instead of the "Haynes" way. However, during the work, I noticed smelly oil running down the drive. Obviously, I've pulled the drive shaft out too far.:eek: Can I...
  8. My mottah!
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  9. Electronics
    Hi all My passenger side headlight has begin to flicker/blink on and off and then it goes off all together. The next day it is back on and doing the same. I was not to sure what version of xenon and ballast I had, so I thought I would have a look. my car is a 2006 mk4 espace initiale 2.0 dci...
  10. Engines
    Hi Folks. Same old story, refitting my engine and I have a few connectors left over. Can anyone suggest where they go??:d Even more of a panic now because the engine wont turn over!!
  11. Engines
    Hello all, after getting help from many of you, I felt it only right and proper that I make an effort to offer a small bit of help back. I know there are brilliant threads on here regarding EGR valve removal, but this is for a 1.5dci 2005 Grand Scenic. I hope I don't go overboard on the pictures...
  12. Engines
    Hi all, Spent 4 hours on the car today washing, cleaning and checking it over but when checking under the oil filler cap I noticed a strange yellow gunk which I haven't seen before. It looks absolutely disgusting, a bit like mucus. See pictures. Is this normal? What is the gunk and is it...
  13. In-car entertainment
    i have just bought an espace 2002 2.2 dci the race and im interested in putting in an after market system would appreciate any pictures of anyone that has done this.
  14. In-car entertainment
    Hi all, So having given my wife the Cabasse Auditorium speakers for her Laguna after upgrading mine, i thought i might as well get her the stereo as well. So i picked up a Cabasse Auditorium head unit on ebay for a silly price. As i was changing them over, i thought i would look at the...
  15. Interiors
    Re: Centre Console wiring and pictures, Grand Scenic Please go to 'Wiring diagram, Grand Scenic' in the 'Electronics' section of this forum for pictures of the dismantled centre console and a possible 'how to' guide in future.
  16. Showcase
    Windows Tinted darker all round Windows Tinted darker all round Windows Tinted darker all round
  17. General Chat
    hi peeps, i been here a while,but can someone tell me how to post pictures please :crazy:
  18. Transmissions
    Ok, let me start by saying I'm not a mechanic (burglar alarm engineer by trade) but I pick things up as I go along. I also do a good few services & mot's in my spare time hence the 2 post lift. Not sure if this is the right section but if not the mods can shift it. Here goes! Clutch...
  19. Engines
    Greetings professors! I want to expand my Laguna family with one diesel powered member. I have a oportunity to buy one that has run about 60.000 miles and price is nice. However it has a oil leak from the top of the engine. (see pictures) What can be the cause of this? (excuse my language and...
  20. Engines
    I'm after some pictures of the intercooler mounts and pipework for a pre-06 kangoo 1.5 DCi 80 bhp. I'm wanting to intercool my 70 bhp and need to see what bits are different. I've got the intercooler and one of the hoses. but just need to see what it fixes to as the top brackets done seem to...