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  1. Engines
    Hi, Just about to change my timing belt and wondered if anybody could post the length and thread of the pin that holds the crank at TDC? Cheers DW
  2. Electronics
    I need to wire a 2pin alternator (purple and white) from the existing 1pin white wire alternator any help apreciated thanks
  3. Electronics
    Hello all, in an hour of boredom I have created a couple of diagrams showing the location of the pins on the Tuner List and also Update List Stereo, what each pin does and where applicable the ISO colour coding for the wires should you wish to wire up a new stereo etc, I hope people find them...
  4. Electronics
    Evening all, i have been fortunate enough to obtain the genuine renault 13 pin tow electrics part num 8201379436 which is 95% plug and play for only £69(£100 cheaper than dealer). The question i have is about the 5% part (step 37 in the instructions) where you have to wire up the red cable...
  5. Electronics
    I have a 2009 Laguna 3 Dynamique 1.5 cdi which needs a battery replacement. Does anyone know if I'll need a PIN afterwards as I'm not in a position to use a memory keeper? I've Googled my socks off but can't find an answer one way or another. TIA
  6. Electronics
    Hi folks, After parting with my beloved doblo campervan have bought a lovely silver 2005 1.9DCI manual espace with glassroof, FSH and 62,000 miles. Its a silver dream machine ripe for some mobile office conversion. It runs very nicely except maybe a bit of EGR gunk that was sorted with...
  7. Electronics
    Hi peeps, Vauxhall Vivaro 2010 2.0 CDTi M9R engine (same as Renault trafic) Need the pinout for the Camshaft sensor at the ECU please? My Van struggles to start but once started it runs like a dream, no smoke, no rattles, no odd noises, pulls with plenty of grunt with no flat spots. Been a...
  8. Engines
    Been trying to look for this for ages, i watched a video on youtube and the bloke had the same problem trying to locate the sensor, haynes lied to him where it was, in the end he had to take out the battery and tray ecu etc etc, is this the same? Regards
  9. Electronics
    hello everyone I am sorry that my first post is asking for help rather then an introduction. I am trying to fix my nephews clio 3 2008 K9 1.5 DCI it has a problem with the EGR valve loom. The EGR is constantly buzzing with ignition on or off. I pulled EGR cleaned it re connected it and...
  10. Electronics
    Hi All, Does anybody know the name/type for the 3 pin connector used on the Clio MK2 wiring loom which connects the cigarette light socket? I'm wanting to hard wire my dash cam into the cars cigarette lighter circuit which is switched live so only operate when car's ignition is on...
  11. Brakes/Hubs
    i went to change my discs and pads today and noticed my drivers side top caliper slider pin is seized now what im wanting to know is 1. can i get a caliper carrier from another renault say a clio? or does it have to be from a scenic?
  12. Electronics
    Hi All, Been familiarizing myself with my Ex AA Van, Noticed a Relay under glove box started to constantly click this morning, Pulled it out and all seems ok, Can anyone shed some light on what this may be? there's some smaller Yellow relay's around it too, Not sure if its a extra the AA...
  13. Electronics
    A bit tricky to explain, so I'll try to upload a photo. I tried searching before posting but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. Basically, my megane has had a water ingress issue in the fuse box. Removed the fusebox, stripped it down, cleaned, etc. Then I've started to do the...
  14. Electronics
    the window regulator on my laguna has 29 pins most only have 6 pins looking on ebay i think i have a problem with mine as my windows and mirrors have failed why has mine got 29 pins?
  15. Electronics
    How do I test a rear window motor on Renault Grand Scenic 2006? What are the pin assignments on the connector so I can test it on the bench? The window is stuck down and I want to see if the motor is still working before I order any new parts.
  16. Engines
    Hi everyone, I am now on to fitting a new Gates Timing Belt Kit, I have done Timing Belt kits before mainly on Peugeots where there is a hole in the flywheel for the pin to sit in to, this is a whole new kettle of fish, I have my camshaft, and belt and pump lined up, but the crankshaft is a bit...
  17. Electronics
    Hi! I have a problem with ABS system on my Twingo II. All of a sudden light ABS+brake lights came ON and speed indicator is gone. I tried several diagnostic tools (including Clip), but neither can establish communication with ABS controller, so for sure there is something wrong. I also...
  18. Engines
    Hi. my first post. I have a 2007 Renault Scenic Dynamic 1.6vvt 16 valve. Replaced the timing belt and with a homemade 70mm x8mm x10mm bolt, tried to set the crankshaft timing. The pin is fully in and the dimmension are correct, but the piston has started on the way down again. Is this normal...
  19. Bodywork
    One of the tailgate hinge pins has broken . Been to local Renault dealers but they say neither the pin or the whole hinge is stocked as a replacable part. Anybody any suggestions or ideas please ? Thanks
1-19 of 70 Results