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  1. Electronics
    Hello, I saw yesterday a pink cable (in photo) on my foot. I dont see any port to connect it and i dont know was is it for. Any idea?
  2. Electronics
    Yesterday my radio and dash stopped working no display on dash and radio dead. Someone suggested checking fuses I have checked the fuses in the glove and they all fine however there is a pink 40a relay in the top left corner of fuse box I noticed it was warm to the touch. Can anyone tell me what...
  3. General Chat
    One of my mates as got a Astra Estate that should be Red but cause he hasn't looked after it :mad: its gone pink but he got someone who said they knew what they were doing loose on it with a big tin of T-Cut :crazy: Lets just say it is in a bit of a state.. I masked half the Bonnet off...
  4. Electronics
    Hi, the battery keeps draining overnight in our 05 grand scenic 1.9dci. I read on another post of the pink relay being warm and ours was this morning. Can someone tell me what it is for?
  5. Electronics
    Hi people, I recently bought a scenic 04 plate. The heater blowers do not work on any settings plus the right half of the dash display is not on and also the radio lights up but nothing happens. My first idea was check the fuse box in the glovebox. All fuses look fine. But I did notice a pink...
  6. General Chat
    About time! The local breast cancer charity I volunteer for has got it's registration, only taken the Charity Commission 3 years to extract a digit and do the right thing!!! Karen xx
  7. Engines
    Hoovering out the car this morning and found a small black connector with 1 brown & white and 1 pink wire running to it but it isnt connected to anything. It hangs down behind the clutch pedal and goes quite a way up but I cannot reach the end. My air con switch doesnt light up when it is...
  8. Heating & cooling
    just checked my secondhand clio for the first time, and see coolant ?empty. I have pink coolant from my last car - should I use that... or not? if not, then what? many thanks, jy
  9. Heating & cooling
    Hi all. Newbie to Renaults i just bought one for the other half as her old car died. Nice wee car. Anyhow i noticed yesterday that coolant was low so popped in to Renault dealer to get some coolant and noticed it was blue. The coolant in my clio is pink and i was under the impression that you...
  10. Electronics
    car stiill not going looked under the car and found a pink coloured wire dangling down dont know where this is from can anyone please tell me where this is from please? and a diagram as to where it has to go please.
  11. General Chat
    5 days to go, we can all make a huge difference wear it pink 26 October 2007 Look who's wearing it :) Click on the link below :) Look who's wearing it pink Some links. Cancer Research UK: the UK's leading cancer charity Breast Cancer Care - Support and information for anyone affected by...
  12. Electronics
    Hi All, Turned on the headlights tonight and noticed one of the xenon headights had a pinkish glow to it and reduced output. The other one was normal bright white, has anyone else had this problem as its a new one to me ??
  13. General Chat
    EDP24 Campaigns and Appeals " And to those who question if these donations from sales can really make a difference, Amanda Williams director of fundraising at Breast Cancer Campaign (BCC), has a clear answer. “Just get involved. You might think you are doing something small and wonder what...
  14. Wheels & tyres
    Hi, I'm in the process of changing the front pads on my Laguna 1, a 'P' reg ('96) 2.0cc 16 valve 5-door hatch. Excellent pics in the knowledge base btw, very helpful as I'd not met this type of calliper before. When chiselling out the old pads (it's done 30 miles since February) I noticed a...
  15. General Chat
    What a night!! I blagged a free ticket to the Syd Barrett celebration show and who should wander onto the stage? Roger Waters. Played a couple of numbers and disappeared and then to close the show, completely unannounced, Pink Floyd back together for two songs in a special tribute to Syd...
  16. Cars & motoring
    Anybody who was a kid in the 70's, tell me you didn't want to be the kid who drove this baby........ The ORIGINAL PINK PANTHER SHOW CAR (item 190081313567 end time 19-Feb-07 12:00:00 GMT)
  17. Cars & motoring
    I've just seen this monstrosity; Chavtastic!
  18. General Chat
    Just read in the mirror today that pink floyd are to get back together and perform a few concerts this year :) has anyone got any details (venues or dates) or better still where i can buy tickets :d