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  1. Engines
    My 2015 Renault Megan***8217;s 1.6 dci GT Line started to make a hissing sound when accelerating and upon starting the cabin smells of burnt diesel fumes. I***8217;ve found this pipe at the back of the engine and the rubber pipe is split and brittle. I don***8217;t know what it is or what to...
  2. Engines
    Hi all I have a 2006 Renault Megane 1.9dci & I***8217;ve noticed some traces of oil inside the intake pipe coming from inter cooler.Is this normal or does it indicate a problem?Car seems to be running ok.Many thanks.
  3. Ask the Experts
    Any ideas please? I have changed my turbo on Megane and what I believe is the intercooler pipe (maybe called the turbo air intake - has a bendable hose clipped to a metal pipe which is the part that slots on to the top hole in the turbo) no longer fits. I am trying to work out if the new turbo...
  4. Steering and Suspension
    I have a Renault Trafic 2006 1.9dCi. Noticed the steering pump was noisier than normal, (fluid level was just below low marker) so refilled it to Max. Noise gone, drove as normal. Two days later the noise returns and now the reservoir is low and frothy. Air leak suspected, refilled reservoir...
  5. Engines
    Hi - when finishing putting the battery back into my wife's Clio, I pushed too hard on the flat pipe cover which sits on top of the left hand side of the battery, and which covers the pipe immediately to the left of the battery with the result that the plastic lug and clip on the cover which...
  6. Engines
    Hi So I have a 2005 Trafic 1.9dci but it now doesn't seem to have much in the way of power. I got a feeling it's to do with the lack of boost from the turbo system, so i was wondering if anybody know which way round the two small pipes go when plugged into the turbo regulation solenoid valve...
  7. Ask the Experts
    Hi all, I have a 2008 Laguna 2.0 diesel estate. there is a split in the pipe which I am told leads into the turbo. At slightly higher revs this causes a massive cloud of smoke. The car is probably on it's last legs generally but I need it for another few months. I have been quoted £265 for the...
  8. Engines
    Hi all just want to ask the oil return pipe coming from the turbo on my 2005 Renault kangoo van and going into the sump how do you get it seated probably as I just can’t get it to seal the turbo pipe was on the replacement turbo so I am trying to line the pipe and turbo at the same time?
  9. Engines
    Hi all, So the Laguna III 2.0 DCI 180hp keeps regenerating... I’ve changed one of the rubber pipes closest to the rear of the car but can I hell get my hands in to get access to the other pipe which seems to run towards the engine and around a corner and under some metal housing? How has...
  10. Brakes/Hubs
    Which is preferred when replacing brake pipes?
  11. Engines
    Ok so pulled out of a junction and heard a huge bang and car was instantly poorly. Pulled over to find the pipe coming from my intercooler looked like this: Got it off and the part number is 8200540493 for google to tell me its over £120 for new one!!! WTF?? its a 2006 2.0 DCI 175 espace with...
  12. Heating & cooling
    Help please pipe split from heater matrix to engine looked at pipe matrix side has a spring clip looking further down pipe it splits into two pipes one goes straight up to I think is a turbo? And the other one I don't have a clue can only just get my hand on the pipe don't know how I'm going to...
  13. Heating & cooling
    Hi I'm a new member and just bought a grand espace Dominique 2.0 diesel 2007 driving it home overheated and stopped waited cool down had water with me put in came straight back out when looked the pipe from the engine to the heater matrix is well split any ideas how to remove pipe please any...
  14. Transmissions
    Hello! Need help ASAP please:-) Take look picture the part I m trying take off car iv undone wire clips soon try pull pipe away from the fitting not come out
  15. Engines
    Changed our starter motor last week and while there repaired a couple of small leaks. The missus has now heard another noise and I told her to turn the radio up but she said she can still hear it. The steel pipe from the manifold to the underneath of the EGR valve is blowing on the top joint, is...
  16. Transmissions
    My low milage Megane II 2005, 1.5 dci has started to leak oil from a breather pipe which I am told exits just infront of the near side front wheel on a plastic tray. does anyone know the cause of this ? should I worry ?
  17. Brakes/Hubs
    trafic mk1 can anyone please tell me or have a picture rear brake pipe on beam axle,not shure of piping mine has one pipe into wheel cylinder and from cylinder crossover pipe to other side cylinder many thanks.
  18. Engines
    Anyone know what this pipe is for please? It came from my Renault master 2009.
  19. Brakes/Hubs
    Had car mot'd at end of January. New brake discs put on. Brake pipes and hoses given a green tick, no advisories. Had to phone breakdown yesterday as brakes weren't working properly and fluid leaking from back. Garage says brake pipe has corroded and burst. Should any corrosion not have been...
1-19 of 250 Results