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  1. Captur dpf pressure sensor pipes ** Solved **

    Hi, I have a 63 plate Captur 1.5dci that put the check injection and check anti-pollution lights on the dash. Dtc check showed df10003 def pressure sensor outside parameters( or something along those lines) and the pressure sensor data reading was 0hpa all the time. After trying to find the def...
  2. fuel pipes 1.5 dci

    Ask the Experts
    Brought some new fuel pipes and colors are different any one can help were they go to the colors on the filter are there, so could do with knowing were other end goes IE blue to return on pump etc
  3. pipes

    Hello, Does anyone know what is this pipe that is leaking oil, and where the pipe from 2nd picture goes? Thanks
  4. Intercooler pipes

    I have a 2007 Scenic II 1.9DCi. I have noticed that when I accelerate I get a whooshing sound. Have found out it is coming from the intercooler. I suspect it could be a split pipe (well....hoping). There is a depreciation in boost power when I put my foot down. Do I have to remove the bumper to...
  5. Brake Pipes

    Hi All Hope you can help please My partners Grand Scenic 1.9 dci 128 has failed the MOT on various issues one being the following Brake Pipe excessively Corroded Nearside Rear Can someone advise if the rear section can be purchased assembled please as i can't currently get the car in the air...
  6. Renault Clio 1.2 TCE 2007 Oil in breather Pipes, power loss and burning blue smoke

    Hi, I have a Clio MK3 2007 1.2 tce problem is oil everywhere in the air inlet and breather pipes. When you boot the car the turbo boost comes in for a split second and then a major loss of power and back to vacuum, blue smoke out of the exhaust, also will not pull up a hill. The rocker cover...
  7. Espace power steering pipes

    Steering and Suspension
    I urgently need power steering pipes for my Renault Espace (1997-2002) MK3 2.0L petrol. I had a new power steering rack fitted, but the garage sheared off the connectors as they were seized. I now find I can't buy these pipes anywhere and the connections are broken. Any suggestions on anywhere...
  8. rusted/corroded a/c pipes

    Heating & cooling
    Hello guys! On my Laguna 2005 a/c pipes that connect to radiator are corroded. Is it possible to get somewhere new ones? is it safe to buy them from some used car? Are they all the same for petrol and diesel engines? i have 2.0 petrol 99kw. where to find part number for that pipes? Thanks!
  9. Replacing Powers Steering Piping Renault Trafic 2.0 DCI '07

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi all, This is a follow on from this thread, thought I'd separate it so it can become a bit of a guide for someone else. I'll write up all of my steps in a post further down this thread, but for now I need some advice on removing the power steering piping. It's a real job to get the thing out...
  10. Grand scenic 1.9 dci forcing oil back through the intercooler pipes

    First of all just want to say hi, this is my first post and I am really hoping someone can help me out here as I am at my wits end with the car, I have a 04/05 1.9 dci grand scenic 120hp, It starting leaking oil badly from the front drivers side just next to the fog light about 3 month ago...
  11. Help with vacuum pipes please

    I've finally got around to putting the head back on the Renault but I'm really struggling with the location of some vacuum pipes. I'd be really grateful if you could take a look at the pic and help out with the pipe locations. Pic A shows the two pipes that come from the rear of the head onto a...
  12. water pump or pipes

    Heating & cooling
    How would you differentiate between water pump and external pipes causing leak of water under engine. I have two points of drip drip style leaks under engine. one on the left side of car is slower drip. the other on the right side is worse. few days ago filled expansion tank with water and...
  13. Power Steering Pipes

    Steering and Suspension
    I have a 1998 Renault Laguna RT. The power steering pipes have corroded by where they fit into the steering and is leaking badly. I have been informed by my local Renault dealer, that the parts are discontinued. I am now researching some other sites in looking for the parts, including France...
  14. Turbo oil feed pipes 2.2 dci

    Just wondering, I have been trying to find a new set of oil feed piped for the turbo on my 2.2 dci (yes I know, the dreaded motor made by satan). G9T motor, 150 hp, in an Avantime. Anybody know where to get some? And the garett turbo's on these seems to really be a weak link in a very dodgy...
  15. Induction Filter and ram-air pipes on Espace IV

    A while back I decided to go a bit mad and uprate the air filter in my petrol/LPG 2.0T Espace. I also decided that I didn't want to go down the usual boring K&N panel filter route. First up was to find a foam filter (for maximum flow) that would fit inside the existing air box. I planned on...
  16. rubber pipes

    I recently saw an item hanging loose in my Clio's engine bay, it has two pipes on it and one had been rubbing against fan belts and need to be replaced, I secured this item back onto it's mount, can anybody tell me what this item is and what it does, it gets hot. see pic.
  17. Perished dpf pipes but no error codes

    Hello everyone, looking for information regarding the pressure differential hoses fitted to dpfs. I was under my car the other day and noticed both of mine had perished to the point they where no longer attached to the dpf. The car has been driving fine with no errors or warnings so this got me...
  18. MKii Scenic rear brake pipes

    Hi all, Does anyone know where I can buy in (Manchester) the rear brake pipes that go from the Rear Axle Sub frame to the rear callipers. It is a 04 Scenic 1.9 DCi Thanks
  19. 1999 2.2 Grand Espace injector pipes

    Evening all, Has an issue with the grand espace I've just got. Needed to pump the priming bulb to get the fuel to the injectors before it would start. When the priming bulb was nearly solid and you squeezed it a bit more, you could hear air escaping. So it's obviously got a dodgy pipe/joint...
  20. Intercooler Pipes Laguna 3 1.5dci

    Hey I am wondering if anyone knows if any of the inter-cooler pips from other models of Renault would fit the Laguna 3 1.5dci. The one i am having issues with is the plastic one from the inter-cooler to the engine. Any help would be gratefully recieved