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  1. Put this in bodywork deliberatly As know this is the place to ask

    Ok Was in the bath Today, So did the normal check ( being male ) and one of my testicles seems a funny shape, You know like bigger and egg shaped compared to the other two, is this anything to worry about .. please tell me this is ok, as lads in the pub are saying I am talking B0LLucks
  2. Fuel Filter (was Apoligies)

    Hi all. I'm after some advise on changing a fuel filter on a Mk3 1.5 Dci Grand Scenic, I've already located said fuel filter is it as simple as it looks, simple unbolt old one and bolt on new one, or do I have to drain the fuel system 1st. TIA
  3. I'm a new subscriber pls guide me to the right place to ask for a problem

    I recently bought a nice scenic/2 2005 that it had a rear window that's not working. as l always like to discover issues and fix them by myself. After I discovered that the problem is in the regulator, the previous owner gave me a used one but after I put all things together the window worked...
  4. Grand Scenic 2015 dashboard wihtout a place for multimeida system

    Hi, I Plan to purchase the Grand Scenic 2015 7 seats but I came to know that it comes without multimedia system , how come in a modern car there is no such option ? - Why the R-Link does not match it's dashboard panel ? - Are there any options to have multimedia in this car ? where it should...
  5. Cheapest place to get trim painted to match the body.

    Currently living in Southport (Near Liverpool) Looking for somewhere which could cheaply but do a good job on painting the plastic trim on my 2011 Megane MK3, wouldn't mind going the extra distance if it would save me a bit of cash! Thanks in advance
  6. Help, clio losing water from unknown place

    Heating & cooling
    Hello all My 53 plate clio is losing water and it's a mystery where from. The heater stopped blowing hot air about the same time as it started losing water. There is never a puddle under the car, but it seems to dissappear over a week or so Its been in the garage and they have checked the head...
  7. Grand Espace seat not locking in place.

    Hi. I removed a rear seat from my grand espace and when I put it back into the rails it will not lock into place. It just rolls back Abe forward. Looking underneath it appears that one side is not engaging. Can I fix this myself? I am guessing something has come loose inside the mechanism...
  8. Best place to buy paint

    Morning All, Could anyone advise please the best place to buy paint for my Laguna. I intend respraying front bumper area so also,:confused: how much paint should I order.
  9. Best place for Espace Keycard

    General Chat
    I just got the espace and was wondering where to keep the keycard. Just in a wallet ? Anyone who bought a keychain for the keycard ?
  10. a cheap place in the midlands to get a remap

    Tuning & Modding
    hi to all just wondered if anyone knows a cheap place to get my Laguna remaped. Preferably in the midlands, and there contact details if possible. Does anyone know how to turn up the boost on a 53 plate 1.9 DCi Laguna II. Cheers:eek:
  11. Screws used to hold regulator in place on Megane II?

    Can anyone tell me what type of screws are used to hold the Window regulator in place on the inside door cover on the Renault Megane II? My regulator is just hanging loose. I have taken the door apart to clean up the window and investigate why the lift mechanism is not going all the way up. I...
  12. radio will not clip back in place

    hi i have just got a 2001 senic for my daughter to use the last owner changed the radio but took it out when we got the car put the original back in but it will not lock in place keeps coming out of dash when driving i have tried to push it back in but will not lock in place i hope someone can...
  13. Where do I place the axle stand??

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi I am about to take delivery of my new clio 4 and I am wanting to seal the wheels ready for winter. Where is the best place to put the axle stand on the new clio 4 please? Thanks
  14. Cheapest place to get a DPF front pressure pipe?

    The front pressure pipe has a hole blown in it on my Laguna II 1.9 dci 56 plate. I've rang a Renault dealer but they want the best part of £170 for it. Does anyone know where I can get one cheaper? I've rang my local scrap dealers to no avail :confused: Thanks for any replies, Carl
  15. Good Renault breakers/recycling place?

    Hey guys I'm pretty much stumped looking for a second hand inlet manifold. I've seen one on eBay a year or so ago but nothing since I'm looking recently so I'm looking to get one from a breaker. Now with BMW's I use FAB or Quarry motors who are very good, they're specialist breakers of...
  16. best place to find a new wing for my megane?

    Hiya, Not sure if this is the right place to ask but I'm looking to get a offside wing to replace my current one which some nice guy ran into the other day (luckily he will be paying for the repair). Where is the best place for me to look for a 2nd hand one? is it best to just check with my...
  17. Best place to fit a roof aerial on laguna 2

    In-car entertainment
    Hi all I'm getting the following aerial for my car. Is it best to fit this near the front or the back (or middle), Front seems logical but not sure of it will interfere with the interior lights. Many thanks Joe
  18. Best place to buy parts from? 3.0 v6 lag 2

    Hi all where's the best place to buy fan belt kit inc tensioners for a laguna 3.0 v6 2002 , just the price range is ridiculous can there really be £100 of a difference between supposedly the same kits?
  19. Dailogys best place to get a copy

    General Chat
    Basically i keep coming a croppa playing with renaults so would like some technical data and methods and dialogys seems the way to go. Searching on google the only things i can find are manuals up to 3.99 in english 4.8 seems to be the latest all available on ebay. Is it best to get one from...
  20. Best place for recon engines

    Hi Can anyone suggest a good place within the UK to get a 1.9 dci 120 diesel recon engine from to fit a Megane II ? I am looking at my options to either get a complete car working or to get one that requires a new engine and with the amount of vehicles on the bay that have excellent...