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  1. Fog light plastic surround 2013 Renault Megane * * * Sorted ***

    Ask the Experts
    Hi guys I was just wondering how tricky or easy would it be to replace the black plastic surround on the front foglight of my car. I hit a cat, it was pitch black on a country road and only time I saw it when I hit it. Took the fitting right off. I'll upload a picture of the damage. From the new...
  2. The name of the plastic cover on gear linkage?

    Hi guys the plastic cover has fell off that cover the gear selector on the underside of my kangoo van can anyone tell me what name they go by as so i can buy a new one many thanks
  3. Scenic 1.5D Rear plastic tray

    Cars & motoring
    I have a 2010 scenic Dynamique 1.5D 81Kw 110 bhp and yesterday as we were driving the plastic tray moulding that is under the luggage compartment and which is connected to the rear wheel assembly for both wheels snapped off from one of the connectors on the drivers side wheel. We could hear it...
  4. Renault Trafic plastic interior

    Hello, I***8217;m looking for help on getting plastics off around and under the steering wheel without damaging anything, would appreciate any kind of advice on how to go about it thanks
  5. plastic wings

    Found out tonight while changing front subframe that the wings are plastic, are they self coloured or are they painted?
  6. Renault Megane III 2009 bonnet badge plastic insert

    Hi I have recently acquired a Renault Megane III 2009 in Black colour. It was a CAT N - very minor damage. The plastic back plate/ insert (for want of better term) on which the bonnet badge sits is broken, but I cannot find either the part no. or any replacements online (mainly ebay). Can...
  7. Looking for a plastic facia to fit a third party head unit

    Hi everyone, just picked up an 07 Mk2 Megane and fitted my old head unit in. Now i'm looking to tidy things up, tried one of these: but while it fitted okay it didn't actually clip onto anything. Here is the radio...
  8. Plastic coolant pipe.

    Heating & cooling
    Hi all, I have megane coach mk1 1.6e (k7m) '97 and i cant find plastic coolant pipe for my car. If someone could help me it would be great. I need this part to be shipped to israel. I've add a photo from the web and i marked the relevant pipe. Thanks.
  9. Has my clio 2 really got plastic front wings! ?

    Clio 2 2003 - has it really got front wings made out of plastic? - I suppose I should have put a magnet up to them. Certainly feel like plastic and flex like plastic when you press on them. Any minuses i should be aware of re polishing or if (god forbid) scrape up against something? Whats the...
  10. Urgent help needed 2004 1.9dci Scenic plastic fallen in engine

    Hi, having used the forum for years, this is my first post as usually I can find an answer to the problem but not this one! Having a problem with the breathing system, I asked a friend to check if there was oil at the end of the breather pipe. Goodness knows why but they decided to use a cotton...
  11. Thermostat housing gasket on clio mk2 same for metal or plastic??

    Hi I'm net to the forum and only really joined to try find answer to my question as Renault them self's couldn't tell me. so my Clio mk2 1.6 16v thermostat housing has failed I'm leaking oil and oil and water is mixing. right I thought whilst I'm fixing it might as well upgrade to the metal...
  12. After changing laguna keycard plastic case the card stopped working properly

    After changing keycard plastic case from Laguna the card stopped working properly, it starts the engine fine, close the doors but wont open and gives me a strange sound( the red light when i press the button works ), The backup key works perfect and i already try changing the batteries from one...
  13. Melting plastic?

    One of our few niggles with the Clio is the area above the drivers side center console air vent appears to be melting. You can see the plastic has melted and also changed colour, it has whats best described as a cloudy area about 2 inch all around it. Took it to the dealers and they say its...
  14. How to remove oil cooler plastic hosing pipe

    Hi guys i came across a problem today i was changing oil filter yes i know simple task so i fort i decided to unclip the pipe above the filter that was in my way to make things easier (should of left it now) doing that i snapped the plastic end the pipe goes into which connect behind the oil...
  15. Seat clip stuck - Renault Laguna Coupe. Need remove plastic cover off back of seat.

    Hi, I a new to this forum. 2010 Laguna Coupe which started to jam when pulling the seat clip to move seat forward for access to back seats. I figured that if I gave it a bit more of a pull it would break free, but it just broke! Terrible build quality on the internal plastic parts. Anyway...
  16. Little plastic gizmo in armrest

    I feel silly asking this but: I've recently bought an 04 plate Laguna 2 1.9 dCI. I think I've figured out most of the switches and gadgets now but one still eludes me. In the centre console / trim, between the armrest and the gear stick I have hazard lights switch, Unlock doors switch and a...
  17. Strange smell like plastic burning

    Hi all long time reader first time poster here :smile2: So I got a Grand Scenic II 56 plate, for the last 3-4 weeks I have had this strange smell coming from the air vent when the fan is on. It smells like burnt plastic and makes your eyes sting but if I turn the fan off the smell goes away...
  18. Clio Mk3 aux belt - plastic cap recognisition

    Hi, Please could someone recognise this plastic cap? I was removing the alternator and the the jockey wheel & aux belt (to inspect it) when removing the bolt for the belt tensioner I found this plastic cap on the bottom 'tray' (wasn't there before) anybody recognise where it came from/goes...
  19. K4M Plastic Coolant Pipe **Fixed**

    Heating & cooling
    Can the plastic coolant pipe behind the alternator that goes into the water pump be changed with the alternator in situ? Is it easier just to remove the drive belt and move it out of the way? I have a fully equipped workshop at my disposal. Thanks.