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  1. Bodywork
    My pride and joy now on the drivers door will not open using the fob or door button . It will only open from inside. All other door functions seem to work fine but unable to get in from outside door handle , any advice please! Thanks in advance Mat
  2. Electronics
    Hi all first post on here , names Lee . Got a problem with my reversing camera, have a black screen and reversing lines,on my Tom Tom screen but no camera ***x1f641;
  3. Engines
    Would it be worth having a carbon clean done on my 16 yr old clio its a petrol and has 127k on clock
  4. Exhausts
    2008 grand scenic 1.9dci codes p242a and p242f. Forums said 242a is exhaust gas temp. but nowhere has this part for my car, also cannot get a manual for this car so cannot locate any faulty parts. Forums also said 242f is dpf have found it on car but told to do 242a 1st since it was logged on...
  5. Engines
    Sorry if this has been answered in another thread, I thought I had read something on here about removing the solenoid but cant find it now. Basically, how involved is it and does it need special tools? Our 55 plate (06) with 52k miles on it scenic rattles and dies unless you use the...
  6. Electronics
    bought my renault megane 2004 estate, the licence plate lights werent working so bought new bulbs, still nothing but now since changing the bulbs when i press the tailgate unlock button the plate lights flash.. need some advice im clueless to whats wrong. thank you
  7. Electronics
    Behind panel in boot cable connector white in colour what***8217;s if for one either side of car ? Many thanks
  8. Transmissions
    I have an issue with my 55 plate 1.5dci scenic. the clutch pedal is nearly on the floor, and I cannot select any gears. This started with two days of increasingly hard gear changes, having to double de clutch up and down the box. This morning, I came to move it, and couldn't get any gear, with...
  9. Electronics
    Hi, I have recently bought a 12 plate renault clio from a mate who had told me the radio didn't work however I can't work out what is actually up with it. The CD player works and plays, aux works but the radio itself can find channels and says their names eg radio 1 etc. But apart from that uses...
  10. Electronics
    Help. Dodgy number plate bulb, changed it, now all the right hand side lights, tail lights and number plate are not working. Has to be a fuse, but whre? Nothing obvious in the glovebox, teh engine fusebox just has half a dozen big fuses. HELP!!!!!
  11. Ask the Experts
    Hi Is it possible to release the boot from inside the car as on a clio mk2 also has anyone changed the boot switch whilst the boot is shut, i've removed three torx fixings from the interior boot panel and its still tight does the boot have to be open for this to be removed. Regards Dan
  12. Engines
    Hi everyone hope I***8217;m posting this in the correct forum, so here goes the car is my father in-laws and was running fine up until just before Christmas. On the way back from a shopping trip they stopped at a set of lights went to set off and the car let out two beeps and cut out completely...
  13. Electronics
    Hi iv taken on a non runner 07 plate Renault modus 1.4 16v, when I got it and I turned the key the immobilizer light flashes,plus previous owner had the r.a.c out to look at it and he says it's a immobilizer problem. Looked through internet for Ecu kits and found right one (correct part number)...
  14. Engines
    Can any member advise me of the location of the Engine Number Plate on a Renault van fitted with a 2016 dci 125, 2299cc engine please? My vehicle handbook just notes that the location varies with engine but I have not been able to find it. Many thanks.
  15. Interiors
    Has anyone fitted a different drivers seat to a Grand Scenic (62 plate) as the leather on the booster has now split, which makes me think that its not actually leather, probably more plastic ? Would like a more comfortable seat to replace it with if possible, but not sure whats possible with...
  16. Engines
    Hi all, This is my first time posting here and I hope this is the right place to post. My clio has done approximately 39450 miles. I have started to see the dreaded flashing CEL on my dashboard. It first happened while I was idling outside my house but it went out after 5 seconds and car ran...
1-16 of 500 Results